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Prefabs and News from TopMinder(Tom)


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Download Links:


1:The Hospital A16.4 2018 04 01 Full lootable with reduced Sleepervolumes and Sleeperblocks (under the amount of normal Vanilla Scyscrapers) and dozen of unique rooms.



2: The Shoppingcenter A16.4 2018.01.06 (small rework with bookstore, signs, Sleepers and caraccident)

Version 3 with more Decos in Bookstore and Office plus an Ambulance

changing sign "childs only" in "children"



3: The Woodhouse A16.4 2018 01 29 with Mesh + Sleeper



4: The Redhouse A16.4



5: The Villa A16.4



6: The Spirallibrary A16.4



7: The Hostel (reworked destroyed with Mesh + hard Sleepers + more Content + secret Lootroom)



8: The Roundhouse (reworked little barricaded with Mesh + medium but a lot Sleepers + secret Lootroom)



9: The Ambulance A16.4 (no Sleepers)



The Rework Area:


10: Alms House A16.4 (ex vanilla ornate03) (no Sleepers)


10a: Alms House A16.4 with Sleepers



11: Manorhouse (by WereWulfen) A16.4 2018 04 02 with destroyed glass and Sleepers small Fix



12: Nuket0wn A16.4 (by Limodor) (no Sleepers)


12a: Nuket0wn A16.4 with Sleepers



13: The Stonehouse 16.4 2018 03 30 with Mesh and Zombies for Random Generation



14: The Medievalhouse 16.4 2018 01 26 V2 with Mesh and hard Zombies for Random Generation



The Pics:


1: The Hospital


and a really cool preview Video by Eihwaz


2: The Shoppingcenter



3: The Woodhouse



4: The Redhouse



5: The Villa



6: The Spirallibrary


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The Villa has a small update.

The rotation is now to the street and the front

has some parkingslots plus a small garden.

The download-link is in the first post.


Please write, if there is something wrong or for a suggestion.

I will look what i can do.

(In the next version i will delete the small footway between the

parkingslots, it makes no sense^^)

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I hope to get it almost ready and downloadable this year. At moment i decorate the outerside.


Ha ha ha ... this year?... have you even done a room count yet.... hahaha, this year...

seriously though this looks great but I will have to pass on inserting this humungeous prefab into a world (when ready) as these huge ones always kill my frames, add in a few dozen zeds and its FPS crawl time for me

but yeah it looks top notch

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The Hospital is as a testversion with a lot of mainrooms ready.

(Download is in the first Post)

The Sleepers are only random generated, and there is a lot of work with filling the

rest of all rooms. The Picture is from a random generated world and the Hospital fits in

a Town. Please report if something important is wrong.

Have a nice time.

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I have updated the Hospital.

It should work now. No Sleepers in this Version

Now i get no more Error.

One Problem i have with this Prefab.

The Light is calculating wrong inside the building.

Some rooms are dark (outside the building it is sunny)

I have saved the Prefab some times new, but every save has the same problem.

If someone knows what this could be ? ^^


So it looks´(The walls are all white)




The original version on my server is normal, and saved is at a sunny day.

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