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Insane difficulty is very easy for you? / la dificultad insana es muy fلcil para ti?


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When you're already a veteran, and you're looking for something other than the "insane" difficulty.


For those of us who enjoy this game for a long time (3 years or more), we look for something more than just surviving. Feeling that we have escaped from a nuclear-scale event, where zombies should not be the only problem, but also weather, constant rain, snowstorms, excessive heat.

There is no reason to go out at night, unless you want to look for extra experience and one or another zombie dog. Which causes some to disconnect and return at dawn.

Wasteland should have radiation damage, to be able to use the anti-radiation suit and not just use it when it is at the boundary of the map.


I have been modifying some XML files and getting little by little what I am looking for. A major difficulty but not impossible, worthy of being called Post-Nuclear Survival.

Making some changes like:

- The merchant only opens at night between 00:00 and 04:00

- Rain, fog and snowstorms, almost permanent. (This will make us more hungry)

- Eliminate the Motorcycles, making our survivor have to hide in the nearest house if he stays halfway to his house or the merchant.

- Increase the crazy multiplier from 2 to 5. Accelerating the "HordeStageGS" and "WanderingHordeGS"

- Increase the probability of finding white Feral in the night

- Lower the percentage of finding parts of weapons in the dealer, but increase the amount of ammunition available in the dealer.

- Losing all the "booty" and the belt in case of death.


If there is anything else I can add, I would appreciate putting it in the comments.

Remember difficult but add impossible or if you have made any changes to the XML files, would you please tell me what changes you made to it?



Cuando ya eres un veterano, y estلs buscando algo mلs que la dificultad "insana".

Para aquellos de nosotros que disfrutamos de este juego por un largo tiempo (3 aٌos o mلs), buscamos algo mلs que solo sobrevivir. Sintiendo que hemos escapado de un evento a escala nuclear, donde los zombies no deberيan ser el ْnico problema, sino también el clima, la lluvia constante, las tormentas de nieve, el calor excesivo.

No hay ninguna razَn para salir de noche, a menos que quieras buscar experiencia extra y uno u otro perro zombie. Lo que provoca que algunos se desconecten y regresen al amanecer.

Wasteland deberيa tener daٌos por radiaciَn, para poder usar el traje anti-radiaciَn y no solo usarlo cuando se encuentre en el lيmite del mapa.


He estado modificando algunos archivos XML y obteniendo poco a poco lo que estoy buscando. Una gran dificultad pero no imposible, digna de ser llamada Supervivencia Post-Nuclear.

Haciendo algunos cambios como:

- El comerciante solo abre de noche entre las 00:00 y las 04:00

- Lluvia, niebla y tormentas de nieve, casi permanentes. (Esto nos harل tener mلs hambre)

- Elimine las motocicletas, haciendo que nuestro sobreviviente tenga que esconderse en la casa mلs cercana si se queda a medio camino de su casa o del comerciante.

- Aumenta el loco multiplicador de 2 a 5. Acelerando el "HordeStageGS" y "WanderingHordeGS"

- Aumenta la probabilidad de encontrar Feral blanco en la noche

- Disminuya el porcentaje de encontrar partes de armas en el distribuidor, pero aumente la cantidad de municiones disponibles en el distribuidor.

- Perder todo el "botيn" y el cinturَn en caso de muerte.


Si hay algo mلs que pueda agregar, agradecerيa ponerlo en los comentarios.

Recuerde difيcil pero agregue imposible o si ha realizado algْn cambio en los archivos XML, ؟podrيa decirme qué cambios ha realizado?


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How about nerfing each stage of food production, so you can't plant on regular ground, plating on tilled ground just recoups your seeds, and planting on fertilized ground nets what you would normally get on tilled ground?


How about making it much harder and more rare to find antibiotics (not finding like 5+ in a supply drop) and also increasing the chance (maybe even to 100%?) that getting hit by a zombie will infect you.


More wandering hordes in general


In my opinion, "insane" difficulty isn't hard, it's just tedious because the zombies have soooo much HP. The difficulty feels so artificial. I like a lot of your suggestions for game settings that would make it actually more difficult without taking the fun away from combat.

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dislike merchant snowstorm and bike idea.

mercahant makes 0 sense

storms are just annoying and you can never properly see nice landscapes

bikes are just a must... i play survive... not "7D2D running simulator"


if you really want a challenge, set loot down to 50 or even 25%

And if you are absolutly mental, no airdrops and loot respawn.

It is possible... just dont expect a big base... since you constantly have to move... or get everything from traders and zombieloot.



More zombies is always nice... even though i feel too many radiated/feral zombies ruin the whole tactical aspect of "safe by day, stay at home at night" idea.

I like the current one... I would like MORE zombies tho... not the big ones who kill you with 1 hit (which is unreasonable i feel... except on hordes or if you are super far) but smaller ones. Make them be bodybags... let them waste my ammunition... tear through my defenses.

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if you really want a challenge, set loot down to 50 or even 25%

And if you are absolutly mental, no airdrops and loot respawn.


This is not a challenge. You could set loot at 0%. All you need to do is dig down to be safe, and sell rocks and ore to the trader. This game is seriously broken.

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*sigh* and who do we have here.

Oh yes. Its the "there is an exploit so nothing can be a challenge, since you have to abuse the system".

Look mate. I want underground and stilzbases to be gone as well... that doesnt mean i have to use them if i wanna have fun.

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Give boiled water a chance to cause dysentery, and give every recipe that uses water the same chance. Introduce purified water as the only 100% safe option, and make safe recipes using this.


Remove all food recipes except canned boiled water and charred meat. Introduce the other recipes via books or perks costing increasing numbers of skill points.


Remove the ability to make metal tools, meaning the only source of these is by looting. You can still repair them.


In addition to the farming idea above; remove from crops the natural growth cycle. Instead you need to "upgrade" the existing crop before it will begin growing to the next stage.

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Zombies always running, and having them have a much higher distance before they stop the pursuit.

Also having them make no sound until they attack.

And giving them a much higher perception range for player-noise.


Some essential items (all the recepies) could be just available at the trader, so that the player must loot a lot of scrap to afford them.


Plants only grow on fertilized ground (growing 2 per seed). (the other soil-types just return 1 plant per seed)


Only water from the boiled-can (no stacking). Making hydration harder to supply, taking up more inventory space.


Digging should take much longer, so building an underground base is too much of an effort compared to refurnishing an existing house.


No spikes... player has to kill zombies manually.


Minibike generally slower and taking a lot more gas. So every trip needs to be planned ahead, if its worth it.

But the minibike has a lot more inventory space. It would then serve as a kind of mobile "base" where the player packs up all the possessions and moves the bike to another town only when it is worth it.


Making building-blocks 10 times more expensive in resources, so that its better to fortify an existing house as efficiently as possible. (Doors, plugging holes)

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The developers could just move bedrock up toward the surface, get rid of ore, and delete the traders.


you know what they could also do?

they could make servers temporary and will only start when 100 players are there, reduce maprange and ever 5 minutes the radiation draws closer to the a random point on the map. And then there is a winner and the game is finally a pvp challenge and not this boring, "build and do what you want with the world" game that we have now.


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Well, with vanilla aside... You could try something else. Someone's noted that this mod is 7 Days To Die 2.0 and I would have to agree. Its [WIP] Starvation Mod for Alpha 16.4.


Long time ago when we started playing I decided to try it... OH MY! It definitely was 7DtD 2.0... Everything is much harder! But there is much more rewards! When I play 7D2D I try not to die... Starvation pushed me over the edge and I died many times. But then I took that as a challenge. The hard part is trying to figure out what you need (skills, perks, etc.) to be able to do something... Sometimes reading the items tells you and sometimes not. Sometimes searching in their forums helps, sometimes not. But you can always ask in their forums! There are some things about Starvation you need to read about - most important is the necessity to have at least 16GB of Ram! Another is the ability to install modified files. Wither in your PC or a server (can be problematic if on a rented server).


Apparently some people follow a path of mods... Such as going from Vanilla to Valmod, then others like War of the Walkers but those two are definitely are 'loot fests' so to speak. A bit harder one is "When Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night..." - its okay but then it too becomes a loot fest. I haven't tried GNAMod - but apparentlly there are a few variations of that mod... A "Protect" the pole type, and then a 'normal' play version. I've also noticed in many mods in order to 'have' things such as tungston crafting they put in another 'work bench' or 'advanced forge' and such - and therefore the necessity to have a large 'forge area' and 'base' is a must... I would also suggest looking at some youtube videos to take a peak at some of these mods... That is if you're interested.

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