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Dynmic Music - Change to 'attack' music only when mob is in player's view


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For immersion, please only change to intense music when the player can SEE the mob. 


Currently with the dynamic music, it changes to the attack/hunt/intense music when a mob is around the player, even when not in view. 

Real life example: Player is at a lake filling up, the music changes, so the player switches to a weapon and starts scanning for the threat.


Requested: The player is at the lake filling up.  A mob comes up from behind and when still 5 feet away, the player turns around to see an UNANNOUNCED zombie.  Player kills said zombie as music plays intense riffs, next player pauses game, lastly player changes drawers.


-I believe this to be a good addition to shake up the gameplay!  If you, the player base, agree, please comment!

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10 hours ago, sloggoth said:

If you, the player base, agree, please comment!


I just turn off all music, including dynamic. In some respects it makes it easier to hear zombies and distant noises, which is perhaps the opposite motivation. It also lets me play my own music for more variety. I'd be into a Fallout-4-like radio station if there were one.

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