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  1. during horde night you could use the f1 debug menu as it will tell you exactly when zombies are spawning
  2. I find most of my beakers at traders for sale but have had a couple drop in air drops have had a few found in various POI's but overall mostly bought them from the trader
  3. you have to make sure that they are at least well it used to be 4 wide but i have had zombies jump that so wider than 4 and at least as deep as they are wide i usually go 6 deep but if you use those near the shore and at least 70 blocks from your base they will never spawn near them unless you go near. They will not spawn in water they at least used to require land to spawn on but like i said that may have changed i haven't built a water base as yet in alpha 20. Using them as a bridge you need to be only 1 above the water but the water needs to be 5 deep.
  4. Hence the reason i said use a drawbridge 😉
  5. As far as i know they will target the weakest blocks to enter the base so your door must have been the "weakest" point in your defense ring so once you upgraded the door it must have had more hp than the blocks.
  6. Not sure in alpha 20 but in alpha 19 as long as you were more than 100-150 blocks from the land you were safe from hordes even blood moon hordes as there is nowhere for the mobs to spawn because mobs will not spawn more than 70 blocks from you. As for the bridge as long as you used a drawbridge or something similar you can use that i used to use arrows slits to make a barrier as zombies won't cross those.
  7. Don't feel you have to raid in the tougher biomes to find what you need i have raided just one POI in the snow biome which was the new concert venue and none in the wasteland and haven't been questing since i hit tier 4 quests at 4 of my traders which may be the reason i am seeing more acid i also started seeing drones and drone schematics for sale as well but only at certain desert traders.
  8. I'm not sure if people are not looking around in the right places or what but at around day 28 i had found enough acid to make 2 chem stations and by day 45 have over 10 in a storage chest a lot of the time i seem to see acid for sale at the traders and buy it every time i see it but then i have 7 traders i use regularly plus another 7 i have just found in the last week.
  9. As far as i know you do Tier 1 quests at your first trader which then unlocks your tier 2 quest opening trade routes which then puts you back at tier 1 quests at your new trader "unless" your new trader is a clone of your first trader which means you get tier 2 quests From reading your post it seems maybe you have headed out for the tier 3 opening trade routes otherwise maybe your game is bugged
  10. Just to clarify the trouble with not finding many books is more than likely more due to the fact that i haven't found any book stores besides the one in the oldwest town which has like 2 bookshelves in it.
  11. To tell the truth i have found more books for sale at the traders than in bookshelves or boxes but that just might be me.
  12. i for one have never said just because i have found these items you should have to but it does seem a tad unlikely you haven't been offered a any tier steel tool for a reward because in all 6 times i have played i have and had the traders selling the steel tools as well albeit tier 1 usually only always have a trader selling schematics and recipes because the fun pimps have nerfed/changed the drop rates of those in the "wild" as for leveling traders that is what drives the game so if you are not you are actually missing out on things by the sounds of it you just seem to be focused on the negatives. i do realise i have been lucky but i can't be the same lucky 6 times in a row. maybe it might be where your traders are and who they are so far i have 3 traders in the forest biome and 2 in the desert biome starter trader was rekt then jen next was hugh all in the forest then another jen in the desert and just up from there who is my tier 5 trader another jen but i haven't been sent to her officially yet.
  13. but you just ignored the fact that i said that yes i have found that tools schematic because it doesn't fit your "story" like i said i have no problem finding schematics or items maybe i'm super lucky and your at the other end of the spectrum and have no luck at all
  14. Just btw how many traders do you have that you are using i have 4 which is where you should be and yes i have found the steel tools schematic every time i have played. I just thought of something while reading another thread do you level each of the traders up to their max level quest i.e when you get to level 2 quests at the first trader do you just go off to the next trader and do tier 2 quests for them ignoring your original trader and so on or do you go back and do the tier 2 quests and on as well for your original trader?. what annoys me about the RNG is the fact i keep getting worse stat tools every time i make them i made 3 tier 5 steel pickaxes and every one was worse than the tier 4 i got for the reward i am going to say you are just having the worst luck.
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