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  1. I've done that. I've edited the .xml files to make better biomes. More wandering zombies. No stupid zombies. More realistic loot. The game was more fun and challenging. Everytime there is a patch I have to start all over again, and it's just not worth it. The developers should let me edit the official .xml files and then they can include an improved version with every update.
  2. The problem is glowing green spider jumping zombies are just dumb. I generally quit playing at that point. I want to play a zombie game, not a space alien game.
  3. Why do you want them removed? You just hate seeing them?
  4. I'm not actually opposed to the sleepers themselves. The real problem is that basically all the zombies have been converted to sleepers. There are fewer zombies outside wandering around, and there are way too many zombies crowded into buildings taking a nap. I generally play dead is dead, so not dying is a pretty obvious and realistic goal. I've really got no reason but sheer boredom to actually enter a building. There's nothing in there that I need. It's not like I'm starving, and I don't need any ammo or guns. You can survive quite easily by just wandering around hunting deer and trading. I would just like to see more effort by the devs to create real challenges, rather than these artificial dungeons and quests. Yes, that skyscraper full of zombies may be challenging, but its not a real challenge since you don't really gain anything of value. Ooo a purple SMG, so what? I guess I can sell it to the trader for cat food. The gamestage system also discourages me from going in buildings. The more I loot, and the more zombies I kill, the more likely I am to start seeing glowing green zombies. So why bother? If my goal is survival (and it is a survival game, yes?), then the best strategy is to stay away from buildings. I disabled horde nights just so I don't have to listen to the awful noise. There's just no threat at all, worse case scenario is I just run in a random direction until dawn. Big deal.
  5. This is why I play on 25% loot, no respawn. Arrows are a luxury.
  6. For me, the most fun is generally on day 1, and the game becomes increasingly less interesting as you find blingy loot and level up - so I try to nerf that by using 25% loot settings. However, I've checked a lot of bird nests, and they are all empty? In fact, a lot of containers are just plain empty, and the loot level is certainly much lower than what I would expect. I'm not exactly unhappy about this, as less loot makes the game more interesting. However, is it even worth bothering to check bird nests? Will they ever have anything in them? Normally I would just avoid vultures, especially on day 1, but I've had to start learning to club them so that I can make arrows.
  7. No idea. I blame whoever decided to add sleeping zombies and quests.
  8. Yep. I could play this game two years ago. It ran fine. It was fun. They've ruined a good thing. It's the old story of too many cooks in the kitchen.
  9. I'll do it for free. All they have to do is contact me, and I will send them an improved .xml file, and then they can do an update. Easy fix. No excuse not to do it. - - - Updated - - - This game did not originally have sleepers. That's not what originally drew people to this game.
  10. I mean, they could just have the snow biome generate the same zombies as elsewhere, with the addition of the snow zombie. It's like a quick fix in the xml files, I'm not sure why they keep insisting that there should only be one zombie in the snow.
  11. You don't need a base. You just run away from the zombies and problem solved.
  12. While I'm complaining, I also HATE HATE HATE the snow biome. Like there's this one lumberjack zombie, over and over and over. Like come on, its so repetitive.
  13. Bro, I just want to play a survival game with slow shuffling stupid zombies. They aren't generally a threat, but sometimes there are lots of them, and one bite is all it takes to kill you. This game just keeps getting further and further away from that. I want to be hunting and scavenging and searching for fresh water, with zombies. Maybe I eventually find a pistol, and I've got like three bullets. Instead, it's becoming just run and gun with an assault rifle, in full body armor, and smack the green zombies with a sledgehammer. I feel that there must be a difference of opinion amongst the developers, one of them is trying to create an action game, and one of them is trying to create a survival game - and I wish they'd get back to their roots and focus on the survival aspect. I want to build trashy wooden bases, not reinforced concrete bunkers with automated machine guns, and maybe I might eventually manage to build a blunderbuss or a spiked club. The game right now is just chock full of overpowered high end content, like rocket launchers which literally fall from the sky. I think, like a lot of people here, some of us just want a slower paced game. We want to be struggling to harvest scrap iron, not racing around to mass produce steel girders.
  14. I agree, the level up by doing idea was good. The problem was that it was too easy to make stone axes. It would be better if it took several hours to make one axe, but doing so would give you skill. Then you would have to plan out what you want to build, instead of making 10 zillion steel frames in an instant.
  15. I have. Removing the ugly green flying zombies, increasing the spawn rates of the normal wandering zombies, removing the overpowered excessive loot and perks... and then by the time I do, there's a new update, and I have to do it all over again. So I've just stopped bothering. The game was better before sleepers and green zombies.
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