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Current high demand Pimp Dreams (Constant W.I.P)

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Sorting customization!


I would like to be able to decide how my chests get sorted. For example, i would like to be able to customize the order in which things are sorted, I want to be able to make it so the 9mm ammo goes first then the shotgun shells then the gas barrels then the concrete mix then the shotguns and shotgun parts then ... just as an example, but you get my point. I'm thinking it could be in the options screen? Thoughts?


p.s. Approaching 1000 hours, started at the end of 14.7, LOVE THE GAME!!!

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- This is probably a reaally girly thing, but I actually avoid wearing armor because it looks hideous. Would be good if clothing could hide the armor you're wearing.


[...] I know it's the apocolypse, but I still want to look good ya know?!!!!!!!!!!


Not advisable to walk around without armor in zombie apocalypse. How about just adding girly versions of armor? And maybe even use paint to make it pink or whatever you like... ;)

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More Npc's


I think if Fun Pimps added in a Bandit base or Military installation (that was still functional) where you could hire a mercenary for a few days would be a great addition. A feature where some of the bases were set to attack you would be interesting if they used the turrets. It would almost require a shield to be added to counter the turrets (the bases would need to be like the traders where you cant build there).

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Dead is Dead


When you die you have the options of re-spawning on or near your bedroll -

I would like the additional option to re-spawn in a random location in my existing world with a new profile, and a clean map , and with my time reset to day 1. With 'drop everything on death' set in my options I have the potential to find an abandoned survivor base as part of my new game!

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Hi. This is something I have felt lately due to how my first mission whenever I start a new hame in 7DTD is to find a mining helmet.


Stick a flashlight on your head.


Ok, so I'm sure 99.9% of players use mining helmets. How about some duct tape, a flashlight and any other kind of helmet, and you get a "(kind of helmet) with light".

So, I don't mean the idea that you can craft a mining helmet, I know this exists already.

Just different helmets with a light strapped to the top.


Or even, the idea to attach a kind of tactical flashlight to body armour.

That'd be a nice way to make the other helmets get more use.


Finally one more thing I'd like to see is at places like the farm, or houses with crops, that they might have a chicken coop with 4-5 chickens trapped in there running around. I got a few of those "nail some chicks" challenges, but the small amount of chickens I ever see don't make me ever want to bother with the challenge.

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Can you please add to the modding list:


The ability to pass source information from what buffed a player? Specifically...








The ability to pass damage source variables to the target being buffed?


*Player1 has a custom variable "IAmInThisMode". Player1 applies a buff to Player2. Player2's buff is provided the variable "IAmInThisMode" and can buffif "@IAmInThisMode equal 8"

Maybe an @ prefix symbol can be replaced with a SteamID, ZombieID, or BlockId for dictionary lookup.




The ability to apply buff to a person shooting a gun.


Example: Action1 has a BuffSelf element that, when shooting, applies a Buff to the user of the gun being fired.

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Military Patrols


Hello everybody.


What would you think of small NPC military patrols of 3-4 men?

Very hard to beat, as well armed. High skill values. But also very good loot. These examine the given biomes for survivors or something else.

The most ingenious would be an army helicopter that appears once a week in a random biom and drops it. These patrols could also be spawned in a biom without a helicopter. So very rare for the player to find, but therefore also a pretty good variety in the game and a special kick as very difficult fight. But always worthwhile.

Maybe an idea for after the arrival of the bandits.


I think these enemy patrols are a lot of fun and make for quite exciting little battles and variety in the PVE.

Whether you can shoot the helicopter or not, can be decided later. I know, it would be very difficult to integrate this idea. With some suitable Ki behavior etc.


These soldiers on the ground attract the Zed's like players, so they can also be overrun

after the ammunition has run out. So, after a few weeks, there are not many soldiers in the biomes. Different soldiers with each other armament. Snipers, carriers of rocket launchers and assault soldiers with silenced MPs or M16s.

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Sleeping in the game would bring realism to the game cuz im always wondered how the **** the main character is not dead after weeks and no sleep at all...he/she would die in 2 weeks maybe less


or 32 days as a case study on rats would suggest.


note: this thread is no longer current.

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A few things I'd like to see...


I looked through the previous entries, and like a lot of what I saw there.


I'd like to add my own thoughts...



1) Fishing - this is mentioned repeatedly; I'm giving it another +1.

2) A light source that I can carry in my left hand, so I can still equip a 1-handed weapon (pistol, knife, etc) in the right hand

3) Quick-move from my backpack into storage, rather than moving things one by one.

4) Auto-run



1) Regional or Map-wide weather and seasons. It's strange to be fighting heat exhaustion one minute, then freezing to death just because I walked for 5 minutes. I'd like to see actual changing seasons, map-wide - in the summer, it should be warm/hot everywhere. Once winter comes, it's all snow and cold.

2) Map density options in Random Generated maps. It seems that currently, random maps have destroyed cities everywhere. I'd like to be able to set the density for buildings so the game generates a map that is more wilderness with smaller scattered towns, or visa versa - for those that like more buildings.

3) Mini-map: a small "mini-map" in one of the corners; either full-time, or at least once you are riding the mini-bike.


There you have it; my 2 cents worth.

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That would be up to The Fun Pimps to decide how they wanted to implement it if they choose to or not. There are a few mod packs out there that offer you the fishing ability but those are for the modded servers.




Oh really? I was unaware of this. I added it cause I seen it in a few topics that I was looking over.


A lovely but Simple Raft or Yacht, Not powered by engine, just sail or oar it would be beneficial for several reasons


1. It would compliment fishing

2. some game seeds/maps have masses of water and would be a fun way to travel including fishing whilst crossing or exploring the world

3. It would eliminate the desire for a lot of players to go and make Massive bridges and that's where a lot of issues start with hammered resources an server lag and with server crashes !!"when players are building in maps with lots of water. A Raft would alleviate this for many owners and also players.


Why?' Well Water is a movable source type and many of us have seen players, either struggle controlling it or if someone takes an axe to a controlled environment to see what happens you end up with water all over Not major I know, however in the sea it can quickly become an issue!!! Placing frames over or in a mass water especially trying to build a bridge in the sea, can cause server crashes. Trying to fix a sea for the in-experienced may cause them to do a map wipe! Which results in loss of players" This Is MY Pet Hate!!!!" You never need to wipe a map unless its been forced by the host provider with something like an IP change or the hand of god 16.3 code change - Sorry for going slightly off topic there Kage! But totally related to water suggestions and ideas of the things that go bump in it lol.


4. A simple raft for fishing and the yacht for faster manoeuvre with sails

So Fishing - slow to none speed on raft - use oar to move along which should be set to be quicker than swimming, then yacht faster than the raft Due to Sails or sails and oar combo slightly faster and yet all methods are slow enough to re-draw the approaching world without causing the kind of FPS issues the "Buggy Bitch" of a minibike can do.


I hope its something that can be taken into consideration for all the above.



Other Things -


Halfling ZB Kebab shop owner that through the day you can trade with! However his char is intentionally temperamental with barter, price and amounts received after hand of ya dukes.


- Yet at night if your in their shop they wont kill you but will more than likely scratch or bite but not infect, just reduce health and really rare to offer trade between 10 to 4.


The ZB Nurse Screamer "maybe Just Seasonal" and also a fun way to use the repetitive sounds for the current types before their too common. Halloween or bloodmoon she comes exactly as is but with a variation Wearing the nurses hat but with her own scraggly hair showing and the nurses miniskirt/apron with her own scruffy blue jumper and She on this occasion inherits the funniest sounds of the schoolgirl "Aggghhhaaa"


Pimps "Git Ma House" Loved it from the dopey lumberjack 1st time I heard I couldn't even kill him no more for about a year, 1st zombie I felt sorry for and adored, left alone, but then when the "ten-men carpet carrier baldy" started saying it too I was wounded. Be lovely if he was exclusive to his voice over, Just him. thnx x



Thanks Kage and readers




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Shift-clicking moves things a stack at a time but yeah, a transfer all button would be nicer.


Yeah Been wanted for ages, totally agree with yas. on this it also be nice to shift click divide x4 so 1 full stack then while still holding click again to half again to quarter. Not for BP to chest obv all in one like loot to bp "R" key yet it would be good for forges and chem stations when you dont want to stick all on them, have no space to breakdown in your BP and conveniently quicker.

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Firearm effective range


Greetings. I haven't found the better thread to share my opinion about the necessary game changes. I think it would be very nice to increase firearm's effective range. Like, it's very unpleasant trying to kill a deer with a pistol which have the effective range of 25 metres. IRL, it would've been possible to hit a deer with a pistol from 300+ metres (ignoring the wind). I haven't gone through other guns, but there probably are some kind of same problems. The point is that with effective range capped like this a simple 100 level bow is better than a pistol in everything - it has affordable ammo, zero sound and easy to craft. It is even possible to hit faraway targets with bow if mastered. So yeah, that's my idea.

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Stuff and things


After getting this game for Christmas and playing it like a fulltime job the last few weeks here are some things I'd love to see changed or added to the game:


6 wheeled ATV and or golf carts. I've seen the new motorbike and truck and they're cool but the minibike has character that seems lacking with the badass vehicles. An amphibious but otherwise impractical atv and an electric golf cart seem more like this game's style to me. Plus you could power the golf cart with solar panels on your base roof, you gotta go green during the apocalypse :) The ATV could seat up to 4 and or have quite a large inventory space. The golf cart would require a steady supply of fresh batteries or a way to recharge them.


Encouraged food variety: A person cannot live on bread alone, unless it's a video game. In 7DtD you can get corn on day one and survive on cornbread and water forever which seems silly to me. I'd like to see diminishing returns, or nutrition requirements or even just cravings which add bonus to wellness or some other stat. Just something to encourage you to go out and get more than just one type of food.


A quest for traders: Traders could give quests, maybe a buyable item like the treasure map. One slightly rarer one that has you deliver items to a trader you haven't discovered yet and marks it on your map so you can find new traders more easily and get a few skill points or dukes out of it. And one more common one that just has you deliver items between traders, same day service would be expensive during the zombie outbreak.


Something to help with falls. A wearable item like the long fall boots, a parachute, or rappelling gear. Maybe a dropable item like an air mattress or firefighter's airbag. Just something that lets you jump off a skyscraper without preparing a landing zone ahead of time.


Zombie power: Like Michonne did in the Walking Dead, cutoff a zed's arms and jaw and make him a pack animal. Or better yet stick him on a treadmill to power your base defenses.


Animal husbandry: Raising chickens or vultures would be nice for a source of eggs, meat and feathers. Or instead of chickens/vultures how about emus to be different? Emus could even wear a small pack. Tameable dogs could carry a small pack as well as distracting zombies, fetching items etc.


The augur and chainsaw are too loud. I've used chainsaws IRL and yes they are literally deafening but instead of deafening players why not simulate that by turning down all game sounds while playing the chainsaw/augur sound at a reasonable level. You already control sound volume when you get stunned so it shouldn't be hard to change for the power tools. Just a hidden buff that applies the stunned sound dampening when using the power tools.


Small things:

Being able to zoom out further on the map, I want to see the whole random map at once to help plan routes and find base locations.

Shift click shouldn't work on the minibike parts, I've lost a bunch of items shift clicking a shopping basket into the minibike more than once, that's a simple UI bug that should be easy to fix. Just prioritize the basket over the parts UI. Or disable shift clicking parts on the minibike altogether.

Personally I don't mind the more risque zeds but a built in option to disable the strippers and other objectionable zeds for streamers/YouTubers would be nice.

We can flatten terrain by sticking frames down and removing them but there is no way I've found to smooth the transition with player placed dirt/gravel. With naturally formed terrain a gradual slope can be achieved but with player placed ground there is a harsh step up.

Similarly that ugly gap between blocks and terrain should go away. I've spent an inordinate amount of time hiding it as much as I can with plates and stuff but sometimes you can't hide your sins as Adam Savage puts it. It would be nice if it just wasn't there and terrain fit snugly against blocks.

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