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Less resources with better tools


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Previously I was able to get 87 feathers from birds with 300-350q knife with two swings. Now I'm getting about 47 with one swing of 400q knife. Same thing with boars or deers. I'm getting less meat and everything because I'm destroying their body with less hits than before.

Looks like a broken mechanic for me. Animals as well as resource nodes should have a fixed amount of resources multiplied by your harvest modifiers and the player should receive an amount of resources based on amount of hit points player removed from the node. Right now player receives the same resources when the node hp changed from 300 to 50 as when from 50 to 0.

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Yes, this problem has been brought up number of times.


Another thing i'd like to see is better tiers to be generally better then lower. At the moment purple stone axe might be more useful then low tie iron or steel axe. Whether it's stamina or some other balancing issue.

It makes no sense that you get more work done with tools from stone age then tools from present day.


I'd suggest dropping the "stamina balancing" for better tools and instead make "heavy" iron tools swing slower at first. When you gain skill your hitting speed increases and you chop the same tree down faster.

In no way should i be able to chop the tree down faster with stone tools though.



Basically & TLTR:


Best stone tool = worse then low iron tool

Steel tools = much better durability then iron tools and little more damage.

Instead of taking too much stamina, your hit animation is slow at first and increases as the skill increases.

Your overall stamina is tied to your strength instead of using it as balancing...

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