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  1. I did try navezgane. Sorry to say does not work as well as 16.4 for me. I got some lines over the screan and more lag. And I even have more ram than I did when I was runing 16.4 and I did turn all of my settings to lowest Well thanks everyone for trying to help. But as they say this game is not over yet. So here is hoping A20 will be something I will be able to play again. Or with time I might get a better potato that could run this game again.
  2. Ok.. What is I just used navezgane map and not go to random gen? Or is navezgane map something they removed from alpha 19?
  3. I think I am ok on the procesor but I have 6 GB of RAM... I would have to check as I didin't really touch the other laptop in a long time now (few years) I did get some lag on horde nights but for the most part it was ok. I was even a host for when me and my gf used to play. We are interested to play the game again to test out all the new things. Not sure should we jump in alpha 19 or would it be even more optimized if we waited till 19.3 or something like that. I am a bit out of touch with the game and the updates but I know for exsample alpha 12.4 would run better than just alpha
  4. Thanks for the input. I was wondering I have 2 laptops one is really bad and the other one is just bad but needs a bit of work on it. So I wanted to know was it worth the trouble to get it up and running for this.
  5. No this is not a thread what alpha is better. I am not interested in that. I am interested in how much more demanding is alpha 19 compared to 16.4 I know there was some optimizeing and stuff like that. But I did need to run alpha 16.4 on almoust minimum settings. With that in mind what are my chances of running alpha 19? Thanks
  6. Is there a way to invert my mouse in game? In A16.4 I was able to do it but didin't find it in controls this time. Thanks
  7. LegionDiablo

    True Survival

    Is it normal that there are still items that don't have pictures in game? And just interested I have cigars and cigaretes. When I go in creative menu I can only find cigars there. Is that normal?
  8. So all of this is on the to do list or is this just what people wish for?
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