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ZomBiome Overhaul A20


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I updated main post with a video tutorial (end of video section). Thank you for suggesting it, I hope it helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anyybnOnu6E

I also added a quick and dirty japanese localization file. Replace file \7 Days To Die\Mods\Zombiome\Config\localization.txt with this one.
Make a backup first. Translation may be way off, and color formatting is sometimes lost, which may be even more problematic.



@mprojekt: Your misadventure had me laughing for a while, sorry. If I wanted players to rage quit right after instal, I would have coded a virus, not a mod :)  This being said, Zombiome can be punishing, but is also quite random. I would bet on bad luck in your case (bad timing or hitting a tough activity location). I am not excluding a bug in my activity generator, but the pace I noticed from the stream was in the correct range.

You can also reduce parameter intensity from buffs.xml, in the block

<triggered_effect action="ZBManagerOption, Zombiome" trigger="onSelfBuffStart" intensity="0.2,0.4"...

inside <buff name="ZombiomeManager". Maybe use intensity="0.15,0.3".


@garigari thank you for the remark. It's just an UI display problem. I was no able to display these in the stat tab, but the attribute window does depict the correct progress (albeit the #5 issue you noticed before).

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Thanks for the tutorial video and localization.
I've tried backing up the localization.txt, copying the new one, sticking it in notepad, replacing it, and starting it up.
When I click on the event button, it gets stuck.
The line229 is wrong and I tried to fix it but it still freezes.
Can you confirm it over there?

One more thing.
I found that when using Dust Power for a long time, the memory usage keeps increasing and eventually the FPS drops and it becomes impossible to continue playing.
Please check this as well.

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localize : There was an empty line at the end of the file which I removed. I was able to play with it. You can download again or remove the empty line manually. Still, tons of formatting is lost (new lines and affinity color), so it may be worse than without translation.


Then your #6 memory usage keeps increasing with Dust power is worrying. I suspect bad collection of dust particles, but it will take some time to fix. #6 and #4 are my future priorities, as they deteriorate gaming experience.


Thanks again for the precious feedback !


Also thanks for pointing the streamer to my tutorial. Please tell him to check my explanations on  episode #10.

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I could play from the beginning, but when I click on the quest button it freezes like in the video below.
It's possible I'm doing something wrong, so check to see if it freezes when you press the quest button there once.
If it doesn't freeze, I'm doing something wrong.
So I want localization.txt in a 7zip or other archive.


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I can respond as fast as this if I have the time, but you just need to work at your own pace.
The most important thing is your physical and mental health.
So no matter how late you are, I will be patiently waiting for your response. You can work at your own pace.

Oh, by the way, in the comments of his #10 video, someone asked if the jump guy was an homage to the Ostrich Club....
The Ostrich Club [ダチョウ倶楽部]is the name of a famous Japanese comedian group.
Your [SpellDust:WaveJump] reminded me of one of their most famous gags, the "jumping trick". I also associated it with a comedy gag.
When one of the group members gets angry and stomps the ground, the vibrations make everyone in the venue (baseball stadium) jump up and down.
I'll post the video below.
The Ostrich Club's famous "jumping up and down" gag

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My mental health dropped long ago, you can probably tell by just playing Zombiome :)


localize: You are right, I have formatting error when looking at epicenter, and freeze when I try read the biome information note. I need to dig in how strings are formatted. I also noticed that other mods alter a bunch of xml in their jap. version. Could be the fix.


My comments and explanations on episodes #9 and #10 are shadowed (can't see them if not logged). Don't know if it's by mistake or if streamer prefers to hide my or english comments. I gave long explanations on #10.


I don't know Ostrich Club.  Which baseball club was that (I can only remember the Carps from my trip to Japan) ? It was nothing specific in my mind, but there are tons of video games with such jump attacks, even Mario has one !

Also, the "bouncing ground" activity is not truely an earthquake, compared to the collapsing ground.

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>My comments and explanations on episodes #9 and #10 are shadowed (can't see them if not logged). 

おおかみ GAMES said to be careful because if you type W more than 3 times in a row in a comment, it will be put on hold and will not show up without approval.
So he said the URL will be caught by that too.

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Thank you to both of you. Please share how you fixed the localization issues.


My comment on #10 does not contain "www". I am copying it below.  Most of it available in your journal.

Some explanations:

BiomeDust Shadow : your black affinity increases when you hit zombies (the endurance bar of the dust increases). Then, you could use any of the 4 attacks of the dust, with left click (melee attack) / right click ("swallow ground" attack) / R key ("bloody coffee") or F key ("vanish"). They are listed in the statistics tab of the biome dust.

Once you have 100 affinity (the bar is full), you reach affinity Burst and the black Dust transforms to "Death". It has 4 stronger powers (again, listed in the statistics tab). For instance if you throw (right click) the dust during black affinity Burst, you would summon the "Devil Bear", F key would trigger an earthquake... You only tried the left click attack (leecher buff)

Metal material (white affinity) is opposite to black. You get poison when you hit a metal block with the black dust. The message below is "Biome Dust is itching - bad affinity interaction ..." . Craft and equip the "Analyzing Lens" to learn affinity color of any block.

BiomeDust has limited duration (30 hours after 1st activation, hold reload R key to see the timer), then it turns to inactive dust. 

Corroding Flesh : have a zombie walk on it to destroy its physical resistance (useful against soldier)
Spark pillar can be repaired with magnetite.


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>Please share how you fixed the localization issues

Three locations changed.

line 44 Interacting during epicenter survey freezes: Japanese translation has been changed, but don't worry about that, the important thing is that the Japanese translation is surrounded by " ".

epicenterBlock,,blocks,Block,--,"<Interact> バイオームの奇妙さを調査する",,,,,


line 227,229 Freeze when clicking on quest button or opening map

line 227
qc_ZBambiant8Desc,items,Quest - Zombiome Challenge,,,(ゾンビが眠ってるのを見つけてから 宝物を掘るのが怖くなっちゃって。,,,,,
qc_ZBambiant8Desc,items,Quest - Zombiome Challenge,,,(Zombiome)ゾンビが眠ってるのを見つけてから 宝物を掘るのが怖くなっちゃって。,,,,,

line 229
qc_ZBambiant9Desc,items,Quest - Zombiome Challenge,,,(繭子)フリーズ...💢私は懐中電灯なしで雪には入りません。空気が冷たくなってきているので、一瞬で凍りつくかもしれません。,,,,,
qc_ZBambiant9Desc,items,Quest - Zombiome Challenge,,,(Zombiome)フリーズ...💢私は懐中電灯なしで雪には入りません。空気が冷たくなってきているので、一瞬で凍りつくかもしれません。,,,,,


line203,204 Freeze with error at Interact Epicenter

questZB_epicenter,Quest,Quest Info,,,Zombiome Epicenterを{査する,,,,,
questZB_epicenter,Quest,Quest Info,,,Zombiome Epicenterを調査する,,,,,

questZB_epicenter_description,Quest,Quest Info,,,Zombiome Epicenterを{査する,,,,,
questZB_epicenter_description,Quest,Quest Info,,,Zombiome Epicenterを調査する,,,,,

These are the errors currently known.
Errors found later will be edited here to inform you as soon as they are found.


Sorry if it's hard to see.

I'm not sure how to use it.

What type of code should I choose when inserting text?


He said that in all his experience, you are the first mod maker who translated the mod into Japanese by himself.
Usually, he said, the Japanese translate on their own, or the mod makers ask the Japanese to localize it.
So he was very impressed and praised you as a god-like being.



Edited by garigari
Because I found a new error. (see edit history)
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以下に Zombiome Overhaul の日本語ローカリゼーションファイルのリンクを貼って置きます。

使う前に、中にある readme を読んで下さい。
ご意見等は readme に記載してあるメアドにDM して下さい。

2023_0304 gari


Zombiome 日本語ローカリゼーション暫定版 Zombiome_JP_localization_v0.1.zip




The link to the Japanese localization file of Zombiome Overhaul is posted above.
This is a tentative version of the Japanese localization.
It has been well tested and should not freeze, so please help us by contributing to the project.

Please read the readme before using it.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please send a DM to the email address in the readme.

2023_0304 gari

File name of the link: Zombiome_JP_localization_v0.1.zip

sha256: e64d54577bf2fed00bb8b1dacdc4a2cca2cc2535d1f325c235e8171e0bdfb44a

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Thanks a lot for the effort Garigari, and to H.taikick for testing it !


The stream is also very valuable to me, for future bug fixes and difficulty adjustments. Whenever I play Zombiome, I find it too easy, but I know what to expect and how to use Biome powers to my advantage.


It is fine to translate affinity to mana, or to whatever Goku uses. I was avoiding that term because I did not want players hating magic to flee away. It's not purely semantic, as Zombiome offers primarily natural disasters that could interest these players. Nothing forces them to use "magic" (and streamers barely start to after hours). It is here to compensate the extra difficulty of biome apocalypse if needed, or wanted.


Should I upload you localization to Zombiome repo ?

Also you are right, I currently use some code generated strings not going through the localization file (mostly activity description - buffs tootips are supposed to use it). Feel free to point me to any obscure term I can clarify.

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>I play Zombiome, I find it too easy.


Does that mean the zombies are weak?  I think that's true too, which is why I'm increasing the difficulty level one step at a time after each horde, and I'm also introducing compo packs.
Currently I'm playing around tier 4 due to the insane. I'm about to find out about biome power so I'm going to try tier 5.
The combination of "Pegasus Glove" and "Frost Harpoon" with torches is very powerful.
As for the low difficulty of the game, I think True Survival is a good reference. True Survival's zombies only come out as default zombies, but even low tier Poi can get feral zombies with over 2000 HP.
The cops' vomit is so powerful that it can destroy buildings and start fires at the same time, Big Mama has sticky vomit (20,20,40 seconds of immobility: drink water to escape), Big Boy has destructive vomit, and mutant zombies' vomit can scrape the ground to an ungodly degree. 
So, if a player makes a mistake in judgment, he or she will find themselves in a screaming inferno.
I am not saying that this is a direct reference, but it would not be surprising if even zombies absorb affinity and become stronger in relation to biome power, and it would not be surprising if physical attacks such as melee weapons and guns do not work at all, but a certain magic can defeat them.
Biome power is a side effect, so with the exception of some items such as the Pegasus Glove, which Streamer said in the video, "I welcome anything practical and interesting," I wonder if there are part of  BiomeDust Power that have no use.  I have the impression.  There's also a time limit.

I wonder if the critical bug (memory management) in Biome Power is properly reproduced there? I can get you a video if you need one, just let me know anytime.
I'm thinking it might be the one that bursts and releases with the F key, which I think is reproducible with Wood,spark,Death.
Another bug report related to this. The effect of WoodSkin, DreadSkin, and DreadSkin's effect on the player's game screen continues even after the expiration date, and it finally disappears when the player dies.


>It is fine to translate affinity to mana, or to whatever Goku uses. 
>I was avoiding that term because I did not want players hating magic to flee away.


I wonder if it is? It may just be that it is difficult to understand (lack of explanation), or it may be that when you are stuck in a block due to an earthquake, you can only escape using Debug Mode, or that you die too unreasonably due to a series of electric shocks.
Japan is a country with many natural disasters, so I think this mod you have created is suited to the Japanese temperament. Most of Japanese people will go their whole life without ever touching a gun. However, I haven't seen any videos of this mod from English-speaking people, which makes me wonder if it's because there are no weapons that people who love flashy firearms would like.
I think this is one of the quintessential aspects of the mod, as I was able to play without noticing the magic until the end of the game (dumb as that sounds), the matching of natural disasters with debuffs, and the coolest of all, the moment of death caused by four coincidentally overlapping debuffs. The thrill of questing in a place where you never know when it will erupt is also fantastic. And I almost got buried alive a few times.

It happened on a tier 1 quest in the snow biome. There was one snow woman zombie in front of me not too far around the quest point, and one lumberjack to my right.  I had all my skills (vanilla & Zombiome) and was equipped with the highest grade weapons and gear.
Well, it's a situation where death is not a common occurrence in the normal course of events.As I was disassembling the car with a sense of security, I was first hit by a debuff freeze, and then a snowball was spit at me by a snow woman zombie who noticed me, reducing my stamina to zero. Next, I was hit by a debuff that prevented my gunpowder from exploding, blocking my melee attacks and guns. In my haste, I was approached by two zombies who beat me to death with no way to stop them. (The difficulty level is insane).
I had set up my bedroll not far away, and when I returned I found my crossbow and machine gun lying there with my backpack.
It's not every day that a coincidence like this happens, but later I looked at the gameplay recording and finally realized that I had tried everything to figure out how I could have avoided dying in this situation.
I'm just upset that guns and melee are blocked and the only weapon that can be used with zero stamina is a crossbow, except for bomb related weapons. Now I understand that using a remastering ball, speldust portal or biome power would have saved me from dying.


>Should I upload you localization to Zombiome repo ?


I don't mind that, but there is still a part that is not fully explained, and I wonder if you would consider adding that. The part that is missing is the explanation of the magic of the biome power of each of the 5 colors.
You decide that it's impossible to explain it all in that little space [an eerie round mass of dust. It seems to resonate with the surrounding biome. Press <Reload> for details. But pressing the R key doesn't explain it. Some of the magic is not even clear when the player actually tries to use it in the game.
The part of the description of the magic of each of the 5 colors of biome power is described in ## ZombiomeDust Power in the readme.md. When thinking about where to put this in the game, I think it would be best to add a few of these items to the journal and explain them there.
The game will be much easier to understand without this explanation, and there may be a hint or the right answer to avoid death by continuous electric shock in it.


>Also you are right, I currently use some code generated strings not going through the localization file (mostly activity description - buffs >tootips are supposed to use it).
>Feel free to point me to any obscure term I can clarify.


Yes, I guess two things: food spoiling and drinks evaporating.
Thank you for your consideration.


Sorry for the length, I hope I got my point across.


And as for the epicentral survey bug, just be aware that if the number of epicentral surveys is low, the repeatability may drop significantly.

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Unfortunately, Streamer (おおかみ GAMES) ended his Zombiome series at #25.
He shared his advice to the author at the end, which I have taken the liberty of translating below.


Translated from ------- here: -----------


I think I'm done with this mod for now. Well, I think I understand most of the contents of the mod and have played with it quite a bit.
I hope that what I'm going to say hereafter will be taken as one user's opinion and kept in the author's mind.


There are still some bugs, like force quitting during the game, or save data being corrupted and not starting, I would like to play again when those bugs are fixed and the game is in perfect condition.


The amount of zombies is a bit low, about the same as vanilla. There are special zombies, but the special zombies are not that strong.
I think people who want to play with mods probably want something more exciting. So I think it would be more interesting as a mod to make the biome dust power more powerful and the zombies more powerful as well.
I don't think it's that strong, although the author said that we should stop using this switching Pegasus Globe because the specification is too strong. I think it would be better to leave this glove as it is and conversely make the zombies stronger and have more zombies.
I think the other reason people shy away from them is that they often die absurdly.
It's a fundamental part of making a game, and users often walk away from games when wanton death happen that they don't agree with.
However, no matter how difficult the game is, no matter how hard the game is, no matter how many people die, if it is a satisfying way to die, I can still forgive it and won't stop the game.
In the process of playing the game, players died for no reason, they don't know what happened, they can't deal with it and they die. I think this is causing users to leave. So you should consider what to do about that.
From the developer's point of view, even if the player knows that he or she is dying for a good reason, the player is often dying unreasonably (not knowing why he or she is dying), so I think it would be better to make this easier to understand.


I have said some great things, but I hope you will find them informative as the opinion of one user.


-------That's all for the translation: ---------

English is difficult. Is there such a thing as polite or respectful English? Hopefully the translated text will come across to you...

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Seeing bits and pieces from others works, like Guppy's, Donovans, Sorcery mod, FranticDan's thunder, etc etc.  Wondering if similar things can be used to bring the events/environment effects and weather to life in A21+.  I'm really enjoying seeing everyone else's mods and modlets work together so well. Can't wait to see more apocalyptic events and seasonal effects.... and IrishMan's "Stressed Out" on top of the trauma from the rest of the apocalyptic nightmare, lol. Is it even possible to just get that part of this mod up and running or were the changes to A21 too drastic?


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