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  1. I found the issue with downloading the mod. It's with Github. The mod's files need to be somewhere else for people to download to avoid the issue.
  2. Not using the launcher as I said I was using the link on the main page. The issue seems to be with a few loose files not in a folder. I don't have the issue with the DarknessFalls mod and looking at the files, it is done completely different. Maker may need to look at setting up that download differently.
  3. Well I wish I could play this but I just tried to download it using the link on the first page and it gets to 1gb downloaded, then stops saying it failed. Not the first time with this issue with this mod.
  4. Will you be adding back in the COMBOPACK for the Prefabs in it that you took out in v604?
  5. Ok, I can help you fix the first question. First off you will need to go to the "7 Days To Die\Data\Config\quests.xml" and look for the second quest to Covert Class. In game, you need to use a console command to give yourself that quest. 2 pages back I linked to the page of all console commands, look there for the specific one. You may also need the Cheat Menu that shows you all the stuff in game and allows you to take items and add them to your inventory to fast track the completion.
  6. No, Firefox. I just tried downloading in the Microsoft Edge browser. It got to 1gb and then finished even though the download size was 1.9gb. How many files are in the zip file cause I see 3, a Data folder, a .gitattributes file, and a .gitignore file.
  7. It seems the download stops at 1gb every time. I guess I'll wait and see what the next update is like downloading.
  8. I don't use the launcher, I have too many launchers as is on my computer. Taking the files from the zip and putting them where they go is simple but if I can't seem to download them in the first place, that just causes trouble.
  9. I can't seem to download the 603 version. It always seems to fail after downloading a little bit. I check and it shows the zip file with nothing in it and a .part file. I'll wait for the next update and try getting that one.
  10. There are Command Codes that can give you XP, Levels, and Skill Points. Here is a link to all the Command Codes. https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Command_Console On another note, is anyone having issues downloading the file? I have tried 5 times and each time it starts to download and then just fails. Not sure if it is my computer being dumb or something else.
  11. Is the files in the download (using the link in the first post) for Beta 601 or 600? It still says Beta 600.
  12. Sweet, I liked this mod in A16 and have waited for it in A17. Just a minor thing, can you restore the "press button to harvest plants"? It seems kinda stupid to have to punch a cotton plant to pick it up.
  13. Ok, well maybe there is a way to reduce the size of the cap reduction to where you only lose like the first point (it would show 99/100) and to lose the next point would take a REALLY long time. A temp solution like this could also work for me. I'll look at the configs and see what I can do.
  14. Ok, with using this mod, is there a way to change the Stamina soft cap (the one that reduces your max stamina when doing things) to where there isn't one? I prefer the Wellness system of A16 and if I can do away with the cap, then it can at least make it seem like that A16.
  15. Would anyone know how to modify the game so almost no wasteland biomes are generated? I have tried a few dozen seeds and each seems to spawn me next to one of these biomes. I have to either go across one to get to a trader (or it's in one) or the closest town is partially in a wasteland biome. For starting out, this biome makes it harder to survive due to what spawns there (eyeing the 2 irradiated cops I seem to always find).
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