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Asia Apocalypse [PvE]


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For those pipz that prefer newly established server. Asia Apocalypse has just landed!


Best apocalyptic experience in Asia!
Come join us slay some zeds!

You'll receive a starter pack upon joining. There's available lobby, medic, horde base establishments for community use.
Modded zombies and items are implemented, there’s exp multipliers too! Modded items can be bought from the web shop.
In-game commands available for players to use such as / lobby, /horde, /medic, /bank, /gimme etc. more commands to be implemented as the server progress.


See you let’s get lock and loaded


Disc: https://discord.gg/GF3EY9aJVz

Server name: Asia Apocalypse

Location: Singapore

Map: Cruzside - RGW

Slot: 60

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