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Current high demand Pimp Dreams (Constant W.I.P)


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Map and Antenna Ideas


First Idea:


The Fun Pimps should add in a map trading system so others can share what they have explored, especially would be useful in random generated maps. Maybe craft the map and the other player would read it like reading schematics.


Second Idea:


Be able to construct an antenna to install in a player's base to communicate via voice chat for longer distances.

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The Fun Pimps should add in a map trading system so others can share what they have explored, especially would be useful in random generated maps. Maybe craft the map and the other player would read it like reading schematics.


In my opinion, a cool addition to that is that the map copy that you get is imprecise, so it may be missing some key features, or in some place be wrong, not because of maliciousness from the person creating it, but because you just miss stuff etc. Then when you visit the areas, your map gets updated with the correct information.

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Well not sure if this goes here.



I would like that they added the mechanic that your farms can witter, so when its fully grown you have to remeber to harvest it else it will witter/decay away in 1 day ingame time. "not disapperaing but make a dried out version of the plant. that would make people care more about it, then like now where you dont need to worry about anything, food is so damn easy to come by, once you planted 5 of each and replanted after 4-5 harvests you have more then enough to survive forever..


Food and water:


Aswell as the plants you harvest food and water should be able to go bad, rot, making it bad for you to eat/drink..


The above once would then prevent players from making huge stockpiles of 400 plus of each and never have to worry about going short..



Need to add a generator to provide electricity, wich then use fuel as means of powering up your lights "add more light sourcses"

wich then open up a new branch of things a frigde, a freezer, a elevator wich should be slower then climbing a lader with shift held down.

Light sourcses, electrical fence and traps and much more..


And cement mixer would require power from the generator to run


Add the ability for admins to landfill, fill up empty space, so if a player like me digs out a room thats 72x72x96 blocks bick and when half the stone is gone it bugs out so tnt or rocket launcher cant even destroy rocks anymore, and rock or any other item cant fall down even though there arent anything to support it.


so make a command/tool wich admins can select 10x10z10y fill dirt or higher numbers, to maybe fix the problems.


due to the above problems even zombies dont appear near my base, no zombies no horde and on the server we are counting day 3173


Burn tree to make coal

Add more metals like cooper tin and so forth but should be very rare and you could then create bronze by melting tin and copper


Add more intens weather, raind dosent look like rain add storms add water particles that actually show "they could learn something from weather system form the game Misscreated, it looks so awesome "a dayZ clone kinda thing"


And i want my round corners/shapes


Biggest issue that needs to be adressed MINIBIKE

for the love of god REMOVE this buggy crappy thing, it causes so much trouble on every server. not a day goes by where it dissapears for players in the ground or other weird stuff, and that has such a huge impact on the servers...


1 minibike that goes into the ground makes everyone on that server drop to 3-4 fps, until an admin locates it and destroyes it. and when that happends 10+ times a day ARGGGH


So please remove it until its fixed, add a bicycle instead or any other means of traveling that are a bit faster then runing, but make sure it wont bug an entire server..


And the problems with minibike have exsisted for such a long time , they should have removed it long time ago.


No matter what game you dont leave a item in game that causes huge stability problems for longer periods of time, you put it in the game after a fix see if it works properly, if not you remove it and work on the problems, then you put it in game again after somne serious testing on a server where there are more players/testers stresstesting the bugs that where and trying to create new ones, if no major problems reveals themself it can be added to the game.


But there simply aint no exscuse for having an item that causes so many problems in the game.

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Currently working on a list of some of the higher demanding Pimp Dreams that gamers would like to see introduced into the game that can be looked at by The Fun Pimps.


Please keep in mind that I went to some of the higher replied threads. I did not look on every page and I did not look on every topic. If you think something should be added, It's best to make a topic for that suggestion, get the backing from the community then I can edit the list. Please let's not try to clutter this list with suggestions and let's keep it for the "List that gets submitted). If the community backs your topic then I will update this list to show off to The Fun Pimps Team.


Please only post your Topic URL for review for submission. When creating your topic try to provide as much information as to how your item or suggestion would function, how it can be crafted why you think it would become useful overall. Ask the community to back you in your topic with suggestions on how to expand on that idea or just simple adding a +1 to your Topic to help raise attention and awareness.


Thank you..


Current list is as follows


Skills and Abilities



- Include the ability to Fish

(Crafting of required tools, Ability to catch and harvest Fish, Forge for bait)


*Animal Traps

- Include the ability to craft and place traps that over time will catch animals which we can harvest

(See below for a list of Farm Animals, Birds can be captured for Harvest of Feathers and Wild Eggs)



- Include the ability to raise or capture Farm style animals using feed (Corn, Seeds, vegetables)

(Chickens, rabbits, Pigs)

- Ability for Farm Style Animals to breed to produce offspring which grow to harvest-able adults.

- Other types of farm animals to be used for Farming lifestyles

(Goats, Lamb, Cows - Eat grass, Harvest Milk, Harvested for Meat, etc)

(Bees - For harvest of Honey, medical research for curing disease and illness. etc)


- More plants and Abilities to harvest all grow-able plants to be planted.

(Any plant that grows, the ability to harvest them and plant them)



Game Mechanics


*Expanding player bag slots (Via clothing by upgrading your backpacks through finding or crafting new ones or the use of baskets/shopping charts)


*Signs and Notes

- Ability to write messages on a plank of Wood or on paper, etc. (Example: Pen and Paper Style, Carved in Wood, Spray Paint)


*Draw bridges

- Draw bridges, next to fishing, seems to be one the greatest ideas players seem to think would be beneficial to the game.



- The ability to sound an alarm if somebody enters an area provided by the gamer (Example: Pressure Plate or Trip Wires)


*Functioning garage doors

- Garage Doors that open and close like normal doors.



- Players go to sleep for different time lengths to regenerate health, help cure illness, "Cover up" to help warm up. etc


Server Functions



*Ability to edit the serverconfig file more without being placed in the modded section

(Example: Lootrespawndelay, Airdropfrequency, Map radius etc)


*Admins set of tools

- Tools that admins can use to open chest of any gamer, clear blocks faster, unlock doors, better inspection of players by the admins, etc

- Traveling can be a pain sometimes. The ability to right click on the map and select fast travel for admins or players with given permissions


Console Commands

- Wider variety of console commands. (Example of one command is to generate a .png or .jpg of a world)


Weapons and Tools


*Tools to better remove larger amounts of grass or harvesting plants and/or seeds.

*More accessory and types for weapons





- Wider variety of Zombies

(Water logged Zombies, Cave lurkers, Postman Zombies and many other styles with loot that match their type.)

**EXAMPLES: Water logged Zombies - Bottle of Murky/Disgusting Water | Postman Zombies - Paper, books, schematics, etc





*Ability to have gamers download/servers upload custom icons for custom items to eliminate the need for external downloads.


*Expanding on XML abilities

- Allowing item entities to spawn other entities (example: Pressure plates that when stepped on will allow a zombie or animal to spawn)


*Game-play Styles

- Ability for Modders to write different games styles. For example: Capture the base, Protective mod where hordes of zombies attack on a small scale then grow to larger and harder, etc)



- More mineral types


So all of this is on the to do list or is this just what people wish for?

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Admin Tools


Allowing the admins to click on map to transport to that location would be great but adding to that if we had markers on the map for players location other then having to friend everyone it would also help.And yes I know you could do it know but would make it easier if it was just click and done.

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I only have one idea for improvement, don't know if it has been mentioned before. Feathers are one of the hardest ressources to find, because you can not craft them, they seem to be rare and are also well camouflaged. I think it would get easier and more realistic if trees would contain bird nests, so if you cut them to the ground there would be a certain chance to gain feathers.

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May I expand on some of these ideas


Sorry if I'm making a noob of myself as I'm a new player to 7dtd. I actually sat down and started actively listing things I wondered why they weren't in the game myself, many of them are on here in short.

Sleeping got me right away, you'd need to sleep or you would sucome to disease, mental instability, or illness much more quickly. Sleep or lack there of should effect the pc with upper like coffee or speed to give mental focus, or melatonin to aid in sleeping if the pc feels safe enough.

Example of being tired could be falling asleep like micro napping on horde night, see a zombie and be shooting it then your screen goes black for a second and it's attacking you instead as a consequence of lack of sleep. Also power napping for like 20 in game minutes... could lead zombies to you if you aren't careful. Things like that, I don't know how hard that would be to code but I could see it functioning like the hunger/thirst/temperature systems.


Being able to make rope from plant fibers to make snares to catch small animals (rabbits, chickens, pigs) or a zombie snare trap or rope net trap, make placable/retractable rope ladders (something you can throw down off a wall or hole and climb down and leave it hanging till you climb back up with a retrieve option that could look like a coil of rope piled on the ground), rope foot bridge...that sort of thing.


Generators, made from the small engine and gas/bio fuel. You could have electricity for lights, cooking, water filter, and defense. Generators also make noise, but an electrified fence would be a good detourant for would be invaders, along with jumper cables to hook to a battery to electrify doors and windows. There is still a lot that could be done with existing items in the game. I wish I knew coding, I'd volunteer because I like the challenge of making things work. Oh yeah, why can't you construct a simple water purifier out of dirt, sand, coal, and cloth in a jar maybe, or it could be a new option from the new still/brewing stand after alpha 15.


Just some thoughts I wanted to put out there, or expand on....Hopefully this is the right place to post them. Thanks for sharing and letting me share too.

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Love all the great ideas here defo need electric- fishing sounds good also like the sound of trains/ mine cart but what this game REALY REALY needs is 2 seats on the MINIBIKE or JEEP with 3 spots- driver, passenger and guy stood at the back with mounted gun slot which you choose what to put there- maybe 2 pistols or ak47 or rocket launcher- also spikes on wheels- spiked ram at front all need to be built from scrap parts


Thanks all ;)

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I'd like to add a couple little things.


1. Retrieving arrows/bolts from zombies. They can't all be broken. Maybe have a chance to loot 1 or 2 from the body if the zombie is killed by one.


2. Someone mentioned rafts. But I was thinking of expanding on that a bit. Maybe a block that floats so you can build a sort of house boat? It would have it's advantages and disadvantages. Zombies can't swim, but you can't really do much farming on a boat.

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I'd like to add a couple little things.


1. Retrieving arrows/bolts from zombies. They can't all be broken. Maybe have a chance to loot 1 or 2 from the body if the zombie is killed by one.


2. Someone mentioned rafts. But I was thinking of expanding on that a bit. Maybe a block that floats so you can build a sort of house boat? It would have it's advantages and disadvantages. Zombies can't swim, but you can't really do much farming on a boat.



Yesss having a chance of retrieving arrows from a zombie would be cool. Not all of the arrows of course and not the ones ya shoot and miss but if it takes 3 arrows to kill a zombie then maybe get 1 back or something. Would be cool. Would help in those " Ohhhh a deer yesss, oops I jus used my last arrows fighting some zombies" times. Lol

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