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Question about land mines


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I am playing on Xbox Series X. Waiting on next gen version to be release.
I have gotten around the crashes by reloading from the cloud after a crash. 🤔
Only been playing a couple weeks.

I have a question about land mines. (After stepping on a few of them)
Are they only in the wasteland and burnt forest?

I walk very careful and slowly looking at the ground but I cannot see the mines , so they must be buried?
Is there any way to create a safe path by exploding mines using shotguns or some other device?


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I am not 100% sure as I only played A15 on the PC, which is very very similar but not identical.


But mines are visible in A15, they look the same as the ones you can build yourself. Search your crafting recipes for "mine" and you should see what they all look like.


I don't remember if A15 POIs already had mines, but if at all they were pretty seldom to almost non-existent. No mines in the wilderness except in the Wasteland biome. I am pretty sure there were no mines in burnt forest.


Maybe try to find an armee base. If that still exists then it likely already had a ring of mines around it. If you carefully advance you should see the mines eventually.

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Some mines are made from Hubcaps and Cooking Pots as well, so whenever you're venturing through the Wasteland and you see a Hubcap or Cooking Pot on the ground, try to avoid those as well. They're not always mines but I tend to not take any chances so I just avoid them all together. Also, the normal mines sometimes are slightly under the surface in the Wasteland leaving only the small fuse pin on top of the mine sticking out of the ground, so they can be hard to see sometimes in the Wasteland due to all of the debris and rubble on the ground.

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Thanks for the replies.
I know to watch out for the obvious mines that lay on the surface.
Like hub caps, etc

The mines that got me are not visible.
I will try and spot the fuse pins if I can on the buried ones

Any way to clear them ahead of where you are walking?
Sometimes my air drops land in the areas where there are mines and I would like to clear a path to them and return on the same path if possible

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5 hours ago, EL34xyz said:

Any way to clear them ahead of where you are walking?

I thought that mines have always been "explodable" by shooting them, but "with what" I'm unsure of. Sure, a grenade or rocket launcher will set them off but i thought you could use arrows and bullets to do it, though it may take several shots. And im  not sure if the 9mm will not set them off but the .44 magnum will (for example)


Additionally, i thought you could pick up mines you find on the console versions? But its difficult to do as you have to get super close? Haven't played console in a looong time.


also: i thought that you could use the minibike and drive over then and they would go off, but not do much damage to the player (or the minibike?) but that was a youtube test/video capp00 did (years ago?) and i believe it was on PC and a slightly higher version than console as he was testing the motorcycle and 4x4.

so other than shooting them ahead of you or driving over them and taking possible reduced damage i don't think there is another option other than "run as fast as you can on coffee/etc and trigger them yourself but by running you take less damage"


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I can dispel the mini bike theory. 

I have been blown up twice while riding the mini bike
And it was a long way back on foot to recover my gear. 😠

I was hoping there was a sure fire way to clear mines.
I don't really wander through the areas with mines now, but I have a couple air drops about 100 feet into these zones that I would like to recover

I suppose I could put everything in a box and drop a sleeping bag next to the box
If I got blown up, I would spawn right where I started.

Maybe just keep a shotgun in my tool belt in case dogs showed up.

Thanks for the replies all.

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There are no landmines in the Burnt Forrest. The only POI's that you'll encounter landmines is the Army Camp with sandbags for walls, and the Boobie Trap has like 3 outside (1 infront of the Vending machine, 1 infront of the back door, and the 3rd is typically near the corner of the building between the front door and back door. Inside there's a cooking pot mine infront of the Chemical Station and hubcap mine at the back door. 1 on the stage.


The safest path through the wasteland is to avoid it, but if you insist on traversing through it, the best method I found was with wood frames. 


Drop a frame down, hop on it, and continue forward making yourself a makeshift bridge in a sense. Since you can't always see the mines, the wood frames are a great way to learn if something is infront of you as you won't be able to place the wood frame down.


Anyone claiming you can survive a landmine blast is dead wrong. Max armor, max health, max armor skills, and you'll still instantly die on console. The reason the minibike worked on the oc was because it could go faster than console version as they had to reduce speed because the console couldn't render the environment fast enough. And still can't on last gen consoles lol

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Excellent info! That pretty much answered my questions.

I just discovered the Army Barracks camp yesterday. I made a note to go back and loot it. Thanks for the heads up on the mines there.

OK, I did not realize the burnt forest had no land mines. That is good to know I can enter there and not get blown up.

If I have to go into the wasteland again, I will do the wood frames trick.

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