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Could Not Retrieve Server Information - Self hosted dedicated server, set up after the recent patch.


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Hello, I created my own dedicated sever, but I am having trouble making it connectable outside of my LAN. It is findable in the in-game server browser, AND its connectable from my other machine on the LAN, but it is NOT connectable from machines outside my LAN (they can see it too in the server browser though). The error that pops up is "Could Not Retrieve Server Information"

  • I followed this guide leaving almost everything at the defaults, (server was created after the newest updated)
  • Created a static IP on my lan for my server machine
  • turned on port forwarding
  • Created the exceptions in windows defender firewall (and tried turning if off completely, still wasn't connectable)
  • Reset the server and my router.

I would love some tips to try to fix this, I feel like I have exhausted any searches on the matter.... should I just delete everything and start over again?

other info:

  • Asus router RT-AC66U_B1 using stock software
  • Using the Asus router's "Manual Assignment" for static IP, which HAS keep the IP of my server static on the LAN.
  • We are all launching the game through xbox gamepass
  • When starting a listen server via the in game menu, no-one could join either. We could join a friend's game listen server who had done no prep/portforwarding/anything, all they did was allow the connection in windows firewall when the popup came.
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3 hours ago, Milkthistle said:

I would love some tips to try to fix this

First thing to try is to enable SteamNetworking. Your LiteNetLib connection fails, which points to

a port problem and SteamNetworking can get around those problems at the cost of some latency.


If that works and the server seems ok, move on to trying to diagnose the port problem.

You need 26900 TCP and 26900 through 26903 UDP open to the server's ip in it's firewall and router.

You can test if they are correctly opened by using a web based port scanner while the server is

running. I use this one, but there are many available.


I also suggest renaming your serverconfig.xml to something else so that it does not get overwritten

with updates or validations.

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Thanks for your help, using your port scanner it is showing my ports as closed.


I looked around in my router's gui and realized its WAN address is a 192.168.... so i guess the goddamn ISP modem/router has been the NAT this whole time. I could have sworn i had it set not to do that when it was installed but I guess not. I will mess with it later when I can have the internet down for a short period. I assume I just need to put the ISP device into bridge mode? I would prefer to use my own router.... Or possibly i could just add the port forwarding/firewall exceptions to the ISP device and hope it works out.

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  • 6 months later...

Did you end up fixing this? I just found out that when SteamNetworking is required/enabled you should not put steam into offline mode. Simply closing the CMD window that launched the server makes the library available again.


If you need steamnetworking, make sure to keep the steam session for the server online. 



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