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  1. pls dont listen to this guys. Double looting is no problem at all! Most servers have rules to not destroy any loot containers and thats good for reason! To repsawn the POI gives you the opportunity to destroy lootcontainers without ruining the world for other players. Pls dont "fix" this. There is no fix needed. When anybody dont wanna play the POI 2 times, they are not forced to do so. It doesnt matter if double looted or just make the next quest, no difference. ps. exept for retarrrr dudes who nerdpole their way to the final loot and straight to the best containers. For this players, they can play the way they wanna play, there is no solution anyways and i am happy to see it more and more in serverrules they ban this nerdpole looting.
  2. Empyrion started a giant call up to the community to create new factions to the game. Everyone can send their own creations with backgroundstory and buildings, vehicles and the devs implement some of them straight to the game. What about start a thread here where everyone can post their tier 1-5 dungeon creations? In some weeks you have tons of very nice dungeons. There is a big community waiting to work as free employees for you, just payed by the honor maybe to get into the game.
  3. Thats just how it works in other similar type games and this is a perfect stressfree solution. Its very bad for devs when they have to say pls check a lot of tutorials before playing the game. This is not a little tweak you have to know, way to big to put it in the loadingscreen tips. Its unessesary annoying to always keep eye on the numbers on any block and calculate the max, wonder about how this load will spread on different blocks involved. completely unessesary "feature" wich causes more trouble and bad feelings than adding anything worthy to the game.
  4. when the block i place causes the building to collapse, make the marker red and dont let me place it. Check SI before the player places the block. The SI is not natural physic so its not the players fault when things break. Gamebreaking moments can be prevented this way.
  5. the fridge is just decoration... spoilage would be a nice use for power and fridge and also the early cooler box.
  6. The green zombies are the most ugly thing. Its pretty easy to remove them per notepad++ with the replace word option. They just look like ***, breaking immersion and after day 30 they are the new standard zombie. Why dont make 2-3 zombietypes more for difficulty instead of recolor them? I hope they remove the greens in the progress of the game. Meanwhile i do the work myself and remove them by xml, pretty annoying job. Dont nerf them, same stats but just not ugly green. Glowing eyes are enough, this looks nice. Same with all the recoloring of any items and weapons, pls for the love of basic anything, STOP COLORING ANYTHING! Bننh this looks so bننننh! Its a shame.
  7. I remember times when setting a the first field for steady food supply was a epic milestone moment. Actually i set up a field for fun, technically you can complete ignore it. 2. Way to many guns in this game. Survival is about survive with what you can find and not tons of ammo and professional millitary equipment. This game gets more and more a Egoshooter, road to Serious Sam.
  8. In our last game (at the end of 17, didnt try 18 so far) we used some special settings. 64 zombies per player max zombies alive 800 always walk ferals jog bloodmoon horde speed jog replaced every radiated zombie with feral version of it This is 4 player coop as neighbours side by side bases. With this settings i have seen my very first horde. There are around 300 zombies on my screen with minimal framedrops the most time. Now the problems: This is fun but not enjoyable in long term. The extreme hordes are bulletsponges. I quadrupled the outcome of ammocrafting to compensate the tedious gunpowder grind. We added steel casing bullets to the turret as ammo. The walking or jogging horde is just to easy so i added some special zombies. Radiated spiderzombie with slightly more health, the model from the copzombie and jumprange 20 blocks radiated zombiewight, more dogs, zombiewight radiated crawlers, fatmama with tons HP and such stuff. This makes it better, only walking hordes are to easy to outrun. I think about setting up our next server in 18 with kinda the same settings. Extreme amount of max alive, 64 per player and remove the green ones (i dont like them at all, just some special versions are ok imo), just walking dead hordes. I dont like running zombies at all too. It looks better in 18 so far. In 17 the are so fast they cant even hit you, they cant control their own speed, i just used machete because of that. Do you have some suggestions to improve the gameplay in this scenario? Maybe some cool and easy to do zombie mod ideas, what are you modding for same kind of problems in your game?
  9. We played the same style on our server (A17). 64 zombies per player, max zombies alive 800, always walk, ferals always jog and we removed every green zombie from the game and replaced them with feralversions of it. Breaking immersion, we dont like the green ones. Some special ones ares still in but very rare. antiSpawnrange around sleeping bags is 50, so they have to walk from far away and dont spawn in my sight, immersionbreaking. 4players coop build as neighbors on a basic (no commercial) Nitrado 14bucks/month server, nothing special, 6GB RAM. The point is i have seen my very first HORDE in the hordegame. I think there are rough around 250-300 Zombies on my screen until the first lags show up. My mates have lags some earlier than me, even they have better PC specs, lol. When its night and estimated 300-400 zombie walks straight to your base all over the view, its thunderstorm and in the moment the lightning lights up the night for a second you can see the massive amount its just epic. No runners, no phantasie green zombies, just a gigantic horde of walking deads. No gamma cheating, turn gamma down to 30 from standard 38 and always walk is fine at night. Creepy enough! contra: its just a waste of ammo, we needed to increase the craft ammo outcome by 4 and mod turrets to run with steel bullets + double gunpowder gain. Its to tedious to fill up ammo all the time. This is the kind of gameplay i want from the game but still i couldnt figure out how to balance it. Its easier because nearly no greens anymore, i put in some special buffed ones (cops with spiderzombie run animation, tons of HP and Dmg, green ferals with other walk animations,..) but its still easier to handle the horde. Find the sweet spot for ammocrafting to dont make it tedious. Make special recipe for turret only ammo because you need a lot of them.
  10. Cop Zombiw ith spiderzombie walk animation looks awesome, like a gorilla comin to you. Crawler ferals also look nice. What about advanced rotations on drawbridges and garagedoors?
  11. Its buffed because crafting is a dead end at quality 5. Even when its not like it was before, its the only way to max tier items.
  12. Nobody will spend a point anymore in better crafting because its a dead end in early midgame and technically its really just wasted points. Maybe it helps very early on but you will regret every point wasted in crafting at some point. Thats not the way to go. This is like change the game from a crafting/looting game to a looting only game. I would suggest to improve and extend the stats system on items and find any advantage/disadvantage between crafting and looting. There are for sure dozens of possible stats on item from the oldworld you can not craft yourself like that. A enchantment system (mincraft) or a enhance, upgrade, strengthen system couldt give a crafting a stable position in the meta. Any maybe just take it all for real then. No matter how good my selfbuild workbench is in a zombieapocalypse, i will never be able to create things wich are manufactured before in factorys by accurate machines. When you wanna go this step like remove top tier from crafting, then add this with some well thought purposes.
  13. Makes me sad. The generating was awesome, the exploring was exciting and slightly dangerous. I found some ponds in there underground, was a epic szenario. Was the way to find ores in some patches. I have good memories with it, wish they come back as dungeons or underground poi.
  14. Did i miss anything? Is there something like this? Cant wait for the release, actually thinking about setting our server to experimental. Cant wait for it. edit: WOOOT! There is something like this. LOVE IT!!!! Gimme more stats and some random stats!!!
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