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  1. aaand the crowd is outa controool! So by the way i hear this just for the first time, can you spotlight this in a vid pls? And while you are working on shape UI: Its absolute horrible to hold down a button to open a menu! Its a cramp to change blockshapes actually and you cant leave the shapemenu wit Esc. Doesnt feel fluid. There must be a better solution.
  2. loooong time ago any dev announced a stamp system for biomes but i havnt hearded anything about it anymore. He say this system can spawn prebuild things into any biomes like a nice looking little stonearch in the desert or lakes in the forest. Technically a cosmetic poi spawning system into wilderness. I think there was a screenshot of a stonearch in the desert too. Is this still on the plan? This sounds to awesome to have little sweet designed poi everywhere in the wilderness. I imagine a oasis in the desert, ancient stonecircles in the forest, gigantic prebuild canyon fit into landscape and also very small destroyed wood cabins in the outback, .. I think this was years ago talked about and i cant find it anymore. You know what i talk about?
  3. The canal looks awesome but really needs a other texture. This is madmoles business?
  4. Are you planning crafting out of the box? Its pretty annoying and feels like outdated by ages to get all the stuff needed to craft from the storage in your inventory, bring it to the workbench and then sort it back. Can you give any crafting a 15-20 block radius searching fo the needed materials in all chests? Subnautica and Valheim has this by mod and its absolutely awesome, its a gigantic quality of life feature. There are so many different little items to think about taking with you. Repairing would be way easier then too, just bring your tool, nailgun and the ressources are anyway anywhere in your base. As a alternative in Conan the workbenches have storages integrated where you have to put all the stuff in. This solution is also better than manually carry it around. Ever thought about that? edit: Is this technical to do for modders or a big issue to code this in?
  5. Imo works like intentded. Never heared this was removed. I would be sad when this gets removed.
  6. Bandits was announced in A16 or 17? How much of the team is still working on 7days? I remember old times in early minecraft versions. The time between patches was around the same like in 7days. Anytime Mojang says half of the team now works on other titles. Awesome ones like "Scrolls", a no one cares game, instead of working on their maingame. Dont complain when a company invest into the future but the concept of early acces is to directly support the game in development and not any other projects.
  7. How are the bandits and NPCs going?
  8. The pics above is what i am talking about. Bonus between 20 and 50%, you cant ignore that. Sure it doesnt force me to use ingamefeatures at all, i can skip whatever i want, there is even a option to play without zombies. Just dont make a best in slot gameplay like many other games have and dont make players all wear the same sets. Its a small gap between so balanced its not even worth to change cloth and forcing switch outfit all the time. Thats a big game decision, in nearly every game with setboni, this boni are the meta.
  9. I was so 100% sure the first comment will be exactly this.
  10. The full set buffs seem to be planned as very strong. I see very bad things upcoming. Every single player you will see in this game out of their base will wear the same fight and loot set. Optional sometimes when you are forced to, a radiation suit. Never see a other clothestyle again. Mining will need the minerset, crafting the crafterset and so on. Why should i wear anything else than the fight and loot set out there? I think this is in theory allready worse than classic leather weak but fast, iron strong but slow system. Forced changing outfits sounds very horrorfull for me. The complete concept they have shown sounds horrible at all, its a best in slot mechanic. No more diversity, everyone has always any clothset on their body, sounds awfull.
  11. Sadly on populated servers you have to go as far away as possible as soon as possible to evade any multiplayer contact. We play this game on own servers only meanwhile because in the end all multiplayerfeatures are looted and destroyed poi, less zombies, lags and from time to time some random meetings and allchat. All in all playing on high populated publics causes more problems than benefits. Thats why, go as far away as soon as possible or the final and worthy loot will be always gone.
  12. At this point of the game when i find scematics or buy a motorbike at the trader i have it usually loong time before. All this walking, all this long ways walking home, all this times you hit wood, stone, ores, this times couldt be 70% shorter. All this time hammering on doors and safes couldt be triple as fast with some basic skillpoints. I get your point but imo this doesnt feel right. Forced to play nomad long time because farming to build a base doesnt work with it. Abuse the horde nights with cheap wood bases. Live from the loot like a squirrel, digging holes, hide loot.
  13. I dont like the class system. Make the skills separate and free from strength, int and agi trees. For any "normal" player with 50-60 hours playtime in a playtrough 1x xp is riddicioulus. We always play on 2x xp or 2skillpoints per level. It always ends up that i dont even touched the agi and stealth part. There is some stuff you have to skill 100%. Crafting, vehicles, ressources, tool efficiency, stamina,... when you got this you are 20-30 hours ingame and there is game allready over for many ppl. At all: Its not really rewarding, not enjoyable. Its a ugly thought to skill funskills instead of practical stuff. Its gametime and lifetime when you hit that stone and ores for hours.
  14. Maybe you guys know Empyrion. They just released the game, meanwhile v1.4x. Its such a joke, the game has content like a techdemo! Staying in alpha is absolute ok, easy excuse for bugs and stuff. When you release you play by other rules. btw, in comparsion out there on Steam 7days is allready better than many full versions. They couldt everytime if they want, no need to shame for anything after it. Its very very sympatic from the pimps, it seems they have higher demands to their game as the actual state.
  15. @devs Do you have any plans on a zombie randomizer? There was a mod some time ago for this. You allready mentioned a clothsystem to give them random clothing and attachments but allready in this state of the game you couldt randomize walk- and attackanimations and probaly put some tinted or slightly modified version of every zed to the randompool. Have you ever seen the fat police zombie with the spiderzombie runanimation? It looks awesome, like a fat gorilla running torwards you! Had this some alphas ago on my server selfmade. Normal walk animation but when triggered he runs like a gorilla. Do you have something like that on the plan?
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