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  1. I agree in general - certainly there is no way a T6 item should ever have lower stats than a T3, for example. But a bit of overlap between adjacent tiers is ok.
  2. Had a little go on this server earlier today. It's great fun! Still not made a home though - are there any rules about using POIs for your base? I need to lay down some roots soon so I can start organising my loot.
  3. Don't know how the game interprets the words, but in general, dismember means remove a limb, sometimes including head. Cripple means render a limb impaired or non-functional.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to build a new PC for my girlfriend, as she has a lower mid range non-gaming laptop and has to use low settings for everything. But cost is a factor and I was wondering about saving a couple of hundred quid by putting together a system based around a Ryzen 3600 and RX Vega-64, with 16GB of RAM. Does anyone have experience of running the game with a spec like this? Could she get decent frame rates with high settings?
  5. Hey peeps - I don't normally post here about my retro videos, but I had a read of the rules post and couldn't find anything specific one way or the other. So I'm taking a chance of a slapped wrist by letting you know about my latest few retro gaming videos over the last couple of weeks. ZX Spectrum - Wanted: Monty Mole - ZX Spectrum - Doctor Who: Dalek Attack - ZX Spectrum - Horace Goes Skiing - Arcade - Kung Fu Master - That last one couldn't be the Spectrum version - there is simply no way I could bring myself to ever play it again. If you don't already know how bad the conversion is, consider yourself lucky!
  6. Got to admit, I haven't done a dust check for months. Better have a look. Nothing running in the background except when I'm recording, and this happens regardless. Think it's a bit worse when I'm hosting the game (my partner and I play over the LAN).
  7. I'm running a 1060 6GB, which worked fine for A17 at 1080p. But with A18 I'm getting a metric tonne of stuttering and mouse lag. Anyone know if the graphics card is likely to be my bottleneck, or maybe the CPU (Intel i5-7500)? I'm hoping not the latter, because I'll then also need a new motherboard and possibly RAM (of which I have 16GB).
  8. Hey all - I've finally found some time outside of family commitments to get my next episode edited. We carry on exactly where we left off, miles from home and in the wasteland. What could possibly go wrong now?
  9. Hey everyone - I've just uploaded the next episode of Solar Powered Zombies. Join me on Day 2, when everything goes according to plan... honest! 😉
  10. BRAND NEW SERIES - Solar Powered Zombies! This one turns the standard approach right on its head, by making the zombies faster and more dangerous during the day. It's Day 1, so I'm on the lookout for a place to stay and some gear and materials to keep myself going.
  11. New episode uploaded: Day 14, and HORDE NIGHT!! If you're up to date on the rest you'll know I still haven't built any defences....
  12. Hey guys, I had a whole bunch of trouble with my audio with my next episode, so sorry that it's taken a whole month to get it uploaded. Hope you enjoy it. It's Day 13 in the wasteland, and I'm still exploring to see if I want to make my home around here....
  13. After last week's technical hitches, I've finally got Day 12 ready for upload.... and here it is:
  14. Been spending the last couple of weeks recording, so I should have a good few weeks' worth of content lined up now as long as I can get through the editing workload. Latest upload - Day 11 - Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...rVTxEEgKcUFydE
  15. New release - following the horde night on foot, the next priority has to be mobility. And so begins the hunt for bicycle parts.
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