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Graphic bug


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Holidays started and me and my friends bough 7dtd in summer sale but one of us got strange graphic bug - please look at phots. All I can add is when he is doing anaything that changes grahics on screen this red thing almost go away but when he is "static" it increses to the point everyting is coverred in red particels. It is ussually cloud, grass, trees.



If you enocutered anything like this please help!

Additional info:

CPU - i5 8xxx (notebook)

GPU - 1060 - 6g mGPU

RAM - 16 GB

Windows 10

(newest drivers - nvidia)

All basic stuf was done, like: reinstalling, checking files in steam, changing graphics settings.

Log files will be provided if required, no errors tho.

No problem in other games.


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28 minutes ago, Crudelis said:

My other friend runs this game on much worse PC, this one gets 100 fps in some cases and it meets all specs. Its probably some stupid setting in nvidia drivers or game we dont know about.

Try disabling all shadow and reflection settings.

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