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What is your max zombies possible?


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and what are the cornerstones to make more zeds possible?


I wanted to start a run with :


-250% xp

-2 skillpoints per level

-ammodrop higher (when usual drop in xml is (6, 24) i made it (6, 240) so it can drop at the lowest and up to 10 times what is at the end maybe x5 average)

-200% loot

-zombies x50

-difficulty 1 to make the hordes not to tanky by dealing 150% dmg to zeds

-buff firedmg to make it useable (20dps but i couldt try it out if its balanced)

-no runners (only jog)

-trader always open

-start with headlight and a bike


The plan was to play without a serious base, just a storage and a hideout. Dont wanna start a serious playthrough again at this point so i wanted to change it.

The feature of graphic quality goes down before it lags works good and makes sense but its still unplayable sadly even while i am thinking x50 isnt that much to create hordefeeling in a zombieapokalypse.


I remember some alphas ago i was standing on my base at hordenight and couldt roughly count them and it started lagging to hard around 200-220. Maybe in hordenights its different. In my actual run 50-70 zombies on the street gives slideshow ( myPC is potato btw and the server is cheap).


What is your max zombies possible with enjoyable fps?

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Well, that's subjective how many zombies on a blood moon? and FPS is still okay? I have a gaming laptop less than a year old. This game stresses my CPU, heat is an issue. I have fans below it, and a seperate fan that blows across the keyboard heat sink. This machine will die in another two to three years. Its the heat baby. Things get too hot.


More zombies equates to moe CPU cycles. In SP I deal with 8 zeds at a time. In MP, there's lots of them, modded zeds freaking everywhere, but I'm not hosting the MP game. Some hiccups in MP, its not totally smoothe. So, I guess it depends on your gaming machine. I doubt you'll get the answer you desire. If you do, we'll both learn, eh?

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If you go into spawning.xml you can do two things quickly to make things more challenging.  Increase the maxcount attribute or you can reduce the respawndelay attribute (or both if you're brave and have a good machine).


It is a LOT less taxing on your computer to reduce the respawndelay values.  Reducing them to zero will make zombies respawn instantly which can certainly spice things up more than little bit.

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5 hours ago, Maharin said:


It is a LOT less taxing on your computer to reduce the respawndelay values. 

Ya I wanted a similar "lived" in feel of cities so I turned my max spawn up 2x and my respawn down to .2 and basically everytime I cleared a block there were back immediately. It makes it really easy to grind out some levels if you want a hard/fast game.


There was never a moment when I was SAFE unless I sat in the dark in a box at night like the old days when they could smell you :)


Bring/toggle smell back. That was great. Feral is a tad op. Like through walls at 20 blocks is crazy.

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