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  1. When entering an unlit building, the inside is say at 80% illumination (a number I admit to pull outta my @%$*#! but you'll see what I mean) but then your eyes adjust to it darker. When, in RL, people enter a dark building it is initially dark, then your eyes adjust to the light and you can see more easily. A19 is wonderful, but that is an oversight or direct decision to do it wrong. Please tell me you forgot to carry a one and this is an easy fix
  2. Seems like someone else from our server is in Discord about it. Don't want two threads.
  3. I have tried launching with a manual install and I've tried using a modlauncher pre-sync'd install. 9/10 times I CTD before getting to the menu. Then if it does make it, the graphics are corrupted and it has an NRE about the menu E SC is pressed. Here's the outputlogs.rar
  4. What is the best place for tech support?  Do you have discord channel? nvm I'm just shy of dangerous with this stupidity.

    1. War3zuk




      channel is on the left near the bottom

  5. Steam name: sloggoth Hours played: 2531 hours Started on Alpha: A17 Discord name: Sloggoth Native language: English Ex-programmer and professional tester. Currently testing Khaine's Darkness Falls.
  6. "To eat from the lunch buffet, all must pay $7.95, but sometimes if you look closer it is the child who eats for free" I wasn't sure and while I guessed that it would have no effect, I had to try - I was out options. And please don't apologize - I really appreciate the help you all have given.
  7. It's like when you are in a very dark room and you know roundabouts where the door is, but you still stub your toe on an end-table trying to find it. Localization was the end-table. I know that "torchWallHolder,blocks,Light," looks like a flat file so I changed it there just in case. Having changed blocks.xml gave no result, so that was the next step. I am armed with a little knowledge; pity that which I shall break!
  8. There are multiple places that I can find where the light could be getting read from - 2 places in blocks.xml and in localization.txt. As mentioned before, the following works at changing blocks.xml <configs> <remove xpath="//block[not(contains(@name, 'Player'))]/property[@name='Class' and @value='Light']" /> <set xpath="/blocks/block/property[@name='Light']/@value">0.0</set> </configs> I also changed every instance of, for example, "torchWallHolder,blocks,Light," to "torchWallHolder,blocks,," in Localization.txt. Still have lights, so now I wonder if t
  9. Thank you! I got great results with the following, inasmuch as the xml was removed or changed, but the lights still shine on. <configs> <remove xpath="//block[not(contains(@name, 'Player'))]/property[@name='Class' and @value='Light']" /> <set xpath="/blocks/block/property[@name='Light']/@value">0.0</set> </configs> So, I'm going to start looking through the rest of the xml to see if there is a mod-able resource here.
  10. I have stuggled against the light for around 100 POIs. I have learned from it, many a lesson a man aught not need have learned. 700 are left. Dear god, please help One way or another I'm finishing this. It may just take a release to complete unless you see something that is over my pay grade.
  11. Never, I tend to dive into things head first. On an unrelated note, you'd be surprised how shallow some puddles are. I'm not sure I can think of a negative. Personally I'd like to have the power to disconnect power to more - signs that glow and buzz? Post-apocol...wait, post-apaca...after zombiegeddon? Working vending machines? I plan on placing generators at Traders to explain their juice, but outside of that and bunkers that get power, I don't see the downsidde
  12. Hey fellow Survivors, I am wanting to disable EVERY electric light and sign in the game. Only light sources would have to be flame. Not even flashlights. I know I can open each POI an 'turn off' every light, but I'm wondering if there is a faster way to edit the individual files using a tool. If not I will divvy up the POIs and start switching *shudder* Any tools that are known that could assist with this? I am not looking forward to the skyscrapers
  13. Ive only seen this when the client is on B2, and the server is on B1.
  14. I do see it, select Alpha17 from the drop down, then 18 again and see if it pops in at the bottom.
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