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  1. wait till gold before whinging about a game thats not finished. there are 3 things that i would like to see given some love. 1 raining inside a building. 2 water, i know some fixes are coming thanks Fataal 3 the gap between dirt and a placed block. none game breaking . i do think adams idea of some things having LBD is good shooting,guns or bows, and scavenging are probably all thats needed but a few others would be nice too. just leave crafting out . not that i ever crafted a thousand axes to get better axes, its too boring. @Aldranon thanks for the boo
  2. seeing as a supercharger increases power i guess you second question is answered by your first... expect fuel consumption to increase with a supercharger....
  3. got a null reference error while generating a map for a19.4b7. this is what i got.
  4. jawoodle did this on one of his recent eclipse episodes exp huge at the first but diminished rather quickly.
  5. found a lvl 1 christmass bonus today.. at least it took a helmet light mod..lol
  6. Lockpicking isnt terrible but it doesnt seem to work properly. i remember MM saying the countdown starts at the point the last lockpick broke. i woud guess that over 90% of the time if the lockpick breaks at low 2's or high 1's the next lockpick always starts over 3.5. The most frustrating part is when you go through 6 or 7 lockpicks most breaking almost immediatly you start . so yeah i seem to only lockpick the high HP containers. if its only 2500 HP then i whack it with the pickaxe.
  7. @Survager the number of times I have already found the trader that the quest sends me to is quite high . you dont need quests to find traders. i usually find them while exploring and scouting for a nice location for a base.
  8. nope... try Back to the Future......
  9. lol. not like its hard. cut meat. marinade for 6 hours.. play 7DTD. have break put meat in dehydrator. play 7DTD for 7 hours.. snack time...lol or just buy it from costco.
  10. make your own..lol tastes great and no salt
  11. now your going to have a fight about whic side of the road the signs should be and face... LHD or RHD...lol
  12. Damocles, thanks for this tool. i have generated a few maps now and they are damn good. This last map i made has large areas of flat dirt without grass. Mostly appears to be around the water table level. Just wondering if i have a setting wrong? not really changed too much from default settings.
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