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Alloc's Server Fixes - Issue


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Hello Everyone!


I have a dedi at GameServers.com and a while ago they started offering: Valmod Overhaul (with bigger backpack - request to install), Compo Pack, BCManager 2.2.3 and Allocs Fixes - rev. 309.



When they first started offering them I had them install all except BCManager which seems to be another server manager application. We've started a new game and so I had to do a server wipe and reinstall. Alloc's Webmap thing was working a few days ago but now when I try it it comes up with the Steam Login but then says my info is incorrect. I haven't changed that for a little while and since it was working last week it should be fine, especially since I can run the Steam application. Is anyone else having this issue? Or know of a solution? I haven't tried changing my pass on steam since I changed it a while ago and I also have the steam shield app on my phone and haven't gotten any 'alerts' or anything.

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