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  1. Truly, look past the graphical aspect of The Long Dark for not being ultra realistic. It's actually quite beautiful of a game once you start playing it. The immersion level it brought in truly feeling isolated was top notch, and the overall game play is challenging, fearful, and rewarding when it's said and done. There is a story mode to it, but to be honest, I played it for just short time and never got really far into it. So there are other survivors and such in that mode. I only played in the sandbox. Mystery Lake is an ideal location for new players, and even then easy to die lol. The learning curve is harsh, but again, well worth it when you do learn. No loot respawning does make it to where you have to travel to new locations, which is nerve racking. Permadeath lol. My 1st game (well 3rd since I died trying to learn what to do in the 1st two attempts lol) lasted 101 days or so. I was so proud, I made it to where 1 of 2 forges exist in the game, set up camp, and then proceeded to get myself stranded in thin ice, wet, hypothermia set in and died. So mad, so sad, but damn, amazing experience. If you ever see it on sale, are bored, I sincerely recommend it. It's definitely a hidden gem.
  2. I've never seen what The Forest looks like on the PC side, so I don't know if anything is missing. It was fun with a buddy of mine back when we use to play it. Been well over a year so that tells you how interested I'm still in it lol. But it had some pretty nice aspects to it. 7D2D is beyond different, which is why I became obsessed with it. Never played Minecraft, and to me that's far more cartoony. The only thing missing on console IMO is what the last update would've potentially gave us. Paint/POIs/Navezgane/Zombie Skins. Truth be told, I love the concept of gun parts. It's another aspect to the game that keeps me looting. And being one to like building creatively, I learned to play on Creative in order to "craft" items we normally can't craft. (I'll craft bottom fridges and toss them to get machine consoles you find in bunkers/factories, or wooden frames for ceiling drop block that's the closest to a solid black block we can get, but only in creative, etc etc). Oh... How the hell could I have forgotten. Have you ever played The Long Dark? That game made me lose my mind lol. If you haven't played it or seen it, I'd definitely recommend it. Perma death, brutal survival. Crafting is a challenge as nothing respawns, and unless they changed it recently, can't craft ammo. Only "enemies" is wolves, bears, and the brutal enviroment. No compass, so if you get lost in a snow storm, might be how your game ends. No game has ever made me scared and hesitant to explore lol. I remember they did an update, think they called it the Ranger update that did include a pistol, but there is a hunting rifle, (if you can find ammo), and bow and arrow (once you find the right wood material and scrap metal and a workbench to craft it into arrows), or craft the metal into fishing hooks, intestines from animals you kill (have to lay it out in a closed house/cave to cure and then you can make string. Leave meat/fish outside in the snow to decrease spoil rate, limited matches (loot generated is random game to game), etc. I'm going on a rant per say, so Ill stop , sorry about that lol. It's not a voxel world like 7D2D, but the visuals some could say cartoony, but more like brush stokes, and looks actually good still. Hell of a game with decent options to toggle for customized experience. Like stopping the world from getting colder (all animals would eventually die, and then game over pretty much).
  3. Ever play The Forest? It's a but more straightforward in terms of looting and crafting is limited to simple structures. World isn't voxel like 7d2d, but looks great, runs smooth, and controls feel good as well. But, you are stranded on an island constantly surrounded by Cannibals and at night, freakish mutants emerge from the caverns below. Still it has survival, have to eat, drink. I had a lot of fun when I was playing with a friend to be honest. Even when I played solo. There's also that recent one called Stranded I believe? Ported over from PC. Never played it myself tho, so can't say good or bad.
  4. Likewise, I don't bother with Traders till I've mapped out the seed. Think the majority do this now, though there's still people that never thought about it, or very new to the game. Wasteland is the one biome that really annoys me. I don't mind it completely, I'll venture into it mid/late game for the resources. Quick iron and not to mention I typically can get a massive haul from cars easier, (Especially on Navezgane), so I don't mind it if I have a good location to form a main base. But it seems like there's always patches of it just ruining perfect locations. Current seed I started isn't glamorous, but decent none the less with an extra mini hub, some towns with decent POI's, handful of Traders, and had some good POI's down dirt roads (2 Boobie Traps/Concrete Base), except the patches of Wasteland ruins everywhere but 1 spot in my opinion. I typically cringe at those dirt roads that stretch forever, usually means in my experience that Towns will be rarer in that area. It's like the algorithm decides to either plant multiple 4 ways, or spam extensive dirt roads. Had 1 seed long time ago that the dirt road stretched through nearly 1/4 of the map. Don't know that game, but yeah, we all know how that is lol. Especially Xbox users with that MD5 error they are plagued with.
  5. I'm simple. 1). Paint!!! 2). All the Zombie Models. 3). All POI's. 4). Finalized Navezgane Map. 5). Improved Random Gen/Preview if possible. 6). Complete adjustable options. If I don't want Demolishers, don't want digging, etc, I should have that option. I want a classic survival zombie game, not some bs mechanics. 7). Drastic improvement on controls. 8). Improved Traders. 9). And IF they do decide to port to console, make the 100% commitment to fix bugs/glitches. If they're not willing to stand behind their product, why the hell should we support them?
  6. Console could not handle the full PC version. It can't even handle it now for a multitude of people. If you scroll up, you'll notice a big red banner with a link telling you about the future of 7D2D on console. Not to mention a @%$#load of threads that already explain this. On top of that, TFP also made an official statement on it. Console is Done. If, If they decide to port the game again with a new publisher, it will be after PC is finished and it would be on the next Gen obviously. Check back in around 2-3 years from now, or switch to PC. That "sweet sweet cash" was also spent on obtaining their rights back when Telltale collapsed. They know they screwed up with Telltale, but to be fair, the blame isn't entirely on them either. Nobody knew Telltale was going to collapse. And after being burnt in that deal, it isn't surprising that they'd be hesitant to deal with console again. I sure as hell wouldn't if I was them, not with this gen anyway. However, I do say they could have spent just some damn effort to fix bugs/glitches so the product that console does have isn't broken. See Xbox and the MD5 issue. As for updates, never going to happen either, and with next Gen consoles about to launch, nobody with any intelligence would invest in a game on a console that's at its end.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I agree they should have found a way to fix the damn glitches at the very least. Especially for Xbox players with that MD5 error that seems to have hit you. But, they've announced quite some time ago that console was basically done. They never promised/guaranteed to match console to PC, and honestly, console never could achieve that anyway. Hard to use Modern Lights without crashing, so electricity would've blew the console up lol. Telltale made the choice to attempt at updates, otherwise, the game was indeed sold as complete. Those who watched PC players and based console off that seem to always misunderstand that. I think I did read before they tried to help, but helping console while working on PC took too much effort with limited resources, which is why Telltale and Iron Galaxy was there for it. TFP admitted they @%$#ed up by ever agreeing to port the game to console, and definitely paid for it. But they couldn't have known Telltale would've collapsed on itself either. I can't really fault them on that part. I do think they could've been a bit more damn sorry about how console got @%$#ed over, and not basically chuckle and say buy it on PC. Does this excuse the price of the game as of today? Hell no. Will it change? Probably Hell no to that too unless there's a sale. I stand by my words long time ago that they could have at least found a way to fix some of the glitches and not completely ignored the fact their product with their name and reputation on it is still out there broken. You would think they'd try something based on that. I do completely sympathize for you. I truly do. I spend countless hours hording, building, etc myself, and to have it simply wipe out would be beyond devastating. I'm not familiar with Xbox, but PS does save in an online storage. In the past I was able to download the save from there. Any chance you have an option like that, that might bring you to your game before the glitch may have happened?
  8. Worth exploring. I've had some seeds that looked horrendous at the start, then pan out decent, and visa versa. Usually always ending up worse. My luck has usually been amazing towns, but not many packed with POIs, but then the biomes usually suck, and Traders to rare. I look for seeds that match Valencia/AllOurDestiny. Where I'm not surrounded by wasteland when I find a location I like to set up a main base. Makes treasure maps and air drops too much a pain and a chore. But if you do explore out hope you find a good seed. Did you visit the trader, or keeping that goal active still to see new traders if/when you travel?
  9. TFP won't even look at a possible console version until it's officially done on PC. And who knows how long that will even be. But even when it does go gold on PC, it's hard to say if they will even be willing to attempt another console version after the experience they had with Telltale. I seriously doubt next Gen consoles will still be enough to run the final game. But, they could sell a decent version of the game on next gen. They did mention they would look at console though, but there's no guarantee. Personally though, unless they enable the player to seriously modify certain aspects of the game play, (Digging, exploding zombie gimmick, etc), I would have zero desire to play it. Honestly, the way PC has went last time I looked at it, console version is better. All I wanted was paint, new POIs, updated Navezgane map, maybe balance Traders, and I would've called this game complete. If we are lucky, might hear something in 2 years from now. Still wouldn't hold my breath at that point.
  10. To get the next update; 1). Buy PC. 2). Buy game... again. 3). Play the most recent Alpha cause this game is far from done on PC. 4). Return back to console version since they screwed it up on PC. Though seriously, they MAY look into releasing a new version of the game years down the road for next gen, but even then I wouldn't hold your breath on it. After getting burned by Telltale, they may not seek to venture into that realm ever. I had really hoped they would've collaborated with Iron Galaxy, and maybe they have talked behind closed doors. But for this game on console, it's officially done.
  11. Yeah, they gave it to Telltale, but when they went under, well, we lost any chance at further updates. It's a shame, Iron Galaxy was working on a decent sized one, but lost forever now. We may see a newer version few years from now though for next gen. They wont even look this way until pc version is done. Though to be honest, don't want the @%$*#! show version its become and what they plan to do to be honest. Anyway, happy playing. It is a fun game if you like the style. Can be overly addictive to be honest. As mentioned above, if you don't know about random gen worlds, what you name it will determine the map. So if you look for any map seeds for console, just be sure you type the name in exactly. For example, Valencia (capitalize the V) is an amazing map, seen some say GreatWhiteNorth but haven't checked it out yet. Some maps however, can be completely barren or filled with wasteland with nothing but space. Either way, have fun. Sorry for the bad news still.
  12. That's because you now own the very outdated console version. Everything you basically see from YouTube is with current/recent alphas. Console ended with like A15 with very little hint of A16 perks. Sorry to say, but this is where it ends for console. There is no painting, no traps/electricity, we have a minibike only, etc. And before you ask, no, there is no further updates etc happening to console. We can thank Telltale for that. There are other threads that do go into it if you look around some. Despite the limitations, and lack of content that eventually happened on PC, game is still enjoyable for what it is. But if you watch YouTube and expect that, then no doubt you'll be completely disappointed. Oh, as to where to go from there, simply build, explore, etc. If you are of a creative mind, you can build some unique buildings/bases. Navezgane is a good starting map if you are brand new, and gives a more hometown feeling. Random Gen does provide some really good seeds (just have to remember to type the seed name in exactly as written). Basically, loot, mine, build, defend/fight the undead. Really up to you at that point. Sorry to be the one to let you know though.
  13. Thank you for posting the locations. I ended up never really playing a new game despite my claims awhile ago. So to come back after all this time and see you indeed posted the locations is very much appreciated. I may check out Ghostlight down the road, among other recently suggested Seeds, but I think I decided to go with your original suggestion on Garden of Eden. I'm gonna speed map it out 1st I believe, just to get an idea where I really want my HQ located lol. But damn, all those traders on Ghostlight, and the locations from just writing them down, that's insane in the NW, and make a trip SW, or even NE is even more lol. I almost want to play that damn seed for that alone lol Anyway, thanks again. Now that I completed many many other titles, I got that itch to jump back in lol
  14. I just have a 4TB external HD lol. Here to hoping the PS5 will help it run smoother... There are some methods a person can do to limit bad things like crashes that I found out myself. Main thing was never have anything else running/suspended when playing this game. It really pushes the console to its limit. I always left YouTube in a suspended state. When the game started crashing early on, learned really quickly to close it out before playing lol. I also got into the habit of also relaunching the game when starting, never simply coming back the next day to it being suspended. Of course there are a multitude of various bugs/glitches that can occur, modern lights come to my mind immediately (thought my original 1st game was corrupted until I realized it was the amount of lights I crafted). But some are completely unavoidable. Though, out of like 2 years now, those two incidents in my experience wasn't enough to avoid the game in my opinion. How I wish Telltale didn't screw us over at the end, that's neither here or there anymore though. But I'm still happy with the game we have. In truth, aside from what that last update most likely would've given us, (so close to paint I want to cry at the thought lol, and the obvious new POIs and expanded Navezgane) the game didn't need anything further. Despite the glitches, honestly, I'd seriously debate that console (Or simply A16 on PC) has the superior version of the original concept of the game compared to what it's evolved into now.
  15. If you were on Xbox, you'd be experiencing the dreaded MD5 error that seems to be very common. As for PS4, it's been a very rare experience on my end. In fact after 2 years, only twice have I seen a bug happen to that extreme. 1st time was with my friend. His character completely reset. I was the host to that game. Thankfully I'm a hoarder, so replacing tools and weapons wasn't a problem. His skills however... The 2nd time, it happened to me, but I could've prevented it and didnt. I went to my mini bike I had just been driving, and it wouldn't let me get back on. Like a dumbass, I simply quit and reloaded. Everything in my toolbar vanished. Something told me to store it away, but, lesson learned. Console is buggy at times. I've had my mini bike for no reason be completely broken and smoking after parking it and walking away. I've also had it a few times simply vanish and sink into the ground. To which I had to dig back up. It's annoying, but it's why I always have repair kits in my storage on the bike. If you're new to the game, before you freak out, also note that building has its own mechanic. You can't simply build any which way and have it be stable without support. It's unfortunate you got hit by that bug. I completely sympathize with you on that. But the game really is fun, and despite its limitations and whatnot, I never regretted the many hours I've spent on it. If you need any help/info, feel free to swing back in here or on reddits ps4 thread, and I'll attempt to help if I can.
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