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  1. And now that I thought about this more, this subject is primarily to draw attention to it in case TFP knows internally about some HW issue with my card. If someone knows and has a fix, awesome. Until then I'll just play it at medium or low, which is fine just not ideal.
  2. Yeah, I understand its voxel based and unique gabba gabba hey I'm not comparing, I'm using other games as a yardstick with which to measure heat. So those two games which are pretty punishing on the card, they play fine; the GPU temp is fine and the fan doesn't crank up. Summary, 7dtd is to blame in some way because no other game/app does this. The airflow is fine, I've not installed anything in the case, and I blew it out recently. I've completely uninstalled the driver using a dedicated driver cleaner from nvidia. The most INTERESTING thing is that it only happens when thei
  3. Hey crew -- My computer's graphics card heats up to 85-90c in minutes just standing around in vanilla, resulting in the fan blowing every minute or so. This is the only game it does it in. I tested against FO76 and Wolfenstein Youngblood, and neither had the issue with the card overheating and turning the fan on full blast. Little help, dev team? Here's my speccy summary (its an 8GB card, it reports incorrectly): Summary Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 9700KF @ 3.60GHz 46 °C Coffee Lake 14
  4. Has anyone tried making a wandering horde of Raiders? I was thinking it would be incredible to be bicycling around the city, turn a corner into 4 or 5 nerfed Radiers
  5. @bdubya Raiders, they are tough. I've changed the health of each 1-5 and leader, but their shots are pretty brutal. I was about to ask where to adjust it down, but I think I just figured it out. I'll come back if I'm wrong. Don't want to waste your time Found it. I was looking per raider not at the meleeBanditCrowbar_b for example. Thanks for the mod!
  6. bdubyah, this is an amazing amount of work here, commendable to be certain. Okay enough kissing up (but honestly, your brain must be either a steel trap or oatmeal trying to work with this many moving targets), I went into entityclasses.xml and changed raider/soldier and leader health from 400 and 750 to 200 and 450 respectively. Now, when I go in, F6 and spawn raiders, they fall an inch to the ground then collapse dead. Do you know what might be happening? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sDEiktdxILDtxNGsTpdZ1U6Bx6QepESW/view?usp=sharing
  7. When entering an unlit building, the inside is say at 80% illumination (a number I admit to pull outta my @%$*#! but you'll see what I mean) but then your eyes adjust to it darker. When, in RL, people enter a dark building it is initially dark, then your eyes adjust to the light and you can see more easily. A19 is wonderful, but that is an oversight or direct decision to do it wrong. Please tell me you forgot to carry a one and this is an easy fix
  8. Seems like someone else from our server is in Discord about it. Don't want two threads.
  9. I have tried launching with a manual install and I've tried using a modlauncher pre-sync'd install. 9/10 times I CTD before getting to the menu. Then if it does make it, the graphics are corrupted and it has an NRE about the menu E SC is pressed. Here's the outputlogs.rar
  10. What is the best place for tech support?  Do you have discord channel? nvm I'm just shy of dangerous with this stupidity.

    1. War3zuk




      channel is on the left near the bottom

  11. Steam name: sloggoth Hours played: 2531 hours Started on Alpha: A17 Discord name: Sloggoth Native language: English Ex-programmer and professional tester. Currently testing Khaine's Darkness Falls.
  12. Ive only seen this when the client is on B2, and the server is on B1.
  13. I do see it, select Alpha17 from the drop down, then 18 again and see if it pops in at the bottom.
  14. I cannot figure out how to make an Advnaced Forge. I have in a prior Navezgane (Blue fang hosted) , but this DFalls-Medium (Logicserver hosted) we cannot get certain things to work. Any idear what may be happening? Also, the health bars are in the wrong place this time around - do we have a bad install on the server maybe?
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