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  1. Oh FFS thank you mr obvious. Of course they aren't on a timer, but when I was playing, they showed up just about every 15 minutes, which is the whole point of the peeve. - P
  2. Would be cool if there was some kind of lure for demolishers. When you see the demolisher, you throw the lure, and that buys you some time to kill it, or maybe even strategically use it to kill other zombies.
  3. Its been a while since I played, but I have a few pet peeves: 1. The clockwork timing of screamers shambling by and summoning more zombies, the screamers really need more randomization. 2. Zombies spawning directly behind me. Super annoying. 3. No Elvis impersonator zombie - P
  4. 7DTD needs fat zombie Elvis... Seriously Get on it! 😃 - P
  5. I don't really like it, but now a days you need 2 bases. A crafting base and a blood moon base. I'm not the best zombie fighter, I usually end up running/hiding till dawn. - P
  6. I'm returning after a year hiatus to try 19.1 I built a new world and started a new game. The two problems I ran into are: Mouselook is really fast, I turned look sensitivity to .05 but mouselook is still really really fast. The second issue is a weird fish lens type effect, I play at 3440x1440 on a 34" curved screen. I turned Field of View to minimum and that helped, but there is still a fish lens type effect when I mouse look around. Are there any other settings that will reduce that? Thanks, - P
  7. Mr Spock has completed his analysis
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