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  1. nope... try Back to the Future......
  2. lol. not like its hard. cut meat. marinade for 6 hours.. play 7DTD. have break put meat in dehydrator. play 7DTD for 7 hours.. snack time...lol or just buy it from costco.
  3. make your own..lol tastes great and no salt
  4. yep, got several of these on my map too.. its not a road but one of them cuts from 1 shoreline to the other accross the bay and keeps going a bit past the land.. only seems to be 3 blocks deep but has to be over 200 blocks long..lol . rode my motorbike down it for fun.
  5. now your going to have a fight about whic side of the road the signs should be and face... LHD or RHD...lol
  6. this seems to be slowing down a bit, so many 1 posters. How does that show community spirit? lol BTW anyone else went through the posts to see who had the most hours? its 15,690 if you want to know... i'll let you find out who it is though...:highly_amused:
  7. Damocles, thanks for this tool. i have generated a few maps now and they are damn good. This last map i made has large areas of flat dirt without grass. Mostly appears to be around the water table level. Just wondering if i have a setting wrong? not really changed too much from default settings.
  8. read the first post. if its not there its not in A19
  9. if they dont breath and dont have air in their lungs how the #$@! do they make all those noises!!! to the point once their heads are shot off they still make noise for 10 seconds...
  10. how about a font size that can be read without a magnifing glass please. tiny grey on black is damned aweful to try to read. even with my new glasses i cant read these forums anymore.
  11. nope, SMG does not "need"a recoil mod. 44 mag is not a prefered weapon for me. that reload animation is way too long. spinning the cylinder is not necessary and is actually harmful to the gun.
  12. you need to register your steam acc . it should be under the settings tab next to username and "my profile"
  13. nope. leave it alone scopes on pistols is a thing.. https://tinyurl.com/ruf4bh6
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