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  1. I've noted a trend with older games and slavs getting into them. A lot of older games that I play(ed) have massive slavic followings now. Not sure why that is.
  2. Padded with armour mods is a solid for a long time as well. Parkour is a solid go to for me, frequently. The ability to jump over zombies can get you out of a bind.
  3. Looks like I'll eat my canned tuna and salmon and like it. Something they likely don't hear much is that I'm relatively content with the game as-is. Some texture updates would be welcomed (the work stations, the bench especially look dated). Other than that, it scratches the itch I have. Nevermind, one thing came to mind. I want the 4x4 to have a big trucker horn I can lay on when my girlfriend is taking too long to get to the car, hahaha
  4. I've had this happen sometimes with RWG, it seems to be just the nature of the beast for now. I think it picks whatever it considers is a "level" spot and uses that as its point of reference. I had a home base that was some thirty blocks below on two sides with this same effect.
  5. About three fiddy. I rock light almost exclusively. Heavy slows you down waaaay too much for my taste, even if you feel bulletproof with a good set of armour. Military is decent, but I wind up using a lot of the fitting mods to make up for the slowdown. Leather seems to be a good medium until about mid/late game, then I have to get military
  6. FISHING!!! I'm really glad lockpicking made its way in, as that was something I mentioned ages ago. (still wish you could pick locked doors, tho)
  7. I have been thinking more like a small challenge, probably early game so it'd be a bit less punishing for hoard night. I'd be spending all that time renovating when I should be gathering materials for a base. Maybe late game I'd just flip a house into concrete, steel it up, paint it and have it be my home but not my hoard base. It'd only be the external walls that'd need the buff. I wish you could run electrical to the prefabbed electronics like the lights. I know some are permanently on, some not at all. I don't know that I'd get into personally crafting POIs, but that may change. Tim
  8. I've been wanting to "flip" a house, it looks like fun, honestly The bunkers are aleays a cool find. They put a lot of detail into them. The new store POIs are excellent, the grocery store is amazing! Same with the hardware store
  9. For me, Red Mesa is still pretty high on my list because I have a lot of fun clearing it out. There was a mansion with a that I also really like. Also the well with the bunker that used to be in the burnt biome was fun. Bob's Boars is a classic because of both twists (the corn and the giant pig) What are some of your guys'?
  10. I don't mind it, but I see what you mean. We make hunting trips up there because of the abundance of animals. The cats are the worst though, they'll always sneak up on me when I'm clearing buildings....
  11. Per attaching items, what if they extended the "bottom" of textures to go through a full block. That way if a half block is present it still connects? I dunno, spitballin'
  12. Perhaps I consumed too much glue as a child, I would have given better stats. I think I was mistaking it for gun powder, but I'm unsure.
  13. On the campfire it's more expensive, on the chem station it's 1:1.
  14. It's easy to mock from a position of self aggrandizement. Texas is typically hot. Ice is quite uncommon. They had no system in place for this kind of weather. I remember when I lived there and we had two inches of snow and everyone stayed home. It's not about a 150 car pile-up, it's about never having a chance to learn to drive on ice. Same as people who live in incredibly cold areas never learning to swim because the water is too cold. If you never have a chance to learn, you are likely going to fail spectacularly. I think we're all willfully missing the point and that is: we're fight
  15. Nope, and it was confirmed again last night. We have a theory; it's whenever a team mate turns in a quest? maybe. We aren't sure. I need to, but it happens intermittently. I'll try letting OBS run tonight for hours to get a two second sound bite, haha
  16. It will, give it time. Most betas go through a couple points before going stable. 19.4 went stable very recently, so chillax, pop a beer and enjoy what we got for now while the pimps work their magic.
  17. I had a lot of fun learning this game. I didn't look up much because the search bar in your craft menu would tell you what you'd need to craft something (skills, materials, etc.). I still find new things and I'm about 550 hours in with the majority of that being solo. I also played exclusively on Navezgane solo. That helped me establish some routines pretty early. I would agree that videos aren't the best as they focus on minimaxing the game and really just breaking the mechanics or fun of it. For some, that is how they "win", but not how I like to play. Update videos are handy, however! L
  18. I don't get it ; ) It almost sounds like an event type sound effect. Think like text would slide onto the screen or something to that effect. It's really random, and I'd never heard it before.
  19. My little trio and I have been playing a lot on the new stable build and last night I've been hearing a new odd "whoosh" sound that appears to be random. I have no idea what is causing it and I was wondering if anyone knew about it or what triggers it. It's new to me and it has been heard by all of us. It is relatively uncommon and I've heard it about... Four times?
  20. The noises don't bother me too much, but I feel like they cue up too frequently at night. There was an update not too far back when it would be about every fifteen or thirty seconds and man that did grate a bit. It doesn't seem to be that bad anymore. What got me was the small pool of sounds there were so the repetition is what made it really stick out.
  21. I can confirm Dishong is a bit of a pain. My girl and I just did that one recently and had to scour the entire thing for half a day finding the missing three zombies. One is hidden at the first floor stairs which is inaccessible I believe unless you break the door, so that one made no sense if you follow the path laid out.
  22. I'm tellin' you man, it was huge. You had to be there.
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