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  1. So you're saying there's a chance? 🤣 I know, jk but still...
  2. Haha, I do really like some of the ideas but also felt... was this really serious? It was like... Can you add... Oooooo..... and while you are add it.... add... and... . and... Just for a little... umph!
  3. Well we no longer have to worry about a back story for the campaign side of the game. With the coronavirus going on, by the time 7DTD comes out of Alpha, it will be a documentary!! Time to remake "Night of the Comet".
  4. What? You trying to say birdshot won't take down zeds!?! - I know, i know, it's funny looking though.
  5. lol, this is ramping up fast... maybe the angry hornets will be back with a vengeance! Building waves of bots to overrun your bases and crush any zeds in their way... maybe even a 4th, 5th, hell, a 6th faction joins in to cause a massive free-for-all in the 7DTD Universe! Me: *sings* "...just keep digging, just keep digging, just keep digging"
  6. I actually found the junk turrets to be a very nice thing. Wasn't sure how I'd like them til I started using them. Im a fan of various turret type classes in games, going back to at least the Animists in Dark Age of Camelot, so it was an unexpected and welcome surprise.
  7. Because... PC first and always!!! Seriously though, I can imagine its a PITA to port every iteration of the various stages of the game, and there have been soooo many over the years. They need to focus on the PC first, get it where they like it and port updates to the final phase. Then from there they can just do the major updates to all platforms when finished. Thats just my guess, but I've been watching them progress since ver A4 and they've done amazing work. Still the best game of its genre out there. Havent seen anything come close. If you only have an Xbox or PS4, you have my condolences. I'd be pulling my hair out too in anticipation.
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