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are there cities in alpha 20, or just towns


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back in alpha 15 or 16 we played a lot of mulitplayer and there were big cities present with lots of skyscrapers or remains of them with street canoys in between. in alpha 20 i have yet to find something like that the urban areas i walked into so far all look like suburbs taken out of a simpsons episode and/or little towns, but even the loading screen features 3 skyscrapers so i expect at least the graphic desginers are aware of the fascination of those.


so my question is do cities with a approriate number of tall buildings exist in this version?



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There are definitely cities. Obvs, it's all down to the RNG, but for example in the 15 or so "settlements" (for the lack of a better word) on my map using random gen, about 2 of them were what you would class as cities; outskirts - normally farms, suburbs - residential, and centre - commercial. The rest were a mix of standard residential and maybe one small section of commercial, or are those isolated "wild west" towns.


I'm guessing that, unless for some reason random gen made all your settlements small, it's more a case of just finding them on the map.

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