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Prefabs and News from TopMinder(Tom)


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Uh, I have *complaints* about your medieval house ;) After all that put me through (yes I died), there wasn't even 1 measly loot crate? Shame. Shame. LOL

On a more serious note, I found it rather inconsistent for a house with owners who clearly strived for authentic decoration to be made of reinforced concrete, I think that should be exchanged to cobblestone via the editor.

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Thx Pille, but it is so bad ^^, i am learning to speak better when hearing myself. It is the second try, perhaps i will take music in the next Video.

Thx owl for your message. This Medieval House was build in 5 Hours. It is not really polished. I want to look if I can build something half good in medieval style for Guppy, but that is not my Style. I don´t like limits to design something. All my Houses are out of RConcrete because i don´t want that they are destroyed in the first Contact, only if that makes sense because of hidden places or traps. Perhaps i will take in A17 a look on this house to make it better if i get more textures and Dekos, and then Cobblestone instead of Concrete.

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Hallo. I want to give you an actual status of my works. I make no holiday, i build as much as never before ^^

Actual i have 3 prefered projects.

After finishing the SkyDiner and the MinderManor MM



i began to build a lot of new Designs, most are crap, some are good to publish.

I give me the Time until A17 to look, which project i use for our Server, and which i want to publish here.

Here Pics of some Designs i have tried...





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and a lot more.


!! And one really astonishing secret building i build on it for several Weeks together with Pille. I hope we can then present you a really unique building you have never seen before :D, but it´s done when it´s done...

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the first 4 Rooms are ready in my Castle. As you can see on the first Screenshot it is not a normal building. It´s a riddler´s castle. I hide in every Room the Exit, that you must find. Most times i give small hints to find it. Let´s look how many Rooms i can fill with this Quests to reach the final Loot.


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Your Castilian Tower of London is super ♥♥♥♥ing epic. Please educate me if its inspiration came from a source outside of England? Because the first thing I think of when I see it is the Tower of London, but with an Andalusian tiled roof. Are there continental castles like that, pre-1066 AD? And yes I'm thinking what you're thinking, we need custom flags dammit! Thanks for any reply.


Keep up the outstanding work.

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I think this castle must be near Hamburg. About 30Km north of it.


This is part of the 8th room in this castle.



Second Part of the 8th room



I think about of filling all the rooms with normal castle stuff in A17 but it depends a llittle bit of the new coming textures, blocks and furnitures.


Did anyone need a new fireplace ? A modern Design ^^



or an older style :)


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I think i stop prefabbing for public. There is no need for more from me. I don´t know if i get enough pleasure

in A17. See you and goodbye.



This is the destroyed Bluehouse




The Minder Manor - Resistance



Sry for the missing Pics at moment, but the Pic Uploader Site where my Pics come from is down for maintenance.

I think the Pic Uploader Site has erased all my Pics ^^. When the A17 finally comes, i will open a new Thread and then i use another Pic Uploader Service .

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