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  1. Super tool! I had only one issue - I see no bright yellow Spawn Points on my first (and only) map yet. (There should be 13 in this map.) I have zoomed in tight and scrolled every piece of the map, yet don't see one. (but I may also be blind.) It's not really an issue, as the spawnpoints xml gives them, and one can manually add them to the map. Other than that - this little tool has a number of unexpected features, and produces a very good map, and with (what I think are) "common sense" colours, too. The building type area colour codes being listed along the bottom, along with the Traders being marked with circles - and named - is a real bonus. Many Thanks and much success with it! PS... After opening the png in PaintShopPro and increasing the color intensity/depth - I can see a pair of very small, yellow, crescent-shaped lines at the "T" junctions of the roads right near each of the Traders - which is the approximate location where I have spawned in each of the last five or six A20 RWG maps started. I'm not sure if these are in fact, the SP's, as they might also be some end-point of the new road system - a junction point or something - but if they are SP's - can you make them a little larger, please? Many Thanks! pj
  2. Nice to know that you're still keeping them all up to date Dough: You've had a some of them around for a few years - I still have your "Daylight Hours" and Core mods in my A17 archive, and probably in A16 too... I think Eihwaz had a "True Darkness" mod at that time too. There's a lot to play with. A working Darker Inside will be great - but especially if it could be modified to recognise "underground" or "bunker" When one is forty feet down, it's quite bizarre to "see" dawn coming at 3:45. Darker nights: It'll give us "wanna-be" modders a new tool to play with! I'm ok with this darkness - just messing around with your A19 version really! And batteries that need charging. Needed too. I think Subquake may have something like it: it's been a while. Anyway - enough of "long-winded" me. I'm sure there are thousands looking forward to seeing what's ahead from you for A20. Thanks again Dough! ATB.
  3. Hahaha! Yeah - the loot is crazy-good! But that'll get fixed. Valmar's Perk-Survival Books everywhere! ( 👍 ). For me - because the blending emphasis is on the two hostile environments and being the larger percentage of the map area - while the Pine Forest is fragmented - the PF is the best of only a few choices, and that creates a sense of urgency in finding that "preferred" safe haven in the PF. It becomes apparent that it's now only a "probable" safe place. . . Modifying the weather with your mod by making the PF more inclement adds a whole other level to the drama. What was a cake-walk game is now changed. However - that might not be everyone's cup of tea! Blended and Stormy. Three shots of Day 2 in my "normal" residence. . . . with a single blended shot from an A19 map, with water and biomes modded to get open spaces and wide shorelines. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AueVg7eVAeXMlTMan-QWEZPX1I8C?e=AgeyMC The A19 shot was inspired by conversations with Tallman Brad and his video on making the water map in A19, where it was discovered that one's own newly-created water map prevented trees growing above it!
  4. Ok.. Thanks for looking at it Dough: I did push the ambient sounds up to max, but the storm had abated as I got back in. The rest of the storm, though, is quite impressive, though I also noticed the "dirt in the air" wasn't as it was in 19. I figured on playing with some of the numbers and moving some stuff in and out, but I'm just going on hunches. My biomes aren't 'normal' biomes, either: I've been doing the 'dot' blending technique since KingGen was released, and it makes for a terrific landscape that is quite unpredictable. One can create a map with lots of 'Pinery', but that gives too 'nice' an environment - not really 'apocalypse', and making the two hostile areas mix, with occasional patches of sand, or pine forest - some large, some small, makes for a very 'real' feeling of immersion. There's nothing like trying to get home (on Bdub's dirt bike) at one in the morning, in the dark, and through a very varying mix of biome, with rain, thunder, wind and noise, with everything around moving. It's the first time I've experienced that in 7Days, so I reckon the Pimps have been successful in creating a hostile night environment. I like it, and actually - your mods - whichever alpha used, but especially this mod, in this release - have moved the immersion level up more than a few notches. ATB, pj
  5. Happy (and prosperous) New Year, Dough: Quick question if I may. I've had the Pun. Weather. mods on each iteration of 7Days, (thank you - one of the best mods made) and have just dropped the Core into this one - A20. I'm at level 43-Day 36, and it's 20:00hrs in the evening following the Day 35 horde, and was out getting a feel for how the Core actually is, you know - Pine compared to Burnt, etc., and whether I want to lighten it up a bit with one of the modifier mods, and was stuck by the power and ferocity of the wind: It looked and felt absolutely awesome, night closing in, storming, thunder, trees, bushes and grass whipping around, etc., but I was kinda 'nonplussed' by the lack of wind noise.. I looked in the sounds xml for a reference to it - but there isn't one, and no references anywhere (that I can find) to wind noise. Anything over 30 mph will produce good noise in the trees in the r/w, but it's missing here!! Any ideas? Suggestions? PS - on doing some more Googling - it might be that I have the "Ambient sounds" too low... I've changed it and will pop back here if I am satisfied: I don't want you wasting your time! PS. Well - there is wind noise, but even at 100% it's not where I would call "Gale Force" - 60 mph. . . nor has the noise - the roar - that (I reckon) should be heard. pj
  6. Yeah - saw the link Eddie, and downloaded it - but for an MS 'system-type' app, I prefer an msi, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/install/installing-powershell-on-windows?view=powershell-7.2 as it'll do all the things that I would have to read up on in order to do... besides, I'm old and lazy, and, well, keystrokes are work aren't they? 👴 ATB pj
  7. Thanks very much FastEddy! This is a darned useful tool when trying to grasp the changes that have been made in the move to A20. I edited the paths per the script, and they seem to work just fine, but something seemed wrong - I had a scrolling red error complaining about a parameter not being found, so I did some checking, and found my Powershell was pretty old. After downloading and installing the x64 version 7.2.1 msi from MS - this tool ran perfectly, producing exactly the right output needed to easily track or control missing POIs. Beautiful!
  8. Yeah .. I talked to him around three weeks ago to tell him it was working, but he hadn't touched it at that time, but was working at updating all his mods. I would imagine it's a very popular transport in this game for bikers - but especially for many of us old guys that grew up in the UK in the 50's - 60's. Scrambling and Moto-cross seemed to be in the blood of every one of my age. This one hits the mark perfectly and didn't need much doing to it - just the odd name change here and there. The hardest part was foot/hand positions. It handles well - jumps, and feels "just right". Dough has many great mods - he's right up there with the Masters of this Art. Anyway - once again, Brad - another one of your videos came along at exactly the right time! Thank you! And yes - I love this new A20.
  9. One can plainly see the blending effect - done by 'dotting' the colours of the biome png in this pic. It gives me the impression of actually being there. . . until the wife calls. . . 43" LG @ 3840 x 2160 . . .Now which is the fastest way down . . . ? Oh yeah . . . this way . . (A shout out here for )Dough's most excellent Dirt Bike!!! )
  10. Wish you could join me for some skiing - the view is spectacular . . . . . pity 😎
  11. Echoing Gouki, as I couldn't find better words, DP: The hard work it took you to finish it is appreciated and apart from not knowing anything about unity, it is twice the effort, twice thanks. Thank you very much for the mod, I've installed it, have my coffee here, and am getting ready to rumble with your museum piece! Have a happy, prosperous and successful New Year! 👍
  12. Sam - you are absolutely DA MAN!! I'm ok at most mods, but I had almost despaired over "how to" get back the 72-slot paint-able crate from A19. I just don't 'have it' anymore! .. but you do Sam, so - Many, Many "Thank you's" for this mod. It has to rank right up as one of the top mods yet! @Mahnogard Nice kitchen! So "organized" Hmmphh! Makes mine looks like a typical man-cave. . . . (sigh) 🤒 Have a Happy (and prosperous 🤑 ) New Year everyone! (especially Sammy!) 👍
  13. . . . hahahah! It happens! 🤣 . . . . . ignored.... Have a great New Year!
  14. Mine is 238 stable as well, Neb, but it's working exactly as it did in A19. You need to provide more detail than that - such as "When I type "Polish" in the Crafting window - it doesn't show "Steel Polish" - nothing comes up." for e.g. Do you get any yellow or red errors in the console as she's loading? How did you install the mod? Did you incorporate it into your own mod, or is it stand-alone under the Mods folder?
  15. Ok... I sort-of grasp that tile concept, Brad . . but it's for tomorrow now: it must be way past your bedtime! Thanks for that info, though; I like the idea of the 12-block roadbrush tool - sounds like a better idea than letting a computer draw roads wherever it wanted to - some even at 85 degrees, going up a cliff. We'll see. I'm just going to follow you and Krunchy for the moment. G'night 👍
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