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  1. . . . and in my case it was "MPLogue_Prefabs_A21". Removing the mod fixed the issue; the only files that (I think) could have caused this problem were in it's "Assets" folder - six "VolumeFog01xxx/04 unity3d files. The 'xxx's are colors.
  2. Works! Thank you Sire!
  3. @Riamus Hi: A great little app to work with Teragon, but I got the message below, from Google after clicking on the link: We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service. Find out more about this topic at the Google Drive Help Center. I've always found Google to be a bit of a PITA, (along with a few others), and the only one that has really been as reliable as a clock - for me is - Microsoft's "OneDrive" . . .
  4. I had the same issue as Spud's, above (generator 2.ini), but didn't want any craters, so I had set the "# of Random Craters" to 0, and then, below that - unchecked "Add Random Craters", then hit "Run" and went to the "Expert" screen. During that "Run" I noticed that it was (high-speed) repeating a green-colored, 6-line section after the "Create Cliffed Coast" segment. I looked closer, and it was the "---Loop Start---", the three "Define Custom Tag" and the "Create Crater" plus "---Loop End---" I saw that "Create Crater" had an expected strikethrough line on it, but the looping still ran - endlessly. At first I thought this was normal, perhaps - but it ran unstopped for what seemed like an eternity - probably over and hour or maybe a bit more - I had actually given up watching it, and had gone to the TV for a while, but my patience eventually ran out. If it's not enabled, then I reckon it shouldn't run the loop at all. A bit of a bug?
  5. Thank you for saying this Meganoth: I had written much the same, including quoting from the various explanatory websites of both Steam and TFP: - all of which are perfectly obvious or stated in many different ways in all of their web media: in the end I simply ran out of patience - as per your last line, the "nuisance" and value of the effort in the post just being not worth my time. I deleted it. Triviality is the hallmark of the bureaucrat, and life is far too short.
  6. This is what I used back in a20: I've changed these names to reflect the different naming convention, but haven't tried it in 21:- <set xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[contains(@name, '')]/entity[contains(@name, 'animalZombieVulture')]/@name">zombieMoe</set> <set xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[contains(@name, '')]/entity[@name='animalDireWolf']/@name">zombieMoe</set> <set xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[contains(@name, '')]/entity[@name='animalZombieBear']/@name">zombieMoe</set> I don't see why it won't work. Other ways may exist, too.
  7. I'll be darned! Tumble - you are a GENIUS! "Maybe this Video helps . . ." Ya THINK??? Thank you, thank you, thank you. At approx 8.33 the video shows what I saw after dropping the files in and creating the map. I had no idea that the rest of that stuff - specifically the Prefabs Filter - would get rid of that mass of stupid "X" 's. NOW they make sense! The guy that wrote this tool maybe smart, but he should really take some lessons from you - in creating technical instructions.
  8. I deleted my reply on the github map tool, Fram; I apologise - I found it too kludgy, just not working the way I expected each time, and the directions were just too confusing: . 7DTD MPMG is good enough, and works first time, every time on my pc. 🤔
  9. Why would your world map be located in a temp folder? In Steam it's normally in "steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Worlds\"
  10. @Gimli - Oh cheese! Sorry - yes - my old age is kicking in! Duh!. You are right. I "should" be talking about 7D2D MP's tool! I have to do it again to refresh what I did. Sorry. I put a coupla pics up on the OneDrive, after I had edited the totally green biome, so that it had some desert. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AueVg7eVAeXMlVGfp6o8rQ2EDUbq?e=mwZndz
  11. Hi Gimli: No. Your log suggests it's missing some file info. The most important is the "Generation.Seed", entered into KG on it's 1st page at the beginning, 3rd line down, under "Settings". You get that from the new world's map.info.xml file. You then need to specify your "Generated" existing map file names in KG's "Advanced customization" section: i.e. Custom Heightmap; Custom Biomes map; Splat3 map, etc.. The other settings, like cities, towns, water, and biomes, etc, can mostly be left alone, as I think that the Seed governs all of those. (someone might correct me if that's not quite right!) Anyway - ask again if you still have problems after playing with it some more. It does produce a very acceptable map - much nicer coloring, and identical in shape, roads, cities, etc, to the one created (at the end of the build) in a21.
  12. Somewhat of an oldish thread, but not having a preview in A21 - apart from copying the original, created with the game or with Teragon - I tried this one out again: it halted with a ""### Vanilla prefab folder doesn't exists : C:/Users/pj/AppData/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Saves/Razodamu Mountains/V21_Raz_2/Data/Prefabs/ - Generation ended." It wanted that folder in the game-world folder, so I copied them up to the Saves/Worldname/gamename, ending up with this path, " C:\Users\(me)\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\Razodamu Mountains\V21_Raz_2\Data\Prefabs" - and - boom! - a new map, nicely colored, small x's for the POI's, hills/mountains, modestly-looking cities, and more importantly - good roads, water and marked traders. A bit of work (or not) will make this map tool quite usable. Edit: The original link still worked for me, but just in case - I made a fresh one: - https://1drv.ms/f/s!AueVg7eVAeXMkxK3o9ZxbMqknhVY?e=h4Zzq0
  13. Well I guess it's to be expected: each time the game has been updated, it has been improved in countless ways, and each time - our more creative players have responded by creating and updating their mods. We shall lose some - like Nitrogen, which was replaced by KingGen: when that one was made redundant - it was replaced by Teragon. It's just a fact of life. There are hundreds of 'lesser' mods that have gone the way of the DoDo, so let's just hope that friend Pille can find the stamina to move it into A21. It is the very best mapping tool this game has seen.
  14. Help! The "Interrupt" button works, but never stops. three little dots appear at the word, indicating that it's still 'interrupting', but how does one then press the 'Continue' button after one has made the change? Ok.... forget it. By the time I had launched the browser, and composed this post, as I posted it - it popped up the other three buttons.. Duh!
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