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  1. Super fast!! Drifting around the apocalypse!! (And crashing myself in every single building!) Imagine jumping from a hill at that speed! Besides that and what I put above, a mod to increase inventory space would be nice too.
  2. I would love to see a mod to go super fast! Really really fast!! Like 100% increase of speed. Besides that, fuel efficiency, colors... maybe something to make the vehicles amphibious?
  3. Well, zombies sometimes enter in 'rage mode' and try to destroy whatever is near. When they're in that state they do not care about paths, they just smash. About the spawns, I remember someone saying that putting 'artificial blocks' as floor block the spawn. Maybe someone can clarify?
  4. I like to start new games, and honestly I like much more the current game than the previous versions. Being in the stone age for a while is pretty neat, and when good thing start to appear is quite exciting. You still can be lucky and have some loot that change your game completely. In my current game I'm playing an all snow world, and on day 3 I found an AK-47. Was pretty game changing! And with the mining, I for sure prefer the current system. But of course, mining for me is pretty boring. Just something that I need to do to get to the interesting parts.
  5. I'm playing in the snow biome in my current game and food isn't an issue. Plenty of animals! Either I hunt them and I got plenty of meat. Or they hunt me and I'm suddenly not hungry anymore. 😁 And if everything fail, I just modify the xmls and make grilled meat cost one meat. And I will survive the bad times eating grilled meat. 🙃
  6. I think that they are working in an overhaul of the Random generator system. Meanwhile you always can try Nitrogen to generate maps, like one biome maps, if you desire. I'm currently playing an only snow biome map.
  7. Hopefully they will give some more tweaks at least to the elecricity system. I would love to have a reverse relay, so we could invert the close/open state of doors for example.
  8. Shame. And if they can trail off by the scent all the way to a third floor of a factory, well, we need to be able to craft soap and a bathtub, because, man, we sure stink. Which is logical, apocalypse and all. But with their heightened senses I'm surprised that they do not die in the spot, with an exploding head by stinkness shock. Wolves too. And big cats too! (Oh no! The survivor is deploying a AsT-Field!! *absolute Stink Terror Field!*)
  9. Well, yes, it's a bit weird when you're in the second floor of a POI, and then a mountain lion and a few de zombies notice you and start trying to get you. The last time happened to me in the apartment building POI. I was hearing the mountain lion and zombies trying to get to me during the whole time. I cleared the building and found them on my way down. And I'm crazy or in the roadmap for the next versions doens't show a new setting to change the 'awareness' of the zombies? It will help with this kind of things, right? (Or make super frantic if you choose always GPS zombies!)
  10. To make them stealth build friendly I think that we would need to rework the stealth entirely. In Fallout 4 for example you can be a beast with stealth, but there you have VATS, which makes possible things like ninja-like chains of melee attacks. Or in Deus EX MD you have the thing of crushing walls and killing the dudes behind them. In 7dtd you can... what? Shoot them with the sniper rifle from a high position like a million times? Because later hordes, you get like a million zombies. That's why machine guns are so handy. By the way, then new planned awareness setting will affect only regular zombies, right? Blood moon ones will be unnafected I guess.
  11. Well, leaving the mats aside, speaking how the tools feel, I must say that iron tools feels like an improvement over stone. And steel feels like a BIG improvement over everything else. Sure, we can just use the stone axe and spend a million of years hitting something, but time is important. Morese when the next blood moon is coming closer and closer.
  12. Yeah, LBD is dead and buried. And chopped to pieces. And burn. So, not reanimating. And regarding OP, building is fine. If you get all the resources and spend the time building, you deserve the exp.
  13. Yeah, just make the repair kits less abundant. No more stacks of 25 in a lucky crate. And we can call a day. No need to overthink this kind of thing. There's better ways to have a challenge that adding busywork. When bandits arrive we could have a new chain of mission. Imagine assaulting bandit strongholds. Or defeating ambushes. Something like the hunting killers of the Legion in Fallout NV? And maybe something involving the zombie plague, maybe some shady organization is creating BIO weapons and we must infiltrate their complex and find some super mutant zombie. (Yeah, the fault of this is the POI with the secret lab below, it makes my imagination soar).
  14. I love the game. Alpha 19 is amazing, I'm playing and enjoying more than ever. Can't wait to see the what you guys do for the next updates. In particular I love the little drone, can't wait to have a little flying robo-buddy. I mean, the roboturrets are nice, but having one following me sounds great. Also I was playing with electricity a lot lately. And I was wondering if in the future there will be a relay that could inverse the, ummm... polarity?, so the default state of the things plugged in is inverse. Mostly because I want to make a batcave automatic entrance and I would love to have a reverse dawnbridge.
  15. By the way, I want to complain that the Tier V rewards are pretty lackluster regarding the amount of work. But I think that there was a tweak incoming for that, or I was imagining things again, which is always a possibility. Being a moron is an integral part of the gameplay of the game for me! What's the fun of playing perfectly? (Not as if I could, but still!) And I don't like the idea of losing things, I mean, if I finally get a good weapon, and it's gonna break what's the point of hunting nice things. It's like the wellness, I got so feed up of that that I just didn't care anymore and treated the bottom cap as the normal.
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