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The Drone is Awesome!

Lenny Lettuce Lips

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Just finished the fourth horde with my wife and we both now have drones. I'm not seeing much mention of them, but we both love them. The extra storage alone (especially with a storage mod) is outstanding! The light mod is meh, and to my knowledge doesn't seem to effect your stealth meter! (I could be mistaken on this). I haven't found or made the morale mod or the first aid mod, so no comment of those yet. 


We both agreed we had to silence them pretty much immediately, however the little "we are not alone" comment actually saved me from getting jumped by a feral dire wolf while I was busy digging through my inventory. 


Highly recommend getting one ASAP for storage alone. 

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They are pretty cool.  I found a Q2 one on... I want to say day 30ish, and I was probably mid 20s at the time.  My friend had already built his own Q5 one by then, though.


Few things about them:

  • You can use multiple cargo mods, but you can't shift-click to add 2nd or more.  It blocks it (presumably) because one already exists. However, you can pick one up and manually drop it in.  I never would have tried if the patch notes hadn't called out specifically that its possible to do.  Its the only mod in the game that you can stack, so its pretty unintuitive.  With 4 of them, though, its like having an extra motorcycle worth of storage.  Pretty amazing.
  • Healing we don't fully understand yet.  It only heals you if you're under 50 (hp? %? not sure, haven't done testing).  And if you have both bandages and medkits, it seems to have some preference.  Might be the order they are in the storage?  Again, haven't put time into figuring it out yet.
  • The drawback, the drone LOVES to get in the way. I mean, it blocks doors so your party members can't get through until you run far enough off.  It really loves blocking the door in the Bob or Jen trader areas, preventing you from leaving (duck, you can kinda go under it).  It even has a habit of jumping between me and zombies when I'm trying to snipe them with arrows.  Gonna rename it Pinhead.  I would love to see a "Move" button in the context menu.
  • Really need a mod that removes all the talking except an alert, which should just be a beep sound.  If I can get some time, I'll make it, unless someone else beats me to it.


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