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  1. The core gameplay is really fun in this game, thats a very important point. Why are ppl playing Assasins Creed? Because its fun to use the same combos and moves over and over again. A simple funny mechanic. Best part is in early game with low to medium weapons and not much green zombies. Very enjoyable to just shoot some zeds like in a simple duckshot game. They improved the animations and movement a lot. I remember times when zeds had only instant 90 degree turn "animations" and they are so fast they couldnt even hit you because they are to fast and running crazy around without sens
  2. pls dont nerf straightup hammering to ressources. When change anything then pls only buffs. Dont nerf endless punching stones...
  3. For any Makros google for Autohotkey. I made a bunch of scripts for different games with it. I had a autowalking script with timed shift use for 7days when you have to walk a long way home.
  4. Missing answer on 2: my base is my horde base. I never build it separated.
  5. thx, thats seems to be what i need. But now i got my server allready online. I think add this in a allready running world couldt mess up some boxes.
  6. I am searching (and still not finding) a modlet that makes all ingame containers big as the storagebox. I wanna use the containers decorative in my base but many of them have very little storage. I am tired of only using this big box for everything.
  7. I just tryed to add the autominer mod from here: https://7daystodiemods.com/autominer-mod/ It gives me Null Referenz Exception and in the posts under it it seems to crash with other UI Mods. I use a 3 forge slot and 60 slot backpack change (not by modlet, direkt in xml) Also i googled for "7 days to die A19 mining mod" and it seems there is nothing as alternative. Is it my error to dont get this work with actuall version? You have a working version for me? Thx edit: Sry for the monolog i do here but i read the wrong posts. The po
  8. pls dont listen to this guys. Double looting is no problem at all! Most servers have rules to not destroy any loot containers and thats good for reason! To repsawn the POI gives you the opportunity to destroy lootcontainers without ruining the world for other players. Pls dont "fix" this. There is no fix needed. When anybody dont wanna play the POI 2 times, they are not forced to do so. It doesnt matter if double looted or just make the next quest, no difference. ps. exept for retarrrr dudes who nerdpole their way to the final loot and straight to the b
  9. Empyrion started a giant call up to the community to create new factions to the game. Everyone can send their own creations with backgroundstory and buildings, vehicles and the devs implement some of them straight to the game. What about start a thread here where everyone can post their tier 1-5 dungeon creations? In some weeks you have tons of very nice dungeons. There is a big community waiting to work as free employees for you, just payed by the honor maybe to get into the game.
  10. Thats just how it works in other similar type games and this is a perfect stressfree solution. Its very bad for devs when they have to say pls check a lot of tutorials before playing the game. This is not a little tweak you have to know, way to big to put it in the loadingscreen tips. Its unessesary annoying to always keep eye on the numbers on any block and calculate the max, wonder about how this load will spread on different blocks involved. completely unessesary "feature" wich causes more trouble and bad feelings than adding anything worthy to the game.
  11. when the block i place causes the building to collapse, make the marker red and dont let me place it. Check SI before the player places the block. The SI is not natural physic so its not the players fault when things break. Gamebreaking moments can be prevented this way.
  12. the fridge is just decoration... spoilage would be a nice use for power and fridge and also the early cooler box.
  13. I was getting raided and i raided several bases (its not about beeing pis.ed about anything) but you are interpreting way to much into it. 90% is just to wait them to go offline, ye you should know who lives there to see when they are offline, thats no gameplay, and then you take for sure the most likely efficient way (not really gameplay too) then its just the claimhealthmodifier/time to break in. Usually you know allready exactly before when players usually go offline because they have a job or other life and leave the server every day at this time. The only option is claimhealth 4 (usele
  14. I suggest this a long time ago allready: The idea is based on the mental state of the character. Living in a zombieapocalypse can drain your mental condition. Seeing friends die, get beaten or die by zeds, long time no good food, scrappy clothings,... In PvP apocalypse you have to kill humans from time to time, this has massive impact on your mental condition. 1. killing a naked Lv.1 players makes your char feels like a a.hole and gives him pangs of remorse. 2. killing a players same or higher level has still decent noticeable impact. 3. when you get shot first then its always self-
  15. I tryed this: Any other ideas? There is no teleport command in the console anymore? Why?
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