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  1. you could do this with a custom height map and edit the splat map to add roads where you want. you could add a cities map as well for the checkpionts. check out TallmanBrads tutorials on the first page. tutorial 5 shows how to make roads. it is very simple.. just had a thought after watching the video... Redbul air races? flat map build a pair of metal towers as checkpoints have as many as you want and have gyrocopter races...lol have the red areas and white stripe to show the height you have to go through them..
  2. cheers Brad, i will try the grid size. the map probably is too dark but i have no issues with generation with the 10,30 settings. the map is lifted out of tangram, it is Tasmania the smallish island below victoria in Australia...
  3. hi, i have settings mostly default. only changes are wasteland size=none , number of spawn points increased , number of POI's in the wild = decreased. using a 12k custom height map and a custom cities map. I am using a custom citits map because playing with cities =1 and trying to keep the number of towns down just wouldnt work. you couldnt tell the difference between the city and the towns. ok so i painted areas green 0,255,0 for towns and i am mostly happy with the map. BUT the roads in the towns dont connect! the city is fine, the villiages are fine, asian and farms areas are fine . Its only the towns that are a series of crosses. as per the image. the only other changes i made were because the map was getting too flooded and lost its shape. i set water level to 10 cities to 30 and snow at 150
  4. seems so out of context... malls are in towns and cities... one of them was an airport maybe just outside a city ? castle on a remote hill ? ok no prob but when the poi is a tourist attraction? well we will see what a20 brings and how much work yo have to do to update the compo pack for it. i dont envy you the work. good luck. Thanks for the help. i think the easy way is to remove these from the poi list for now...
  5. xcostum_airport_rundown(by_gt) this is the big red squareto the left of the bottom city on the map. xcostun_Resident_Evil_Mansion is the red square in the snow area between the two cities. xcostum_Mall_DOD_Dungeon is to the east of the mansion.... x_costum_AltenburgCastle is the large one in the desert on the east coast. i also had wilderness poi's turned off in King Gen too.
  6. Hi, not sure if this is a CP issue or a KingGen issue or if its just 7DTD being a C$%#. how do i stop huge inappropiate POI's spawning in the wilderness ? I have made a height map of Tassie thaanks to Tallman Brad's tutorial videos works great I have added the CP and it also works great but i get these really big POI's in wildeness areas. Its a bit weird running through the pine forrest no roads around and suddenly there is a huge shopping mall or factory etc...
  7. is it supposed to have a double coma at the end of the line?
  8. the brick poi across the culvert and to the right of the road is the standard waterworks poi.
  9. nope, blunderbus is a usless noisy POS, its right there in the name.BLUNDER. as for pipe pistol and rifle lets hope the animations are short , not like the ludicrously long reload on the magnum.
  10. you forgot to add "ask me how i know..." lol
  11. wait till gold before whinging about a game thats not finished. there are 3 things that i would like to see given some love. 1 raining inside a building. 2 water, i know some fixes are coming thanks Fataal 3 the gap between dirt and a placed block. none game breaking . i do think adams idea of some things having LBD is good shooting,guns or bows, and scavenging are probably all thats needed but a few others would be nice too. just leave crafting out . not that i ever crafted a thousand axes to get better axes, its too boring. @Aldranon thanks for the book recommendation will have to pick that up soon.
  12. seeing as a supercharger increases power i guess you second question is answered by your first... expect fuel consumption to increase with a supercharger....
  13. got a null reference error while generating a map for a19.4b7. this is what i got.
  14. jawoodle did this on one of his recent eclipse episodes exp huge at the first but diminished rather quickly.
  15. found a lvl 1 christmass bonus today.. at least it took a helmet light mod..lol
  16. Lockpicking isnt terrible but it doesnt seem to work properly. i remember MM saying the countdown starts at the point the last lockpick broke. i woud guess that over 90% of the time if the lockpick breaks at low 2's or high 1's the next lockpick always starts over 3.5. The most frustrating part is when you go through 6 or 7 lockpicks most breaking almost immediatly you start . so yeah i seem to only lockpick the high HP containers. if its only 2500 HP then i whack it with the pickaxe.
  17. @Survager the number of times I have already found the trader that the quest sends me to is quite high . you dont need quests to find traders. i usually find them while exploring and scouting for a nice location for a base.
  18. nope... try Back to the Future......
  19. lol. not like its hard. cut meat. marinade for 6 hours.. play 7DTD. have break put meat in dehydrator. play 7DTD for 7 hours.. snack time...lol or just buy it from costco.
  20. make your own..lol tastes great and no salt
  21. now your going to have a fight about whic side of the road the signs should be and face... LHD or RHD...lol
  22. Damocles, thanks for this tool. i have generated a few maps now and they are damn good. This last map i made has large areas of flat dirt without grass. Mostly appears to be around the water table level. Just wondering if i have a setting wrong? not really changed too much from default settings.
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