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I am running an RTX3070 with a 40" HD TV as a monitor, they games starts out at 3840x2160 (4K) and runs fine, but a little to crisp and choppy at times.  I cannot change the resolution in the game no matter what I tried.  Launcher has no spot to change it.  Is there a way to force it down via a command line?  or any other way?

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8 minutes ago, Jugginator said:

Use the game cleaning tool to clean game settings.


This could be a GPU driver issue, though, you can try either installing an upgrade or use DDU to uninstall the driver and then install a clean one.



Yes, tried that.  Even wiped 7dtd completely and clean install.  Wiped that appdata folder stuff also.  Even moved the install to different Hdd just to be sure.  The only way I can get to a better resolution is to move windows to that resolution and then run the game and put it back when I'm done.  Not an elegant solution for sure, but it works for now. 

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