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  1. You'll never see a sleeper zombie. However, you will see their animation of them standing up from the ground sometimes. You can see it was meant to be like PC at some point, but not implemented on console before Telltale collapsed. As for respawns, I've never used the LCB. My bed prevents anything from spawning inside my base, at least until I pick it up, or place a new one down somewhere else.
  2. Likewise, I don't bother with Traders till I've mapped out the seed. Think the majority do this now, though there's still people that never thought about it, or very new to the game. Wasteland is the one biome that really annoys me. I don't mind it completely, I'll venture into it mid/late game for the resources. Quick iron and not to mention I typically can get a massive haul from cars easier, (Especially on Navezgane), so I don't mind it if I have a good location to form a main base. But it seems like there's always patches of it just ruining perfect locations. Current seed I started isn't glamorous, but decent none the less with an extra mini hub, some towns with decent POI's, handful of Traders, and had some good POI's down dirt roads (2 Boobie Traps/Concrete Base), except the patches of Wasteland ruins everywhere but 1 spot in my opinion. I typically cringe at those dirt roads that stretch forever, usually means in my experience that Towns will be rarer in that area. It's like the algorithm decides to either plant multiple 4 ways, or spam extensive dirt roads. Had 1 seed long time ago that the dirt road stretched through nearly 1/4 of the map. Don't know that game, but yeah, we all know how that is lol. Especially Xbox users with that MD5 error they are plagued with.
  3. Console could not handle the full PC version. It can't even handle it now for a multitude of people. If you scroll up, you'll notice a big red banner with a link telling you about the future of 7D2D on console. Not to mention a @%$#load of threads that already explain this. On top of that, TFP also made an official statement on it. Console is Done. If, If they decide to port the game again with a new publisher, it will be after PC is finished and it would be on the next Gen obviously. Check back in around 2-3 years from now, or switch to PC. That "sweet sweet cash" was also spent on obtaining their rights back when Telltale collapsed. They know they screwed up with Telltale, but to be fair, the blame isn't entirely on them either. Nobody knew Telltale was going to collapse. And after being burnt in that deal, it isn't surprising that they'd be hesitant to deal with console again. I sure as hell wouldn't if I was them, not with this gen anyway. However, I do say they could have spent just some damn effort to fix bugs/glitches so the product that console does have isn't broken. See Xbox and the MD5 issue. As for updates, never going to happen either, and with next Gen consoles about to launch, nobody with any intelligence would invest in a game on a console that's at its end.
  4. Worth exploring. I've had some seeds that looked horrendous at the start, then pan out decent, and visa versa. Usually always ending up worse. My luck has usually been amazing towns, but not many packed with POIs, but then the biomes usually suck, and Traders to rare. I look for seeds that match Valencia/AllOurDestiny. Where I'm not surrounded by wasteland when I find a location I like to set up a main base. Makes treasure maps and air drops too much a pain and a chore. But if you do explore out hope you find a good seed. Did you visit the trader, or keeping that goal active still to see new traders if/when you travel?
  5. TFP won't even look at a possible console version until it's officially done on PC. And who knows how long that will even be. But even when it does go gold on PC, it's hard to say if they will even be willing to attempt another console version after the experience they had with Telltale. I seriously doubt next Gen consoles will still be enough to run the final game. But, they could sell a decent version of the game on next gen. They did mention they would look at console though, but there's no guarantee. Personally though, unless they enable the player to seriously modify certain aspects of the game play, (Digging, exploding zombie gimmick, etc), I would have zero desire to play it. Honestly, the way PC has went last time I looked at it, console version is better. All I wanted was paint, new POIs, updated Navezgane map, maybe balance Traders, and I would've called this game complete. If we are lucky, might hear something in 2 years from now. Still wouldn't hold my breath at that point.
  6. To get the next update; 1). Buy PC. 2). Buy game... again. 3). Play the most recent Alpha cause this game is far from done on PC. 4). Return back to console version since they screwed it up on PC. Though seriously, they MAY look into releasing a new version of the game years down the road for next gen, but even then I wouldn't hold your breath on it. After getting burned by Telltale, they may not seek to venture into that realm ever. I had really hoped they would've collaborated with Iron Galaxy, and maybe they have talked behind closed doors. But for this game on console, it's officially done.
  7. Thank you for posting the locations. I ended up never really playing a new game despite my claims awhile ago. So to come back after all this time and see you indeed posted the locations is very much appreciated. I may check out Ghostlight down the road, among other recently suggested Seeds, but I think I decided to go with your original suggestion on Garden of Eden. I'm gonna speed map it out 1st I believe, just to get an idea where I really want my HQ located lol. But damn, all those traders on Ghostlight, and the locations from just writing them down, that's insane in the NW, and make a trip SW, or even NE is even more lol. I almost want to play that damn seed for that alone lol Anyway, thanks again. Now that I completed many many other titles, I got that itch to jump back in lol
  8. It's been awhile, but if anyone is interested, I decided to experiment the other day and just see if I could find a new map. WTF 2020 I don't have the info with me right this moment, but the seed does provide you with 2 Hub cities, and I believe I counted 8 additional big towns. Traders were I believe around 8 maybe, not sure off the top of my head. Issues with the map? Depend's on what you like. Any regions of lakes was on the SW region. Desert is severely limited to a small chunk just SW of the main hub. I didn't explore the entire map, just along roads, so there just might be more hidden elsewhere. Traders are rather spaced out unfortunately. Can't avoid a map without Wasteland, and it's no different here. East of the main hub and slightly SE is the 2nd hub city, in which us blanketed by wasteland. It's a decent size too. Then along the NW as I traveled along that road, the Northern corner I spotted additional wasteland. Traveling on foot at the beginning would be difficult. Snow biome is present here. It actually expands from the north and clips into the main hub city. An addition city NE is mostly in snow, and it continues west. It doesn't reach the border, but there is a damn good size chunk N/NW of the main hub if you wasn't isolation for a base. City layout however is rather good. From the SE and counter clockwise around the Main hub, you'll constantly find towns and some are grouped together within reasonable distance. NE is a good example of this. POIs, while I didn't go down all back roads, the NE was when I started. Just N of that snow town I came across 3 houses with forges. Every town has POIs. Police Stations, Ostrich Hotel, Shed Bunker/Well Bunkers, Pass N Gas, the Eastern side has Crack A Books, Prisions, Funeral Homes, even have 1 with the factory and 1 with the water treatment facility, etc. However, only 1 town in the West had a Pop N Pills, and there was a Red Mesa over there as well. But over all, every town has something, and all but 1 I believe was the narrow, vertical shaped town, so they are big for looting. 4 ways, there are a few, none unfortunately had the O'Really Auto this time around. But, I believe it was 2, maybe 3, did have the bigger Pass N Gas POIs, some had a Shotgun Messiah, and 1 was pathetically bare aside a broken down house lol. Sadly, most Seeds I have attempted finding usually have some amazing towns with amazing POI content, some have decent number of towns but nothing extreme, but the rest of the map tends to lack or be over ran with wasteland. If anyone wants details, I have it all written down, just not with me right now lol
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to check it out at some point for sure. I know I mapped out quite a few myself, but never really could get lucky enough to find a really amazing seed. My luck was having a lot of good POI's in towns but then not many towns over all, or finding decent amount of towns with horrendous biome layouts. I ended up trying Valencia and found it to be nearly perfect for what I hoped to find. AllOurDestiny was my previous favorite, but lack of snow biome made any hopes to build in one impossible. But I'll definitely check it out at some point for sure, I'm always plotting for future games for some reason lol. I am on PS4 as well, so may take you up on that offer, especially Trader locations, cause they tend to be either right in our face, or in some remote location's at times lol.
  10. If you're looking for videos on Seeds, Crackpot Texas is the best source. He has 27 maps I believe, all showing towns and trader locations. Though I recommend reading comments as many have found additional traders that he didnt, as well as other POI's. Oh, fyi, some of the videos ended up being remakes when they did an update. AllOurDestiny, Roobie, WnJ. Still, he has some of the best ones I've seen. I wish he'd at the least post some seed names he's received by people that seemed good that he never got around to checking out.
  11. As stated before me, I would evaluate the console side before concluding anything. There are still many who cherish the game, and would continue to support future progression. Even if it was offered as a paid DLC, (obviously depending on what the contents included), I think you would still find success. Question is, have you talked to Iron Galaxy? Would they even be willing to step back up and continue their efforts? What happened wasn't TFP's fault, so I don't see why there would be any bad blood between you two. Honestly, I would expect to see a version eventually after the PC is officially released. Especially with next Gen consoles. While that is depressing in itself, I'm still grateful for the version I own today. (Of course just a little envy of the new POI's and painting system still lol). If at the least, would you be able to at the least work on the issues that plague consoles? Especially on the Xbox side? Just because I'm on PS4 doesn't mean they should be stuck with a broken game. Still, at least we finally have some form of news regarding the state of things. Speculation's will spew forth, so who knows what to maybe see in the future. But for now, I still got some mining to do for my future builds lol.
  12. After taking a break from the game quite some months ago (before the collapse of Telltale), I've found myself reinvested with this game since last month. But that got me curious as to finding new map seeds again, and hoping others have found more as well. There are a few new ones here that I'll have to check out, and Crackpot Texas apparently walked away from making new videos, so here I am, hoping someone may have a seed that would, at the least, meet some of my needs/desires for a new game. I've searched for additional videos, but, virtually every video can be summed up with, "BeSt SeEd EvEr" as they run around not even a 1/4 of the main hub city and have zero clue about the rest of the map. Sigh... So here's what I'm searching for, hopefully someone can provide a seed they know, or maybe I've missed one that's already listed that you can recommend. Currently, my RGW is off of AllOurDestiny. I personally can't recommend it enough, it's been a very good map for me. But... missing one aspect... 1). Snow Biome. Im not saying I need half the map in this biome, but I've always planned to build in the Snow and never have. If I can have a seed with at least 1 decent size town/city in a full snow biome to help with immersion, I'd be extremely happy. Multiple towns is fine too, but at least one decent size area would be amazing. 2). Towns/Cities. Obviously, the more the better. The more places to visit and loot is what keeps me invested for a long run. This is where having decent to awesome POI's goes a very long way. I'm not entirely concerned with multiple hub cities as much as simply having good towns to go to. But if the seed has multiple, I'm fine with that too. 3). Traders. Again, end game mechanic for me to keep striving for more. As I never play under creative, they are my only source to obtain certain items for my HQ. So Im definitely looking for a decent amount that's relatively easy to reach. I play on 120 minute days. So if I can hit like 4 and make it home on a mini bike in one day, I'm sold. 4). Wasteland. Obviously not a popular biome for the majority, and I'm not either. But, I'm not opposed to it as I've had great looting results thanks to all the broken down vehicles. Great place to stock up my garage lol. But, I'm not a fan of it everywhere dominating the map. Now, if by some chance it's dominating say the South West and only engulfs a town, then I'm good with that. But that's probably not going to be easy to find. Never know... 5). Other Biomes. Desert for me is a personal favorite hands down. I've always had great success there, and the resources for sand and oil shale is beyond invaluable, so it's definitely high on my priority with a seed. Forest is another Biome I love for resources, and only built there once. I'd love to get a secondary base back into that biome. Plains.... not a fan, but is what it is, much like the Burnt Forest biome, I'll go there, get the resources and such from the land, but have really no desire to stay. Though I will say, Burnt Forest has always provided me more birds nests than the others. Over all, I'm not looking for this ideally perfected combination of the Biomes. But it's annoying when a seed is comprised of multiple Biomes that are simply slivers and patches everywhere. I'm a multi builder kind of player. I'll build my main base that also houses my resources and forges etc. But I'm always looking for my next build, and preferably in different regions to connect to each other. If your familiar with AllOurDestiny, then this map has been almost ideally perfect for me. But it lacked just one part, and that was a snow biome. The little sliver west of the hub is simply not enough to feel like I'm in a snow biome. Sooo, if any recommendations regarding seeds, or you personally use a seed that's not listed that could potentially end my relentless search, I'd definitely appreciate it. On a side note, I have still searched random seeds on my own. I did come across one that was almost amazing to what Im searching for. But the Wasteland killed it for me. However, I do have the information written down, so if by some chance anyone is interested, I can easily post the results. I can't recall the details, but it had like 10 towns/cities, and like many of my attempts, had amazing combinations of POI's within, Shotgun Messiahs, Pop N Pills, Pass N Gas, Working Stiff, to Prisions, Funeral Homes, Days End, Jims Auto (personal favorite for car parts) to residential. Again, can't remember this all off the top of my head, but if anyone is interested, aside from the wasteland aspect, it was a damn good seed. But that's been my luck, good layouts, amazing POI's, and no snow or to much wasteland that engulfed the towns.
  13. If anyone's interested in a new Seed to explore, I did come across one that has 9 towns total(1 being the main hub, and 1 being a mini hub), 10 Traders, 2 Boobie Traps, 3 Concrete Military Bases, and at minimum, 15 underground bunkers. The bunkers are both types, with 9 of them being the type that has the entrance via the Well. There may be more, but I didn't travel down all the back roads in the wasteland area. The negatives I found in my opinion was a lack of desert biomes, and virtually the entire western side of the map is nothing more than about 5 crossroads and wasteland in the Southwest. And 1 of the Traders is on an island surrounded by green biome, and a 2 story house and water tower. I spawned in on the eastern side, just NE of Town 4, and traveling south had a Crack A Book at each town, but Gas Stations were absent till I believe I found Town 2. But then every 4 way I came across had a Gas station except I believe only 1 of them. On a further side note, I did find 12 houses that contained a forge. Many of which are on the Eastern side where virtually every town is at. POI's varied, and I don't recall every single thing, (I'm actually about to delete the save file as I've reached the maxed saved games). I do remember quite a few were Motel Eights, Crack A Books at the beginning, as well as theaters, etc. Im pretty sure there was a couple of Prisons, but only one Police Station which was kind of disappointing. The roads are rather effective. The NE road from the Main Hub splits and it's the eastern road that breaks, but if you watch the map, the rest of the road is basically due East, and zero issue to find. The true dead end is heading west, as you can follow the roads in a counter clockwise pattern to find each 4 way, but once you go south, it will eventually stop as youre traveling east to the final 4 way, which is due south of the only Western town, town 7. Oh, and if you do use this map, the very north western road will slightly hit into the boundry, which will kill you if you don't avoid. It's too much to try to do every Forge House/ Bunker, but for Forges, near every Eastern Town you will be sure to find one. North of the Main Hub, 860N/504E is a Well Bunker, and the country road north of that has two forge houses across from eachother. Just follow the main roads, and you'll find it all lol. Oh, and one final further info, the western town(town 7) is 3/4 Snow Biome, 1/4 green. So there is a Snow Biome. And even a patch of Desert after a smaller patch of burnt forrest directly south from the town. I only mapped it out once I learned about Seed Names dictating the world, so I experimented, and this was my 1st result. I havent tried actually playing the map, the lack of desert visible from driving just the main roads is discouraging for me, but if you do happen to use the Seed, and find more desert, I only ask you let me know, cause the town set up on the eastern sides is quite appealing to be honest. Hope this helps for someone, and they find it to be a great Seed for them. Seed Name: Jysen78 Main Hub: 0.0 Mini Hub: 1376S/913E Town1: 2851S/216E Town2: 2932S/1916E Town3: 1577S/2604E Town4: 288N/2378E Town5: 1950N/886E Town6: 2646N/2291E Town7: 362N/1141W Concrete Military Base1: 323N/1746W Concrete Military Base2: 357S/1344E Concrete Military Base3: 1704N/414E Boobie Trap1: 1500N/763W Boobie Trap2: 3418N/1682E 4 Way 1: 3763N/619E 4 Way 2: 2233N/1000W 4 Way 3: 2367N/2850W 4 Way 4: 536N/2950W (Wasteland Biome) 4 Way 5: 1510S/2850W (Wasteland) 4 Way 6: 1350S/870W (Dead End) Trader 1: 3045S/1145W (Island) Trader 2: 1466S/550W (Wasteland) Trader 3: 2370S/220E Trader 4: 1250S/305E Trader 5: 740S/90W Trader 6: 720N/1730W Trader 7: 240N/1900E Trader 8: 1120N/3655W Trader 9: 800S/3110E Trader 10: 2170N/2920E
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