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Zombie death sounds


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This is one plea directly to the one responsible for sounds n stuff.


In A16 and every previous alpha whenever I wanted to know if a zombie really IS dead I simply looked at: ragdoll,loot and sound.


With the new update, zombies ragdoll like dead ones when knocked down.


with the new update, zombies no longer have loot.


So the only way to dicern if a zombie is truely dead is by its sound.


I absolutly LOVE that you never know if a zombie is truely dead.



So here is my plea:


  • Make dying zombies only scream >30% of the time. The other 70 it just plumps down without any notice.
  • Make knocked down zombies only make a sound >20% of the time when beeing hit when knocked down.





This makes it so you can never be 100% certain if a zombie is TRUELY dead. Which is a BIG plus.

AND while we are at it,

  • give zombies a random "get up" timer. So some get up quick and others lay there dead as a doornail only to rise again when you passed them. (maybe depending on how much dmg was dealth with the last hit/shot that knocked it down)
  • let zombies have variying HP. So a cheerleader could have 70-100hp while a lumberjack could have 110-140hp


all these points would make "safe" traversing the land impossible.

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No disagreement from me. I know most of the time when a zombie is dead now and it is always because of their final death scream but sometimes either the final death scream doesn't play or for whatever reason I do occasionally get surprised which is still a huge improvement over A16 when you were NEVER surprised. They should just scream the way they do when they final die every time they get knocked down so that you wouldn't ever know for sure.

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