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A21 The Wastelands help

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I hope I am posting this in the correct spot.  This site is confusing to me.  I'm old.  Anyway I managed to get The Wastelands mod downloaded and even started it but it is running as Vanilla but with all the mod stuff.  I did not start in a prison or anything.  I have no doubled folders and it all looks the way it was supposed to following a video I used to help install it.  Any help here is appreciated.

I just realized I had the mod folder as mods and not Mods.  Does that matter?

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5 minutes ago, bdubyah said:

Did you grab the whole pack GNS put together? It is not a Wasteland feature to start in a prison, that's a GNS only thing. 

Not understanding the question.  Was basing what I was to experience off of a youtube video I watched on the mod.  He started in some prison and had to escape during a zombie attack.  

Guns nerds and steel was the youtube feller.  I mainly listened as I drive a truck and listened to him while I was driving.

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That was an interesting and theatrical play through from the feller at Guns Nerds and Steel and certainly introduced The Wasteland to the gaming community.

Unfortunately those files are a little out of date now, and won't really show The Wasteland in the best light or reflect updates since then.


Here are some instructions to download the essentials, jubylives.


1. Go here for The Wasteland Mod


and download Version


2. In addition to The Wasteland Mod, are 4 other Mods that allow it to function appropriately.


a) These are Full Auto Launcher:

and download Version 1.2.3


b) NPC Mod - 0-XNPCCore


and click on the downward pointing arrow that looks like it has a tray underneath it on the far right side. When your mouse touches it, you will see Download raw file. Click it and it will start downloading it.

Don't follow the one that is prompted on the Nexus Mod page as it takes you to an unzipped location without a download option. It used to work but no longer.


c) Random Mainmenu Background


and download Version 1.03


d) NPC Mod - 0-Score


Clicking on this link will automatically download it.

Don't follow the one that is prompted on the Nexus Mod page as it takes you to an unzipped location without a download option. It used to work but no longer.


I think those instructions are correct.

The contents of your Mods folder should look similar to this:




As for a World to play on. You can generate your own using the in game Random World Generator or use one which has been provided here by Bdubyah.


Go to the right side of one of the entries and it'll show three dots lined up vertically. Clicking on that will allow a download option to appear.



An alternative 8K World guaranteed to have each and every The Wasteland POI can be found here:



That should cover all of the things you need. If it's wrong, others will put you right.

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There are a few potential locations to place maps in 7 Days to Die. Here are some options for The Wasteland.


1. This appears to be the preferred location for the game developers moving forward.

Users\(Your own personal user name\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds


However, if you have never generated a World before this will not exist. Generating a World first in game will create this folder. Adding %AppData% into your folder explorer will take you directly to the user AppData/Roaming folder where you will see 7DaysToDie. If a GeneratedWorlds folder does not exist, you can also manually make it yourself and place the World file in there.


It is also possible to access this location when starting the game in Steam with 'Show game launcher'.

Select the 'Tools' tab and 'Open savegame folder'.


2. The second location, is within the Game Directory. The default location is generally here.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Worlds


You will see Navezgane and the Pregen Worlds in that folder. That is where you can place a World folder.
You can also access that location with the 'Show game launcher' when starting the game in Steam and selecting 'Open game folder'. Visit the Data and then Worlds folder.


3. The third is within the mod itself, or as a separate stand alone mod. For this method, within the mod itself is most appropriate. Make a 'Worlds' folder within the Mod 'The_Wasteland' and place the World folder map in there. The Worlds folder is created directly inside the first layer. You will see other folders in there such as Config and Resources.


In either of those examples, the World will be selectable just as with Navezgane for Single Player.

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