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  1. He didn't just changed the outfits, but he managed to replace the characters too. Lol. Also, who is the author of Age of Obl. mod ?
  2. It was his last video - Rebirth series for the character changes. Episode 13. For the voice, I dont remember the exact episode.
  3. Nice video. I want to ask you something. In a Rebirth mod video, GNS hired 3 NPC Soldiers with same look and after a while, he modified them into 3 different characters in yhe same video. He also mentioned that "I have given a voice to the NPCs" and then they started talking and stuff. Do you have any idea how to do it ? I asked him but he didn't respond.
  4. Also, I am unable to find any youtube series on this mod (updated version). If anybody is doing it (English), kindly share the link. Really want to watch a gameplay.
  5. If anybody records the gameplay, please post a youtube link.
  6. @KhaineGB Bro, I know you are not accepting any new series requests but it doesn't look like Alpha 21 will come up soon. So if you have a little time, Please start a series on Rebirth/Wasteland mod. They also have very exciting features and if you have some more time there are a few more combos which are going to be a lot of fun but nobody seems to be taking any interest. 1) Asia Mod 2) NMM Mod one of these to be combined with either a) Sorcery Mod or b) Curse of Anubis mod. These combos have a great Ancient and magical touch. And they are also going to be a lot of fun like DF. If anybody wishes to make a series, please post a video link. Thank you.
  7. If you are going to record the gameplay, please share the video link here.
  8. @Umbrella Buddy, are you recording your gameplay ?
  9. @KhaineGB Please dont mind me suggesting. Sorry in advance. I am watching a few DF series by good players and observed that during hoard nights, the precious end game characters you have created comes running alongwith other zombies and dies with them without even getting noticed (except their different looks) and without doing any considerable damage or without being a considerable threat which they are supposed to do. Secondly, The King and the Prince, can they come riding on something like a big zombie bear or so just to seperate them from other Zs and maintain their hierarchy. I think there already are riding Zs in Snufkins mod. You have created such an awesome mod. I always have to think for a couple of days before writing anything like this to you. Thanks.
  10. I think you didn't see one of my responses in this thread. EnTowerDefense is a 7dtd mod developed by Errornull in which you spawn near a building structure and you need to defend yourself against 22 zombie waves. Things gets harder with each wave. Basically, it is about 2 to 2 and a half hours gameplay if you make it to the end. Here is a link and hope to see you post a video on it soon. No commentry required.
  11. Right. I too have been suggesting GNS to make series on these mods. He just started with Rebirth. Lets hope he makes one on AOO too. By the way, Snowbee, you know so much about this mod, why dont you do a series ? Also, have you checked the enTowerDefense yet ?
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