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Game crashes on high memory speed

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I have an issue when I try and play with my memory set at 3600MHz. I can play for about 5 minutes then the game crashes. I lower my memory down to 3200MHz and then it plays fine. Is there something that I need to configure to get it to work at 3600MHz.



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Well, this topic can get extraordinarily in-depth, so I'll give some quick advice for you to look for. You might need to increase the DRAM and SOC voltage (don't do this high at a time, and do some research on safe levels for your motherboard/cpu); also, you may need to slow the timings down (the first 5, specifically, the rest is a whole can of worms of balance, GamersNexus I think has a gigantic article/video about it), for example if you run 16/18/18/34/54 stable at 3200, try 18/20/20/38/58 at 3600. Those are some starting areas to tinker with. Also, try geardown mode off/on, and there's some setting that I can't remember the name of at the moment that is some EMI prevention thing that can affect overclocking.


All in all though, I wouldn't pull your hair out over this, you may find out after a ton of time that the 3600 clock at slower timings is the same or slower than the 3200 at faster timings ;) Source:  been there done that lol

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This is not happening because of the game, this would probably happen with many games and applications that really stress your CPU.


Most games though tend to stress the GPU more than the CPU. If you notice this only happening with 7D2D then the other games you tested probably are GPU-bound and because of that still run well at the 3600 setting even though you have a potentially unstable configuration.




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