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  1. Super Seven Kart. With power ups like the combat shotgun, the nerdpole and the super concrete destroying zombie hands! Can we have an spinoff? 😆
  2. Super fast!! Drifting around the apocalypse!! (And crashing myself in every single building!) Imagine jumping from a hill at that speed! Besides that and what I put above, a mod to increase inventory space would be nice too.
  3. I would love to see a mod to go super fast! Really really fast!! Like 100% increase of speed. Besides that, fuel efficiency, colors... maybe something to make the vehicles amphibious?
  4. Well, zombies sometimes enter in 'rage mode' and try to destroy whatever is near. When they're in that state they do not care about paths, they just smash. About the spawns, I remember someone saying that putting 'artificial blocks' as floor block the spawn. Maybe someone can clarify?
  5. I like to start new games, and honestly I like much more the current game than the previous versions. Being in the stone age for a while is pretty neat, and when good thing start to appear is quite exciting. You still can be lucky and have some loot that change your game completely. In my current game I'm playing an all snow world, and on day 3 I found an AK-47. Was pretty game changing! And with the mining, I for sure prefer the current system. But of course, mining for me is pretty boring. Just something that I need to do to get to the interesting parts.
  6. I'm playing in the snow biome in my current game and food isn't an issue. Plenty of animals! Either I hunt them and I got plenty of meat. Or they hunt me and I'm suddenly not hungry anymore. 😁 And if everything fail, I just modify the xmls and make grilled meat cost one meat. And I will survive the bad times eating grilled meat. 🙃
  7. I think that they are working in an overhaul of the Random generator system. Meanwhile you always can try Nitrogen to generate maps, like one biome maps, if you desire. I'm currently playing an only snow biome map.
  8. Hopefully they will give some more tweaks at least to the elecricity system. I would love to have a reverse relay, so we could invert the close/open state of doors for example.
  9. I love the game. Alpha 19 is amazing, I'm playing and enjoying more than ever. Can't wait to see the what you guys do for the next updates. In particular I love the little drone, can't wait to have a little flying robo-buddy. I mean, the roboturrets are nice, but having one following me sounds great. Also I was playing with electricity a lot lately. And I was wondering if in the future there will be a relay that could inverse the, ummm... polarity?, so the default state of the things plugged in is inverse. Mostly because I want to make a batcave automatic entrance and I would love to have a reverse dawnbridge.
  10. Ah, the Bethesda modus operandi!! Aren't they tweaking the loot system in the next alpha? Or I imagined it. (It's entirely possible, I imagine lots of things). Didn't was planned to tweak the system so some places have higher leveled enemies and higher good loot chances. So if you manage to raid the shotgun messiah factory you get a chance to get something better than ten stone axes, four stone shovels and two blunderbusses? If they're not planning to do it, they should. I think that could fix the issue that some people has with the current loot system.
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