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  1. Nothing too crazy, most likely playing some games, spending time with friends, family etc. How about yourself, what are your plans for the rest of 2020?
  2. You could always try, the 7 Days To Die PS4 group on Facebook. I'm apart of the 7 Days To Die Xbox One group on Facebook, and I'm always seeing people post, sharing screenshots, looking for people to play with etc all the time. Hope you find some friends to play with, best of luck...cheers!
  3. I can respect that. And to make a long story short. If I currently owned a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X, I probably would of just waited another year or so like most of you are. However, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X still have a few good years left in those machines. With that being said, I'm still excited and really looking forward to the new consoles nonetheless. Have a great day, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  4. Yeah, it usually starts off slow the first year or two of a new console generation. However, I am looking forward to playing Bright Memory Infinite, The Medium and a few other games. Also, I have over 200+ games between the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games so the Series X made the most sense for now. And eventually I'll get the PS5 at some point too, but it probably won't be for another year or two from now. With that being said, I've heard a lot of good things about Backwards Compatibility on the new hardware as well. Supposedly Xbox 360 and Xbox One games that aren't even optimized for the Series X, have faster load times and most run at a solid 60fps so that's pretty cool too, I guess. Anyway, I definitely want to see how the current console version of 7 Days To Die runs on the Series X, I wonder if it will improve the frame rate or anything. It probably won't, but I'm definitely eager to try and see if anything runs better from a performance stand point.
  5. Hi, Survivors With next-generation consoles right around the corner, have any of you pre-ordered the new PS5 and/or Series X|S? I was fortunate enough, to pay off and secure myself a Series X pre-order on the 22nd of September. With that being said, I'm really looking forward to next-generation hardware, it definitely seems like a huge improvement over current-gen consoles. However, I'd really like to see a brand new port of 7 Days To Die get released sometime in the future since the new hardware will be much more capable. Anyway, did you pre-order yourself a new console, are you excited, do you not care? Let me know down below...cheers!
  6. Howdy everyone, I haven't been on here in like over a month and just wanted to say hello, and see how y'all are doing. I haven't played 7 Days To Die on console in awhile, but I do plan on getting back into it again very soon. With that being said, I recently watched the Alpha 19 Dev stream on YouTube the other day and I have to say, things are really starting to look bright for 7 Days To Die on console in the future. However, I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone in the community and see how y'all are doing? Anyway, I hope everyone and their families are staying safe during these unprecedented times...cheers!
  7. This is the General Discussion section for Console.
  8. https://7daystodie.com/console-news/
  9. The Machete, Sledgehammer and the Spiked Club are my top (3) favorite melee weapons. And when it comes to firearms, I really enjoy using the AK-47, 44 Magnum and the Sniper Rifle.
  10. Yeah the max is only (4) save/world files on console. If you already have (4) separate world saves, you will need to delete one in order to create a new world.
  11. To be completely honest with you, the only reason I was in a fairly good position and decently prepared for my first horde night, was because I watched YouTube videos for like a month before I finally bought the game on console. There's this YouTuber that goes by the name of, Max Fox Gaming where he had a ton of tutorial videos during Alpha 15 on PC which translated over to console for the most part. However he had this 6 or 7 part series called "Survival 101" and I learned a lot from him and how things work in the game.
  12. Oh, well that's pretty awesome then. Thanks for the info, I only know very little about the PC version since I'm fairly new to the game. I started playing 7 Days To Die back in February for the very first time on console. Hopefully us console players get to experience those kind of cities in the future, I'm really trying to stay positive and have faith that the game will return sometime next generation.
  13. 7 Days To Die is definitely a one of a kind game, it's unique, fun and extremely addicting to play. However though I don't know about being able to travel to Mars and all that lol!, but I would really like to see a new port of the game come to next gen consoles after the PC version has gone gold on Steam. I've only started playing the game towards the end of February, and I roughly have about 300+ hours so far on my first playthrough in Navezgane. The Fun Pimps took the Minecraft formula and did it better in my opinion. I also love their concept and how a Blood Moon rises every 7 days, which causes Zombies to turn Feral and hunt you down... LOVE IT!!! And unlike Minecraft, 7 Days To die actually has physics and structural integrity, so you can't just start building floating objects and you really have to think and plan out your builds by dividing the Max Load and Mass of the blocks. With that being said, I'd also like to see some larger cities get added into the game as well. Maybe some Metropolis type cities that have a Downtown with skyscrapers, airports, subways etc. because that would be epic! What I would do is, I'd change the current Hub Cities into Major Cities and then change the bigger Metropolis type cities into the new Hub Cities. Although this probably wouldn't ever happen, but hey as a fan, I'm not hurting anyone by me wishful thinking lol!
  14. Going gold means when the PC version is now considered a full release, and is no longer in Alpha or Beta stages of developement.
  15. I just found out that, the Handlebars Schematic is no longer in the game and I could of crafted the handlebars for awhile now, smh! After doing some research online, I discovered that the Handlebars Schematic was removed in Alpha 14 which the book iteslf unlocks all recipes for the Minibike. However I've been trying to find that schematic for over a week now, no wonder I couldn't find the damn thing...LOL!
  16. Unfortunately there is no cross-play feature for 7 Days To Die, but hopefully this is something the devs might consider in the future on next gen hardware. Although I'm not entirely sure about PC being able to cross-play with console, but it would definitely be awesome if the PS5 and XSX could cross-play with each other though. And no problem man, I'm always down to help out my fellow survivors in the community, it just sucks that we weren't successful on fixing your multiplayer issues. Well if you ever need help with anything else in the future, please don't hesitate to send me a message here on the forums. Hope you have a great day mate, cheers buddy!
  17. Well regardless if they spent millions or thousands of dollars, they still got the rights back so that's all that matters.
  18. Yes you can, they have games like Fortnite, H1Z1, Vigor, Warframe etc that are Free-To-Play on console. Although most of them developers have a decent size studio, The Fun Pimps are only small team and wouldn't gain anything by making the game Free-To-Play. I bought the game about 3 months ago and have had no regrets on my purchase whatsoever, 7 Days To Die is one of the best games I've bought or played in a long time that I'm actually passionate about.
  19. Thanks! And by the way, that's pretty awesome about the Hay Bales you were talking about. I'm not entirely sure if it'll work on console, but I'll definitely have to try it out since there's a barn literally right up the road from where my base is located. But yeah, this is why I genuinely love 7 Days To Die, games like this can go as far as you have an imagination which is why I'm so fond of this type of genre. Also about me using wood railings, I just rotated them to where I could walk on them, they've work really good so far as well and haven't had any issues whatsoever. However there's this YouTuber that goes by the name "Max Fox Gaming" the credit goes to him and where I learned about using wood railings as a platform to walk on, he has some really solid tutorial videos as well. Anyway thanks for responding back, hope you and your family are doing good, stay safe....cheers!
  20. I ended up using wood railing for the balcony part that goes all around the base as a catwalk. I also updgraded them to iron rails shortly afterwards, which has worked flawlessly since I'm able to shoot between them. And ever since I added concrete walls with iron bars around the entire base, they barely make it to the center base any more lol! With that being said, I also placed iron spiked logs on the lower part of the wall facing out towards their legs, most of the time it chops their legs off and they crawl with thier heads sticking through the iron bars and I take em out that way lol! Although I do plan on adding some upgrades to the wall in the near future, I have a feeling that the hordes are going to start getting much stronger down the road.
  21. Thanks, I only try to be real and address the situations based on what I see and how other people react to everything that's beein going on in regards to console. And as a fairly new player to the game, I came into 7 Days To Die knowing all of the issues the game had on console, the bad reviews it got etc. It's just sad to see people being so upset instead of being understanding, it's not like The Fun Pimps caused Telltale Games to go bankrupt you know, lol! Also if The Fun Pimps knew Telltale Games was going to go bankrupt in a matter of a few short years, I know for a fact that they would of never sold them the publishing rights to console.
  22. What is your favorite firearm/weapon to use during horde nights?
  23. Unfortunately there is no mouse and keyboard support for 7 Days To Die on console. However I'd like to see this option get added in the future, but that also depends on The Fun Pimps and if they even decide to re-release the game on next gen consoles.
  24. Next gen consoles are going to be a BEAST!!! Zen2 Ryzen CPU with 8 Cores 16 Threads, RDNA2 Architecture, 12 TFLOP GPU, Ray-Tracing, 16 GB GDDR6, and a SSD. Plus with the work that the Ray-Tracing's engine is doing with Microsoft's DirectX accelerated hardware, the Series X can actually do up to a total of 25 TFLOPS. The Series X is gonna be a MONSTER lol! With that being said, if you start the video I linked at the bottom at 8:30 listen for about 2 mins or so...
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