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Query and Game server port 7 days dedicated server


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Hi I am hosting a 7 days to die server on windows and i have an issue that the query and game port are different. I can connect from the game port but the not from the query port. Steams displays the query port so people cannot connect. Is there a way to make both query and game port the same? 

Thanks :)

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I will attach a photo of what i am talking about. This is the server browser of steam. All the ports on that list are not the actual server port which for example would be [26900]. If you try to connect it will give an error ingame saying it could not retreive server data. Now i am asking if it is possible that both game server and query port which steam is using can be the same so people can be able to connect from there as well.





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40 minutes ago, Nobster said:

Do you have steam? Thats a server list of 7 days to die. Now you can double click any server or right click and connect. If you do this you will get the error i will attach because the port on the steam server list is wrong. The server works fine if u use game server port. 



Now we are getting somewhere. So what port does the steam server list show? Your first picture did not show any ip and port numbers.


(And yes, I have steam).


The most likely problem that you have is that you are hosting the game from home and have not opened all the necessary ports to the internet, either on your PC or on your internet router.


The game has two network protocols it can use: litenetlib or steamnetworking. The first one is preferable (much less latency for example) but it needs you to clear the way for some ports to be shown to the internet. Those ports are (at default) 26900 TCP and 26900-26903 UPD. You have to tell your windows firewall (windows defender if you didn't buy one) to open those ports AND you have to tell your router to forward these ports to the internet (which depends on the router you have)


If not, you can try steamnetworking, but for that you have to change your serverconfig.xml and edit the line

<property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" value="SteamNetworking"/>


to look like this:


<property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" value=""/>


Here is a thread where someone had a similar problem, and the answer mentions a way to test your setup if you want the low-latency-solution: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/28612-could-not-retrieve-server-information-self-hosted-dedicated-server-set-up-after-the-recent-patch/



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Pc is on DMZ and i even disabled firewall. Noting seems to work. I also tried multiple servers from the list and none of them seems to work. It must be a common problem. Also i can connect to the server and so can other people i just have to give them the 26900 port not the 26902 that is displayed in steam server list.



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You don't block epic, right? Otherwise that could be another reason it doesn't work


If you want you can put a logfile on pastebin and publish a link to it here so people can check if there is any indication of the problem in there. How to find the logfile is described in a pinned thread in the "General Support" section here in the forum




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On a side note, connecting to the server via the Steam browser, you commonly run into "Could not retrieve server information" issues. I always recommend using the game browser or giving them the ip:port to direct connect. I've never seen a similar message using the game browser.

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