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    Good ideas. Agree 100% Its a bit different but its open idea so its free to modify.
  2. Working on some project, I need info how much is average number of days on the servers between two wipes? Reply here or PM. Thank you. Thats for multiplayer servers.
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    7DTD Endgame (creating antidote) Since the Z virus is mutating and already reached stage 2, it will reach stage 3 in 365 days and at that stage it will start to spread by air and no one is safe anymore. People trapped in contaminated area with zombies must find a cure to save them selfs and the humankind. Playing this game since A4 (few years now) and was thinking few times: "what if there is actually endgame"? It was bothering me, endless server wiping and starting over and over again. So, what if there was actually a point to get to endgame. Like, you find a cure, some antidote and server is done. It will wipe. Whoever find the cure, wins that server round and after wipe is rewarded with some stuff so he start from day1 with his reward. To actually find a cure you have 365 days and need to find specific materials and mix them. You can actually know what materials is needed but you dont know how much of each. That recipe can be found in airdrops only (because scientists from all over the world have figured out ingredients and some of them exist only in this contaminated area and they sending us the recipe). There should be like 10 mats to find and to mix them properly, 3 of them should be rare and hard to get, You can add them to boss or whatever (improvise ). They need to be mixed in special Chemistry Station that can be craft only by recipe from airdrop only (again scientists are sending the sheme to craft that Chem station) You must test that cure on at least 10 players so at least 10 people need to confirm that you actually make the antidote. P.S. One of the materials used to create antidote could be fish oil. You can extract it from fish. You got that fish while fishing. From the boat.
  4. Will there be in A17 fishing or animal breeding?
  5. Something among first things in survival in nature is fishing. I cant see why survival game like this does not have fishing? Its a must!!! I mean it!!! Not joking... not at all. Peace.
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