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King-Gen Prefab Generation List for Alpha20Exp

Cpt Krunch

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Greetings Gang,
Just a simple list I put together to run with with KingGen 13.1 for A20Exp. Went through an did an OCD test on this and the list should be solid. Ive omitted incomplete prefabs and made one height correction.This list does not include tiles or 'parts' prefabs, just the standard prefabs.

Please let me know if there are any issues with the list. Happy Hunting!


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2021-12-17T13: 44: 19 52.616 ERR Prefab loading failed. Prefab'vacant_lot_03' does not exist!
2021-12-17T13: 44: 19 52.616 WRN Could not load prefab'vacant_lot_03'. Skipping it
2021-12-17T13: 44: 19 52.630 ERR Prefab loading failed. Prefab'garage_04' does not exist!
2021-12-17T13: 44: 19 52.630 WRN Could not load prefab'garage_04'. Skipping it
2021-12-17T13: 44: 20 52.806 INF [XUi] Initialized all window groups completed in 1240 ms total.
2021-12-17T13: 44: 20 53.293 ERR Prefab loading failed. Prefab'school_k6_01' does not exist!

↑ What is this error? Is there a problem? 

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I'm looking forward to your work.
thank you! 

However, my error message is just a part.
It seems that there are many other buildings that have been renamed. 

Is there a problem with me using the current list before you rename the POI on the weekends?

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Fun Pimps temporarily removed the ability to run prefabs from the Mods folder and Ive just sorta been waiting for them to put that back in before digging in on converting all my a19 prefabs over. The new vanilla prefabs also look so good, Im gonna have to seriously step up my prefab game or my stuff is going to look silly in comparison lol. I do not envy the amount of work the CP team has to update a set that size.

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I tried to add my own preform, but I reported this error


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "crash_log.py", line 19, in handle_crash_log
  File "gui_generation.py", line 27, in generate
  File "ntime.py", line 11, in ntime
  File "world.py", line 1301, in run
  File "world.py", line 265, in generate
  File "world.py", line 542, in init_cities
  File "world.py", line 642, in gen_cities
  File "hub_factory.py", line 25, in gen_random_city
  File "hub_factory.py", line 59, in gen_random_hub
  File "city.py", line 46, in __init__
  File "city.py", line 61, in generate
  File "city.py", line 274, in populate_grid
  File "city.py", line 246, in try_place
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'rotate_to_face'

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sinnlos da ersteller die datein die er ja hier mit link postet dan wieder versteckt und keiner darf sie nutzen . 

Versteckter Mod

Dieser Mod wurde auf versteckt gesetzt

Ausgeblendet am 06. März 2022, 7:07 Uhr von CaptainKrunch1138 aus folgendem Grund: Muss
prüfen, ob dies noch kompatibel ist. Ich weiß, dass TFP einige Prefabs aktualisieren musste, ich könnte bald wieder aktualisieren.

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English please on the forums.  google translation


"pointless performer the files he posts here with a link are then hidden again and nobody is allowed to use them."



If you mean this link then yes it is broken . the polite thing to do would be to ask him to fix it not call him names.


EDIT: Need to check if this is still compatible. I know TFP needed to update some prefabs, I might update again soon. 

there is the reason you cant get the file. it is believed not compatible. 

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