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  1. Good Morning, Omegarte: Simple to fix: Open up your 7D2D/.. /Data/Config/items.xml in your editor (I use Notepad++), and place it alongside your ../Mods/[mod_name]/Configs/items.xml and then check the current (a19) meleeTool/gun/ammo/Wpn names against Jax's mod items.xml: in the first error case (in the screenshot of the log above), it's the 'meleeToolStoneAxe', right? So - if you then check the a19 game/Data items.xml - TFP has changed that name to 'meleeToolRepairT0StoneAxe'. Checking the other names down the list shows almost all to have been changed. Sooo... it means you have to chang
  2. I seem to have it working as it should in a19.3b6, Omegarte, so may I ask what do you mean exactly, when you say "not loading properly"? Can you post a snip or a screenshot of the F1 load errors?
  3. Much as I love Khaine's most excellent "Darkness Falls" mod, it pretty much replaces the entire vanilla game, and that makes it a great pain to change or add your own flavors to it. It is a very, very good and comprehensive overhaul, but it is very much a new game and a new learning experience. Khaine does, however, make a "Reset Player DMT" mod which may well answer your interest - I've read the discussions and so on, but really haven't tried it, as it seemed to be very "final", and so I did more reading, and found Khzmusik's "Mostly Dead - DMT" - it works beautifully, doesn't give "Bedr
  4. . . . . . . but you are playing - and then criticizing - a computer game which revolves around "zombies". . . . . dead people who are somehow. . . alive. . . . Isn't there something ironic here? By the way - this game has over 20,000 players online daily, and has done so, consistently for many years: it is strongly supported by the dev team, and strongly supported by thousands of "modders" and players - globally - all of whom get enormous pleasure and enjoyment out of playing it, creating and sharing those mods, and enjoying the online discussions, groups and friendships that have dev
  5. Khz . . . "Hope at least some of y'all enjoy them." Thank you for this, Kkz! I'm "ok" at xml, and probably like many other players here, have my own personal 7Days mod - some 546MB, building for a for a few years now, adding, combining, changing, splitting out the bits I like from the brilliant work of the "heroes" on this site: we all know who they are. I just want to tell you that for me, you have become one of those "heroes". I use some of your mods, and I appreciate the work that you do, and the interest that you maintain in continuing to improve and innovate. Please - do
  6. Game Changer! No more ugly, visible wiring everywhere. Thank You!
  7. Take a look at "Doughs modlets" on the main Mods page. Download his "Punishing Weather Core 2.02" mod - it's only the biomes.xml that needs adding to the mods folder (or the xml copied into an existing biomes.xml in the "Mods" folder). Get the Light and Medium files too, and read them - they're just one-line changes to the core, so it can be a small edit of the Core if you wish to experiment), Dough has some other great mods too. https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/27-mods/
  8. Works!.. In placing these files inside the Config folder - I had forgotten to add the ModInfo xml - and it created this error. I double checked this with and without that info file - and it repeated the error and the fix every time. It's a good mod, but this was something that I've not come across when including other folks' (brilliant) mods into my stuff. I'll put my own mod back in now, but keeping yours as a separate mod, and see how that works. It does, so all's well! Thanks again. pj
  9. Well it's moved along a little: I removed all the xml's from my "Red8" mod folder, just leaving the folder: I placed the three xml's there, renamed the "<Clayton>" with "<Configs>" and started a new map. It does show the "Scrap" now in the full jar menu, but when "scrap" is selected - it replaces the jar with broken glass: - it "scraps". 18.2 b5. The only thing different is that I am launching the game via DMT, as I also run a "No Sleepers" mod, by NiftyTifty, which just stops Zeds from being found in buildings after they've been cleared. I'll dig a bit more, but I reck on I can li
  10. Sorry, Claymore: I don't know what's different in my mod folder: It must be at odds with something. I'll keep digging. It's installed into my own items/materials/recipes.xml's, just as I have a couple of dozen other mods included, plus my own config preferences, but it doesn't work. I'll run it on its own in a new instance. Thanks for the reply. pj
  11. Hi Claymore: I'm sorry to ask - maybe I'm a bit slow - but how on earth do I scrap a full jar? I've removed every one of the old jars, full or not, from my backpack, I've created four new empty Glass Jars in the Forge, filled them, created Bottled Water, made that into Red Tea; drank it, then "Use" changed to "Scrap" - and I could scrap the jars. BUT... that will NOT happen when the jars were full. The menu only displays "Use", "Drop" or "Recipes". I am stumped! Can you help an old feller, please? pj
  12. Waaal, I feel a bit less stupid now! Thank you guys - I didn't expect you to pop in, Khaine: a pleasure. I had your DF + HDHQ all the way through 17, and got great pleasure playing it. I agree with your last post, Shouden - your reasoning is mine too, and is the way I have it now. I like 18 very much, the progression being very much better, and am using Magoli's GREAT CompoPack CP42 World, with it's plethora of very diverse buildings and cities - even airports. Thank you both for your work, and for your responses here. pj
  13. Ok Shouden: Sorry to make work! It is puzzling! I've been modding this game myself for a couple of years now, and am kinda baffled as to why its doing this: I looked at the progression, materials, blocks, items xmls - also the xml.txt, but nothing jumped out at me as an easy answer. I hope you can find it, as it really is a good and worthwhile mod. Thanks for the quick reply too. pj
  14. Hi Shouden: A quick comment if I may: I've been running your mod for a week or so now, and like it - it's a very nice add-on for the game: it should have been done by the Pimps a long time ago! However - (and this might have been fixed in 3_1.3 - I have 3_1.0) - as I progressed in the game (I'm now around Level 40, Game Stage 64 or so) I didn't see my plant pickups increase as the "Living off the Land" skills moved up: i.e. in the early game, I picked up one Yucca, (for e.g.) - and got one Yucca in my inventory: at Level 40 and GS 64, with "Living off the land at Skill 4 - I still only got
  15. A tad off topic, but this is a great map that Sam has, and maybe that size is a bit daunting for some folks, so here's something I did to get an easier start to big maps: add this into an entityclasses.xml inside one of your modlets: <!-- Change startup toolbelt items --> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=playerMale]/property[@name=ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvival]/@value">drinkJarBoiledWater,foodCanChili,medicalFirstAidBandage,meleeClubIron,meleeToolPickaxeIron,vehicleBicyclePlaceable,toolCookingPot</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@na
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