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  1. You can also make gas from the campfire. Another alternative fuel is biofuel, once you start an actual farm, corn is nothing to produce. With fertilizer, each plant will give you 5.
  2. I would play dead is dead, but I always end up with the 1 or 2 deaths from stupidity or glitch. My current game that I last played I have 2 deaths, both due to my ladder to my forge at bedrock. I jump down and jump again to stop, but both times when I went to catch myself the frame rate dropped just enough to cancel my input and I pancake myself lol. Or my favorite is the radiation zone clipping into a corner of a town and accidentally running through it. And with zero mercy from the damage output, I've died a few times on other games due to that. I can't remember the last time I actually died from zombies.
  3. Oil shale is indeed in the desert region. As for tips, many suggest look for gravel spots on the surface, but all my methods have started from bedrock. I simply go to bed rock and dig in a straight line for a short bit, return and hit another direction. There's no true way to determine which way, but the way I always looked at it was I needed sand anyway for concrete, so it was a win-win situation lol. As for what to look for, it'll stand out from the sand texture, almost like rock. Chemistry stations can be found (taken with a wrench), or crafted in the workbench, (you'll need 2 beakers and 3 cooking pots), Chemistry stations are found in the Hospital (Navezgane), Boobie Traps, and Pop n Pills.
  4. I actually do keep a minibike underground with my centralized forge. Though do be aware that sometimes a minibike can get launched up to the surface, sometimes stuck like 3 to 5 blocks under the surface. Really no explanation as to why it can happen, but you'll have to dig it out when it happens. More annoying than anything. But to be fair, Ive see it glitch from the surface to a few blocks underground too for zero reasons. As well as wandering away from my bike only to return from looting to find it sitting on the road in flames lol. I've learned to always have repair kits stored in the minibike. Of course I personally keep 5 med kits, some antibotics, and a full stack of gas too, but that's just my preference lol. As for entering and exiting from being underground on a bike, I accomplished this on my game using the seed AllOurDestiny and it was epic to me lol. Large mansion on a remote island just off the main hub city, it conquered the issue of the map being split by a large body of water. The biggest issue is the amount of space/length you need to build a ramp from bedrock to the surface. Ive seen where people have their entrance some distance away from their base that way the AI doesn't recognize it as way into your base, yet let's them drive into the base. I've never tried it, but apparently if you block the entrance with pillars, you can drive between them yet the zombies cant, but I can't confirm it. If you do build a ramp, keep in mind you have 2 options. The standard ramp is a sharp incline/decline, and going upwards will slow you down, yet when you reach the last ramp, you'll launch from it lol. You can try to ease off the final ramp, or at the least plan for the jump so you don't crash into a wall lol. The benefit to the standard ramp is the straightforwardness in construction, for example, going 50ft down will be 50 ramps. The other method is one I plan to use this time, and that's by using the wedge block and wedge tip. The incline/decline is way smoother, but the downside is it'll take a longer distance to complete vs the standard ramp distance. As its nothing to obtain additional minibike parts as time passes in a game, my conclusion was to have 1 bike strictly for underground in order to reach the Base/Trader, while each base having its own bike so I could then travel in the region. The only downfall is having to run back and forth between bikes if you plan on having a main forge/workshop like I do. While not that bad, (I have drop boxes inside the base), I just personally like the concept of a smooth transition lol. Yeah, I've never used land claim blocks. Mostly as the improved defensive resistance is for PvP, and not a fan of it. I know the bedroll/bed will prevent spawns, but only the most recent placement will count. I read claims that player placed blocks would prevent spawning, but I found that to be false in a POI building. I converted the junkyard found in Navezgane and added 2 more floors and they still spawned on the 2nd floor despite it not originally having a floor there. Which is why now I'll only use the underground bunker POI's as nothing will ever spawn in them, and look to build my bases personally. Oh, and be extremely careful of using modern lights, they'll crash your game in a heartbeat with the severe FPS drops. My original game I converted to them and kept crashing within minutes of loading in, come to find out it was because of them. Once I knocked them out game didn't crash. The other tip I found was to break down the ones you find in the world that still work, this will allow you to use them at your base. But even torches can slow you down, ah, the limitations of consoles lol.
  5. Yeah, the various zombies you'll encounter, especially during horde night, seems to be based off either our zombie kill count. Though that won't matter if you enter a hub city, they'll all show up on day 1 there. AI isn't the brightest in this version. That's why I prefer to lay down iron bars and hover on them so they'll gather beneath me. Though they do sometimes have a little intelligence and try to bring down the walls beneath you. Once well prepared, they aren't much of a threat. Ah the Wasteland... while invaluable for resources with scrap iron laying everywhere, and the many cars to break down. But the land mines is what you have to seriously watch for, as well as the multitude of dogs that'll spawn there with the occasional Feral. If you haven't seen one of them yet, hope to have a SMG or Ak-47 to bring then down quick. They run regardless of time/settings, and good bullet sponge. Over all, Wasteland can be fun, but it's the aftermath of bombing, so unless you find a town, or a few dirt road POI's, it's deserted and dead. I've only seen chickens and rabbits running around there. I play for long term myself, so my end goal is to have multiple bases of various designs in key locations to capitalize on looting it's respective region. Though the real grind for me, is I build a centralized Forge/Workshop at bedrock, and attempt to connect the entire set up via tunnels underground. It's my endgame goal, and it keeps my interest invested, though I still prefer to be above ground the majority if my time. On AllOurDestiny, the tunnel system was beyond invaluable as a massive body of water cut the map in half and it provided me access to the North from the South where I started. What really sealed it for me was an island just south of the main hub that I converted into a mansion/fortress, it was amazing to create, but no true snow biome so I abandoned it after over 100 days. The resources I had was ridiculous lol. If you're playing as a Nomad, take only what you really need. At day 63, I would hope you have a minibike by now. Keep pockets of resources and mark your map where they remain, that way down the road if you do find a location you wish to settle down on, trips back won't be difficult. It's actually kind of rewarding to go back after a long time and find items you long forgotten about lol. If you happen to find snow, you'll never worry about water ever again. Shovel a healthy stack as it only takes 1 snowball to make clean water. So a stack of say 1000 grants you 1000 bottles of clean water. Unbalanced as hell, but I'm spoiled now since finally playing in a snow biome last few months lol. Incase you didn't know, forges, workbenches, and chemical stations can all be picked up by using a wrench. Key for a quick pick up for the forge is to wear them down without breaking them with pickaxe or fireaxe, especially since it has 1200 hp. Long as the wrench makes the final hit against it, it'll pick up. Same goes for mobile spotlights, though I would use the wrench only since they don't have much health like the workbench and chemical station. Prisons, Brothers Theater are prime locations to get 4 a pop. But as for transporting from one base to another, best to leave behind what you really don't need. Iron, stone is easy to get anywhere, and don't forget the small grey boulders contain both along with providing lead, and nitrate or coal. Once you max out Miner 69er with a quality 540 to 600 Steel Pickaxe, 3 hits to completely destroy them is amazing. The game is fun, but it can be ridiculously easy at times, especially if RNG blesses you. Only on day 29 of my current game (went on creative to obtain items unavailable to us on regular settings, though have a method to "craft" them still), but day 2 had a mining helmet and the 1st air drop gave me my minibike schematic. Done found nearly 10 more since then, yet had to buy shotgun and hunting rifle schematic from a trader, and my sniper rifle costed me 15k for a 430ish quality as my current one went from Q39 to Q240ish from finding parts. By morning of day 21, was already level 81. Though it should be mentioned I play 120 minute day cycles. Good tip on traveling is to stick to the main roads. While some will come to a dead end, it will provide info on your map of dirt roads to later explore, as well as bring you to towns on your map. Early games I just went with anything or Navezgane (good for a polished structured map despite being small), but nothing is more game breaking for me than being on a map that barely has any towns to explore and loot. Averages say at least 7 towns plus main hub, but I have been on a map with less than that and plagued with just crossroads. And incase you didn't know, edge of the map in RWG is circular, and around 3400k from center. If you haven't experienced crossing into that wasteland, expect to die in like 3 seconds as you'll take like 40 points or more of damage about every second or 2. I've seen roads run into the dead zone, towns clipped into it, to even just a corner of the town, so keep an eye out on your map, it'll show up in red.
  6. Welcome to the game. There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you learn what you can actually do, from crafting (reinforced drawbridge via workbench that isnt listed), as well as understand structural integrity (building can be unforgiving till you learn), there's quite a lot that can be accomplished despite limitations on console. As you are new, not sure how much you know over all, but, when you talk about that shed with a fence around it, check that shed out. It should have metal plates in a single row on the floor. Knock those out... Also, keep an eye out for a 1 room house that has a Well in the back yard of it. Check out that Well too. Just be sure to have some wood on you. Another last minute addition to this novel, remember at 0.0 on the map, (usually right at it or slightly off) is the main hub city (though I do believe some people actually have found maps without a hub city). You'll find 2 of every store, along with spider zombies, cops, ferals, dogs, and everything else lol. Some maps have the chance of multiple hub cities. You'll know if a town is a mini hub city if you enter it, it has the wasteland effects/sounds, and many of the buildings are partially collapsed/destroyed, and they'll have 2 of every store too. FYI, don't be near a car if a cop is around lol, and don't go unless you have some decent firepower, sometimes it's not too bad, while other times I've been swarmed. I prefer to go once I have a minibike, but always with weapons if desperate to find something. Also, just to toss it out there in case you didn't know, if you play RWG maps, don't forget what you name it is your Seed name. There are plenty of Seeds listed that could spark your interest for finding a very good map. There's a thread here as well as Crackpot Texas on YouTube who has done 27 videos (some are remakes) showcasing locations of towns and traders. Just remember everything is case sensitive, as well as spaces, 1 change will alter the entire map. For instance, AllOurDestiny was great, just no actual snow biome, and currently on Valencia which has provided me with much to do in many locations. But there are even more out there that might be more appealing to your tastes. As for Spikes, they are virtually OP like no tomorrow lol. If you make pits, spare yourself some agony and forge iron bars to lay down on the floor above it where you plan to fight from, that way you can shoot directly downward without fear of falling off. Plus Iron bars have a 2500 HP, so its the strongest option available to shoot through. Just be sure to reinforce around you incase a cop explodes, cause if the floor is wood, you'll be joining them downstairs lol. But if you can force them to funnel to where you're at, they won't stand much of a chance. Xbox, just be aware many have come across a bug in the game on this system. MD5 error to be exact, that has a very nasty habit of reseting POIs and deleting everything you built/placed in it. I'm on PS4, so I can't say from personal experience what all happens, just know of it. The game can still be quite fun, especially if you continuously give yourself goals. I loved building, but was disheartened when we lost our update that would've put us at A16 with the painting system, among other aspects that we didn't get. (Thanks Telltale). Hope that wasn't too bad of a read, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to answer them best I can. Just don't forget console and PC are extremely different now, so if you watch any videos on gameplay, you'd be disappointed on what we lack, but there are plenty of videos that can inspire designs still. We might not have what PC has, but we can still accomplish some pretty awesome things with a creative mind.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to check it out at some point for sure. I know I mapped out quite a few myself, but never really could get lucky enough to find a really amazing seed. My luck was having a lot of good POI's in towns but then not many towns over all, or finding decent amount of towns with horrendous biome layouts. I ended up trying Valencia and found it to be nearly perfect for what I hoped to find. AllOurDestiny was my previous favorite, but lack of snow biome made any hopes to build in one impossible. But I'll definitely check it out at some point for sure, I'm always plotting for future games for some reason lol. I am on PS4 as well, so may take you up on that offer, especially Trader locations, cause they tend to be either right in our face, or in some remote location's at times lol.
  8. Yeah, that early game moments of deciding what is needed more over the other sucks lol. Like myself, can build a minibike on day 2, but needed resources more than anything, soooo, iron goes to tools. And being still on the LBD system, what I can craft is really really crappy lol. But I do enjoy those early moments. Scavenging for anything to be useful, and using only what you have, not what you decide to take from a massive arsenal. Still, it does suck none the less when I was on like day 91ish, abundance of resources, max quality tools and high tier weapons, just to delete it all and start all over where I have a nearly broken wrench of 91 quality and haven't found another one yet lol. I really hope A18 is better than my skepticism. Still have much reservations on it all. If I build a PC, it'd only be for gaming, but I decided I wanted 32gb from the start. But thanks for the heads up as usual. I just wish I could be talking about A18 with you from experience of playing it, rather than what I've learned from reading and watching lol
  9. I've seen where they added in two versions of the bellows, and question the point of it aside their way of dealing with the original LBD system and reducing crafting times with skill progression. Granted, it wasn't a perfect system, it needed to be balanced so you progressed smoothly and not painfully, but I'm on the same side as those who prefer the LBD system than simply perks. Though to be fair, 2000 dukes to build a crossbow isn't bad actually. The only upgrading is if your skills/perks increase quality, and you only need repair kits to maintain it. Now if you had to build 1000's to raise quality like in the past, A16, that would become ridiculous. Plus, now that Traders offer quests, gaining Dukes isn't really an issue on the PC side. I still have to save extra schematics, gun parts, and pain killers to sell, and hope that treasure map dishes out a lot of Dukes just to buy like a 340 sniper for 14k. And that's if I even get some maps, or the Trader is even selling anything lol. I've played some games where I had a nice stock pile maps, plus 80k or more saved, while other games (recent normal game) I went I would say 40 days straight without finding one. And as my luck has it, went to the nearby Trader who was selling that 14k sniper, and I waited at the last second to see what the air drop gave me, sure enough, sniper rifle in the box lol. Ended up buying that sniper anyway, gave me a back up incase I died lol As for tool and die kit/calipers, wonder if it's just "natural" now to craft like anything else in the forge, just need the anvil. I kind of liked having to struggle to find them, or buy them to make ammo. But then again, as the game becomes more and more looter and loses its own uniqueness, no point to keep it. Gotta stay fast and cheap so we can all play 7 Days to Fortnite.
  10. As mentioned before me, there would be zero incentive to release the game for free. They just spent money reclaiming the console right's back, to release it for free would be counter productive. Now, let's say for hypothetical sake, if they had an A16 update in their hands, and they released that as a DLC, then there could be a reason to attempt this tactic. Draw in new players with the current version for "free", then cash in with a full A16 (at minimum) DLC. Current players would rejoice (let's face it, unless you don't play it anymore), majority would buy it, and the newer players who have come to love the game would possibly buy the update as well But alas, they would need an A16 DLC to use as a carrot to draw people back in. Without it, offering it for free simply wouldn't be logical.
  11. Actually, it made perfect sense to me lol. Judging by that, you could really make some amazing and unique maps. I love the fact you can determine the biomes, no more idiotic patches of wasteland, or absurdities such as Snow bordering Desert. I can easily see myself become lost in customizing the biomes. I've seen it mentioned about the height map. I could see that taking a few tries to fully control it. I'm not a fan of entire maps being wrecked by cliffs, but with a few base ideas in mind, I can appreciate some mountain ranges for a more natural feel to help fill that desire. And the more Towns, Traders, all the better. If I did understand this right, will you be able to see towns/cities placement and still alter biomes and height afterward? I'd love to have a town or two surrounded by a Mountain region for visual effects, just not on said mountain lol. I guess my only concern would be the road system. If it's predetermined from towns and cities, and then you adjust height, vertical roads ain't fun lol. I've changed maps so often it's become tedious. Being able to customize them would seriously enable me to remain on a single map. Though I must say I would love to see Navezgane as well, cause from what I've seen, it looks amazing, though still limited in a sense, but amazingly hand crafted none the less. Though I do believe I've finally found the most ideal map seed on console that I've been constantly searching for. Though I had to delete the original game, and restarted it, but this time with creative mode on. Plus was joined by my friend who resides in another town. Aside from the underground bunkers in the game, I have zero desire to build out of a POI again. I really thought I wanted to build out of a Red Mesa, but that previous attempt only proved to myself I don't want a POI anymore. As I want to build multiple bases, can't afford stupid spawning to wreck my efforts. Plus, the sheer amount of overhauling is beyond ridiculous to be honest. I had a vision in mind, and actually started it, but busting concrete walls just to replace them with various colored blocks to achieve visual enhancements is really too much. This is where I'm envy of the painting system, though the spawning issue would still plague it. Plus, despite the map appearing to be desirable, once I made my way to the nearby snow town, I became disgusted. A small town in size, but over half of it was void of buildings, and what buildings it did have, a few were graveyards... Add in the damn wasteland patches I've encountered, nah, think that game is dead now. But damn, was the closest I've ever been to a Trader in any game I've ever played. Oh well, Traders on console are ridiculous anyway, beyond over priced and unless lucky with treasure maps, not enough methods to obtain dukes. 1 bullet can cost 50 Dukes at minimun, or reinforced steel, which takes 10 to upgrade 1 block, costs over 90 Dukes. 900 dukes to upgrade 1 damn block lol. At best, once the skill is high enough in bartering, it's still roughly 81 dukes. And to think I would have 2000+ reinforced steel, And decorative items like bookcases, air conditioners, fuseboxes, etc. I mean maybe it was semi balanced with treasure maps, I've had some that gave 15k dukes, or 7k, but still, the sheer cost without getting that lucky is simply ignorant. Plus, now I don't need to depend on Traders for the cosmetic items. Filing cabinets, bookcases, etc. I've figured out some methods to still gain XP from crafting while using resources to still have to earn what I build. I'll still use Traders, but now I don't have to pray to the RNG gods to actually have anything in stock. (Previous Navezgane map, 109 days in, 5 Traders to visit, 4 bookcases. Just 4). Yeah, I need a damn PC lol
  12. The location of the Red Mesa in Navezgane was never appealing to me. Not a fan of living right next to wasteland. But Red Mesa's can spawn in RWG maps, just extremely rare. But it's like the Prison, especially when I was still new, I thought it would've been great to overhaul. But with time, I've come to the mindset of not wanting to build in existing POI's because of the spawning aspect. Yes, a bed will prevent that, but when I play a game, I really want to build multiple bases across the region. That's one reason why I really hope when I finally make it to PC, they'll have added in a way to claim multiple locations at the same time. A limit obviously, so you can't just claim every building in the game, but at least 5 claims would be great in my opinion. Especially on the map sizes you can have on PC, I'm so jealous of you man lol. I've searched for some interesting designs of real houses, and there's two Cliffside buildings I want to replicate and modify to be further unique. Finding the ideal locations on a map that provides me all I seek however, is the hardest part of it all. I ended up talking to a kid at a walmart the other morning after work for nearly a hour, and we ended up on 7d2d. Like I told him, the game is indeed fun for what it is. But if you don't create some personal long term goals, it can become stale at a certain point. He too thought about the game with a friend on the PS4, I tried to convince him of going to the PC version, but to no sucess. Has a PC, but won't use it because he felt it was too complicated (especially if errors occur) and console was simply easier. Kinda agree console is simplified in that regard, but damn, having a PC will just give me motivation to learn... The closest I've come to my end game goals was a previous game, I built a mansion just slightly south from the main hub city on an island (had so much fun building that), along with a centralized forge/workshop at bed rock. The plan was to create various bases and connect them all. I think I'm on day 105ish, and it's still my most impressive game for me. I have ridiculous amounts of resources, and can build anything, anywhere, the only reason why I stopped was the only snow biome was a sliver running horizontally from the main hub city. Enough to build a base, yes, but for an immersion aspect of being in a snow biome, sadly no. Depressing really, I was so proud of myself. 1 death and only because the SE city had a road that dipped into the radiation zone. The city was in wasteland, so no visual clue that I was at the border. I was really looking forward to A16 in console, as skyscrapers, paint, the removal of the Plains biome (only cacti should be in the damn desert lol), as well as the increase of the Navezgane map would've satisfied my wish list. But that actually reminds me a question or two I wanted to ask. I've seen many rave over the Nitrogen maps, and heard they can be customized. Again, so jealous lol. Does that mean you hand craft it, or is it still random, but with the ability to simply select what you want to spawn? For example sake, if you wanted the entire north as a snow biome, the centralized area that green forest, and the south desert, is that possible, or is it just percentages of what you want? Same with cities, or even traders, do you place where they'll be, or just how many will spawn? Finally, does the PC version still have a centralized hub city? I honestly can't remember if A16 had that in the RWG maps, or if they even kept that if they did.
  13. 40. But I identify as my 16 year old self.
  14. Yeah, my 1st experience with the game was mostly running around trying to learn the controls with a buddy. The concept was easy enough, but the actual mechanics wasn't known till further down the road. Like structural integrity lol. I did start a creative game, amazing start. Placed exactly where I wanted to be, found a workbench, forge house, air drop gave the minibike schematic (ah A15/A16 days for PC lol). Even got a mining helmet. But... now I'm debating about deleting it and start a new game. I thought I wanted to build my base in a Red Mesa since I never have before, and now that I'm in one, don't really want to now lol. I'm wanting to build something truly massive, like a large fortress border with 4 main hub sections with roads crossing through. I thought I'd want to do that with the red mesa, but then I remember about respawns... they really need to add in something where we can secure additional locations aside just where our bed is at.
  15. If you're looking for videos on Seeds, Crackpot Texas is the best source. He has 27 maps I believe, all showing towns and trader locations. Though I recommend reading comments as many have found additional traders that he didnt, as well as other POI's. Oh, fyi, some of the videos ended up being remakes when they did an update. AllOurDestiny, Roobie, WnJ. Still, he has some of the best ones I've seen. I wish he'd at the least post some seed names he's received by people that seemed good that he never got around to checking out.
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