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Game is loaded but isn't showing up on monitor


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A while back, I was able to play the game just fine. But now, when I try to play it, the first screen that shows up that doesn't take up the full screen shows up just fine on the monitor, but then when the game loads and goes full screen, it's no longer on the display but is playing and everything. I've tried looking online for solutions to the problem, but none of them have solved my problem (although to be fair, no one seems to be having my specific issue so resources have been limited). The platform that I play on is steam. 

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, that would be awesome. I really want to play this game again. 

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13 hours ago, Star69 said:

Let's start by having a look at your log file. Instructions on where to find the log and how to use pastebin.com to post the logs here are explained in the pinned topic:

HOW TO REPORT AN ISSUE ---- Please Read Before Creating New Threads ---- - General Support - 7 Days to Die


The most recent output log that it's giving me is from almost a year ago. It doesn't appear that any output logs occur unless I actually join or host a game, which I currently cannot do. Like I said, the game is up and running, but the problem is that the actual game itself is off screen and I can't do anything with it. 

So I literally just booted the game back up. Right now it's running and it's showing up in my toolbar at the bottom. When I hover over it, it shows that the game is running and everything. It's just not popping up on screen. 

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