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.45 ACP Weapons Pack (v2 : fixed)


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*report bugs/problems in the comment. I recommended to play with vanilla game*

***V.2 fixed mk23 prefab , mk23 and ump's sounds not compatible with Tactical Action mod****



this is 3/4 of my firearms mod pack



Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hNFGdXAIxEiQXXkMWZt1CazuMRZ2xqVT/view?usp=sharing v.2 link


- added .45 ACP , (something that is between 9mm. and .44magnum) 4 variants

 * Normal 

 * Armor Piercing = good againts armored enemies

 * Overloaded = more damage ,also will ruin your gun faster

 * Enhanced Ammunition = an experimental ammunition. put every effects above in to a bullet + also cause bleeding effect

- addes 8 guns (4 pistols 4 SMGs)that uses vanilla item mods


Pistol    /Craftable/Lootable/Purchasable/

*** Webley 45 Revolver = a famous british sidearm rechamberd to uses .45 ACP 

*** Colt M1911 = another famous Automatic pistol used in both world war  

*** Mk.23 SOCOM = a typical pistol. designed for special forces. look pretty cool with full mods  laser/silencer/gunsight

***Eagle 6 = a customized M1911 ,specifically to use the prototype ".45 Enhanced Ammunition" 


Sub-Machine gun    /Craftable/Lootable/Purchasable/

*** Mac-10 = a cheap SMG came with a silencer (can't take it out because I'm lazy AF)

*** Thompson Sub-Machinegun = a famous SMG of WW2 , if you attach with the drum magazine it will use alternative magazine model.

*** SMPX = basically MP5 that shoot .45ACP

*** HK UMP = best gun in this pack 



 *** note *** 

- I don't want these pistols to be overshadowed by the SMGs so I remove ".45ACP Overloaded" in every SMGs

- "Eagle 6" required 4 parts to craft . parts and ammo can be only found in loots and traders (very low chance) 

- "Eagle 6" will came with a scope , can attach with reflexsight and 2x scope (will use the vanilla aiming screen)



*coming soon*

-. ??? 


*Special Thanks*

- Demo's Gaming . he reviewed my mod and also help me with the xml. files 

his YT channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvjrbi1F8CSOy5Qm_Fc0W9w


- Many free models from sketchfab

- Sounds from L4D2 , CSGO , random videos on youtube

- guys who teach me how to mod , use unity

 *** Khaines Korner

 *** RussianDood

 *** David Taylor

 *** Zilox



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On 10/16/2022 at 11:59 AM, Letspray said:

whenever I try to craft or even hover over any of these items error messages are flooding my console:


EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object

ERR XUI Error while updating window group "crafting"


Any idea?

create a new save and try craft it with cheat mod. 

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