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  1. I have a perk quality joe which raises the quality level by 50 each rank and lucky looter that raises by 10. I remember the first perk from a16 but what's the difference between them and are their effects add on top of each other or do I have to upgrade only one of them? Also treasure hunter and fast eddie seems to be conflicting with lucky looter as well.
  2. Can traders and NPC's around them be killed by zombies?
  3. Possibility to get krytos from a random vulture on day 1 is not something I would considered balanced. On day 13 I have found only 1 first aid kit and 2 antibiotics, so finding it is out of question and trying to get chemistry station with recipe on day 2 is also a little hard. It's basically like getting a quest to find a safe place and commit suicide near your bedroll. I would at least expect getting such a virus from some kind of a rare zombie which makes some loud noises before he comes to attack you. Not from an extremely common enemy that can attack you silently out of nowhere.
  4. I've killed it with a bow. Seems like the problem was with bleeding effect. Next time I see the goat I'll try one more time with a spear to check if it was a problem only with that specific goat or with all of them. The map generator seems to be based on early versions of a17 if I'm not mistaken. Are there any plans for updating it?
  5. Are goats bugged? When I stab one with a spear I'm getting constant spam of null pointer exception in console. I've just used alt+f4 second time because of this as I can't do anything except typing in console.. Looks like I have to leave it alone.
  6. 1) I've tested harvesting lighting essence from a pine trees with or without LVL3 lightning essence boon with an iron axe. Haven't noticed any difference in quantity or quality of harvested essence. Is it working? Am I doing something wrong? 2) Having lvl1+lvl2+lvl3 essence boons in a tool will result in 60% increase of amount of harvested resources or only 30%? 3) Similar to previous question: if I put lvl1+lvl2+lvl3 lightning strike in my spellcast will it result in increased chance of invoking the lightning strike compared to a single lvl3 rune without lvl1+lvl2? 4) Another similar question: does spirit boon stacks in these cases?: a) one piece of armor, lvl1+lvl2+lvl3 spirit boon b) two pieces of armor having a lvl1 spirit boon each 5) Identical to q4 but with fire skin/fire nova/other similar spell?
  7. Is there a simpler way to restore the functionality other than reloading the save? May be a command?
  8. The indication of spell casting(green line) stops working after some actions(I have no idea which action causes that) and the only way I know to fix the issue is to reload the save.
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