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Backup, archive, and clean your seeds!


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Introducing BARC

BARC is designed to be a powerful yet simple standalone tool for managing your 7D2D save files. It can create backups of recent player data, delete old player data, and reset the regions nobody lives in. It needs minimal information from you, no more hand picking what regions to save. No more guessing what region you're trying to reset.




Screenshots In Spoiler



The bulk file tools can backup active regions and remove inactive regions. Ever wanted to reset a town that nobody lives in? You can do that with this :D


You can also manage your players and LCBs or just review the statistics of your server to see what's out there.




This coordinate calculator has several features including boundary information, LCB verification, and file controls for the individual region.




This screenshot of the settings tab is for the FTP edition:



And this one is for single player and home servers:







Getting Started

No install necessary, extract the files to the directory of your choice and run 7D2D BARC.exe. It may trigger your antivirus, firewall, or windows UAC.


*For single player and all other cases, you must place an LCB (keystone or land claim block) inside each desired active region. BARC looks for LCBs to determine activity per region.




Please download 'barc.zip' from my Amazon drive:



*barc.zip contains both the ftp and local editions.

Current version is 20190626.1




Additional Information

  • BARC works independent from your game client, host, server manager, and other mods. I'm unaware of any managers or mods that conflict.

  • FTP version 20190118.2+ works on all paid server hosts.

  • BARC will not put your server into the modded list.

  • BARC will not trigger EAC.

  • BARC does work with single player saves, local/LAN/home hosted servers, and paid servers via FTP.




Wishlist Features

An overhaul is in the works with the following changes:


  • Adding - Server\Client timezone differential for expiration accuracy. -nearing completion

  • Adding - Log file writing. -nearing completion

  • Adding - Combined FTP/home functionality, no longer separate apps. -in progress

  • Changing - Parsing logic, it's too early to know if it is faster or the same speed, but new logic will be used for file actions to enable above combination of features. -in progress

  • Possible - SFTP support, this isn't confirmed yet but it should be easier and more likely.

  • Possible - Inactive admin report. Likely

  • Possible - Progress bar on certain actions. Likely




  • Adding - FTP Active\Passive selection for home hosted Linux. -Complete

  • Adding - Hyperlinks where they make sense. -Complete

  • Adding - Light\Dark\Custom theme options and slightly larger font for easier reading. -Complete

  • Adding - Tab tweaks. Settings tab functionality improved and bulk file tools tab is now the default for returning users. -Complete

  • Removing - Clutter. GUI reorganized and cleaned, no more colorful walls of text. -Complete

  • Removing - Language localization. -Complete




Special Thanks

  • To JavamonkXTR, and OceanCrazy for their help testing BARC over several months before it was released here, I couldn't have created this without their willingness to run this against their servers. (also for Javamonk hosting the download on his website)

  • To fabi-88, Puschpa, Lucerat, Cherubum, and SylenThunder for reporting bugs and letting me work with their servers to improve BARC.

  • Lucerat for his work on the Russian translation

  • And you for taking an interest. BARC has been downloaded over 1000 times since the beginning of the project, 599 times for a single version! That's a humbling number of servers (and a few solo players I'm sure!). Thank you!




Feedback Is Welcome

I can't add every requested feature but I'm always open to ideas to improve this project.

Please let me know what you think and if you found BARC helpful!

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Well Guppycur,


If you're going to ask that soon after I published then I guess a non-FTP version is wanted more than I thought. I'll start working toward that tonight.


I'll need a tester or two for it as I get closer to completing it, if you're interested?



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I'm always interested in new toys; I just need to find a practical use. I don't reset unused regions, but the stat thing is something I'm always looking for. Right now I'm using an app I wrote to telnet in, and pull stats to a db that my web app reads from.


So, unc me in. :)


Stompy is working on a method to read from the ttp file, for the same reason, and I like getting great minds together. :)

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Are you looking for something specific in these stats? What I'm doing for statistics here is pretty low-tech, for example the player stats are just grabbing the .ttp file's modified date and saying 'if older than the user's defined expiration date then flag it'.


Please excuse my idiocy here; I don't actually run a server or get involved with the community to know if you're talking about a web app similar or competing with cbsm? Could an executable gui like this help with your web app? Maybe we need to collaborate in more of a php or java kind of way with the source code?

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Are you looking for something specific in these stats? What I'm doing for statistics here is pretty low-tech, for example the player stats are just grabbing the .ttp file's modified date and saying 'if older than the user's defined expiration date then flag it'.


Please excuse my idiocy here; I don't actually run a server or get involved with the community to know if you're talking about a web app similar or competing with cbsm? Could an executable gui like this help with your web app? Maybe we need to collaborate in more of a php or java kind of way with the source code?




http://www.guppycur.com for what I'm doing, and

http://bcm.guppycur.com for what Stompy is doing (or try since I only just added the subdomain and it may not be propagated yet).


The conversation with Stompy is either going to be on my server thread or Stompy's mod thread


What I'm looking for? Well, nothing specific; like I said earlier, I like to get people together, see what we can all accomplish. Since I have very little technical and programming skills, my contribution is kind of being a match maker. :)

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What an absolute time saving gem you are. Excellent work to you and all who helped. Just what I needed. Ill support this all day long. Any tech, Hosting, Space, domains, even a server for testing. If you need them and if I am available. Give us a shout :eagerness:

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Hi fabi-88,


Do other buttons like backups or anything in the region calculator work? Can you verify that /saves/serveradmin.xml exists on your server? Backups are totally safe to try because they don't write changes to your server. Did you get any firewall or antivirus warnings that could be blocking a file transfer?




I friended you on steam, I'm about half way done with the initial conversion from FTP to UNC and will do some local testing on my own before I start including you (lowers your risk, gives you less bugs to find).


Thanks Aribo,


Glad it's so helpful :) are you also interested in UNC (local / single player / home-server) testing?




Also, version 20170119.1 is about to go live, this update fixes a bug in the 'Restore From Backup' button within the coordinate calculator tab which was found while creating the UNC version.



Thanks all

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yes its all green but i have used wrong button :redface-new:


now its a window with Array Display i close this and now a new error Unable to archive region r.-1.2.7rg . Error code -1 and the region will not saved. The other Things yes players, LCBs...


p.s. its a Ubuntu Server - eventually help this

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Just tested it, it connects properly to the server, but I also get the "Unable to get /saves/serveradmin.xml Code -1". This is probably due to the fact that on my hosters file structure there is no saves folder, but the serveradmin.xml is located in the root directory of the game (/


Also the serverconfig.xml has been renamed by the hoster to serverconfigmain.xml. I made a copy of it and renamed it to serverconfig.xml, now the program is happy with the LCB size of 51, but it still says, "This is not the deadzone from serverconfig.xml", which is 20, but it seems not to be accepted.


P.S. Ok, have fiddl'd a bit more with the program:


Statistics - works

Backup Players - works partially? Is only backing up 28 *.ttp files, while 153 players shown as active in Statistics

Backup LCBs - works, file players.xml is saved

Backup Regions - works, all 61 active regions has been backed up,

Backup Misc - says backed them up, but not working. Probably the necessary files are not located in the path the program looks for them (output_log.txt, serveradmin.xml, serverconfig.xml)

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@ fabi-88,


I've found that array display and removed it, it was part of backing up all players. Can you tell me more about "Unable to archive region r.-1.2.7rg" was this the Clean Regions button or the Reset from the calculator tab? Was your server offline at the time?


Ubuntu server should be fine if the file structure is the same?



Wow puschpa, that's a lot of info


About the player backup, can you tell me more about your statistics? how many total, active, inactive, admins inactive? Did you change the player expiration between clicking each button?


I'll reword the deadzone comment. "This field does not need to equal your deadzone" is probably better. The deadzone is counted from the LCB block, this padding is from the edge of your LCB's range so it'd be exponentially bigger if you set it equal to your deadzone. The formula on the right looks like this is: ( ( ( lcb size + 1 ) \ 2 ) + padding ). It's used for adding a little extra space between somebody's lcb edge and the boundary of a region you could reset. A better visual of it is in the calculator where you see the buffered boundaries.


The red line here represents the padding, if the red line crosses into r.-1.0.7rg then it would be considered an active region.


The total buffer is (the center of your lcb + padding) see above formula.


That's probably way more explanation than you wanted, but I figured it might clear it up for others as well ;)


I'll work toward a patch for your alt file locations today, I'll also make the 'Actions Taken' less of a generic stamp and more informative to failed actions on that button.


Thanks again for all of that info!


Hi boa_2k7,


Thanks for your interest! No ETA yet but it shouldn't take very long, maybe you'll have it by mid week? I'm not sure how long testing will take :)



Thanks y'all

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Hi Sophung, the serverconfigmain.xml on my server is in the root directory, so / in my case. No extra config folder, I will contact my hoster tomorrow if they could switch at least the name of the config file back to the serverconfig.xml, to make it more easy for tools like yours :)


Regarding your other questions, my Statistics are the following:


Players: Total: 386 Active: 153 Inactive: 233 Inactive: Admins 0 - Players expiration set to 30

LCBs: Total: 102 Active: 57 Inactive: 45 Inactive: Admins 0

Regions: Total: 1232 Active: 61 Inactive: 1171



Nag me, if you need more info, you also may add me on Steam. I also have a rented test server, which I can wreck while testing, if needed. My online times are european ones, so for today I am off ;)

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@ Sophung


i have tested offline and online, same error


it is in the Bulk File Tools


the files is /.local/share/7DaysToDie/Saves/Random Gen/AbenteuerLand


the error is on Clean Regions it is red (Busy) then Unable to archive region r.-1.2.7rg . Error code -1









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Just tried the test version.


The Unable to get /saves/serveradmin.xml Code -1 is still present.


Backup Players: 24 of 157 active are saved, all from 23.12. to 30.12., stopping with the New Year. Maybe an issue with the years transition?


Backup Regions and LCBs: all is saved correctly


Backup Misc: Success: //Failed: serverconfig.xml, output_log.txt, serveradmin.xml.


the error message Success: //Failed: serverconfig.xml, output_log.txt, serveradmin.xml stays when any action to players is done (backup or clean), but vanishes when LCB's or regions are backed up.


I also downloaded the 7D2D BARC (sorce code).au3 file, but cannot open it with AutoIt Editor, get error message for Line 10 - #include <XML.au3>.

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The source code will need the xml library found here https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/files/file/358-xmlau3-formerly-xmlwrapperexau3/ download, extract and move xml.au3 to here "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include". The source code is only needed if you'd like to review, tinker or compile :)


Test version 20170122.2 is doing well but I'd like to fix the xml file backups for you before I publish.


Thank you both for helping me find and fix these bugs!


Edit: while working with both of you I've concluded that each server has their xmls in different places and with different names. Instead of continuing to guess, I'll be adding the file paths as settings fields. This especially helps Ubuntu servers (looking at you Fabi lol)

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version 20170122.3 is available now


xml file locations have been reworked so you have to tell the program where they are.

It makes changes to the player buttons to fix year-end trimming.

The region archive pathing had a typo and is now fixed.


Thx Fabi and Puschpa for your help with these bugs!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I would love it if anybody is willing to help test the UNC version found here:



**The UNC version has not been tested against any real or test servers. I've only performed very limited tests against my local save game and local server files. Please use a test server for any orange buttons**


You don't need to download the source code or current FTP test version. (Future/new/stable test versions are stored here before full release.)


Please give feedback and thank you for helping :)

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