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  1. Try a PvPvE server, so you have to worry about zombies and real people which may or not be friendly. Keeps you in tension just like a real post apocalypse madmax.
  2. I want to connect 2 floors with a ladder, they are connected with 1x1 holes, when I place the ladder its put awkwardly on the vertex of the square instead of one side.
  3. Can we get a proper elevator now that we have electricity?
  4. Last time I played the game the auger had better sounds, when you put gas back on the tank it had a nice pleasant sound and now there's just some lame silence, and I think the animation is worse too. What went wrong?
  5. I was doing the initial Survival quest and deleted it, how do I get it back?
  6. Something I've noticed is that my fps would be ♥♥♥♥ed up when I join the server, at like 30 fps, then I switch some setting and apply, and it goes to the normal of 70-100 fps. I've seen also some random stutter sometimes, and I have 32 GB and many cores so I dont get it.
  7. Whats the point of using high for reflection quality? i cant spot a difference from low to ultra. I assume reflections is basically HDR?
  8. There's always that type of setting that barely makes an actual difference unless you are playing "spot the difference while you stand still" yet kills your FPS (latest trend is ray-tracing). So is there such a thing in 7D2D? Just got a new computer, runs pretty decent, but there's something, I dont know what setting, that kills the FPS a lot. CPU is a 3900x with a 1070. Any suggestions? I would like to get consistent 100fps at least, 1080p. For instance, what do "world reflections" do? cant spot much of a difference. SS reflections same thing..
  9. What do you mean with "sociopath survival" lmao? If you mean other players being mean to you in a zombie survival apocalypse scenario, whoop de doo. That's part of a zombie survival apocalypse scenario. Finding enemies and possible alliances gives the game deeper gameplay dynamics than the two-dimensional "let's just worry about the zombies" aspect.
  10. Nobody does that, curiosity always kills the cat. Specially now with vehicles, it's only natural to explore POIs around. The bigger the map and more varied POI's, the more people want to explore. As you spend days out, you'll have to battle full moons and adapt and improvise within POIs. Ideally, you want rare items that spawn only on rare POIs to incentivize exploration as much as possible. Such items would give you an advantage over zombies and humans (specially weapons, armors, etc etc... something people would really want). There would be no way around this but exploring (no traders of cra
  11. No because you still need to go outside for food and water + go out on quests at the city for loot. If you stay at the bunker forever you die.
  12. No, the point is making a zombie survival game that is somewhat realistic, this includes zombies not digging Minecraft troll mode on your bunker. Also, the point of having a bunker is being hidden, if you have to place obvious "there is people underground here" blocks on top of it it defeats the purpose.
  13. If you make living underground something useless compared to having a base, then nobody lives underground = the feature is rendered pointless. Survival games that don't take PvP as serious as PvE end up failing because no matter what you implement, the random human factor is what keeps the gameplay going endlessly.
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