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Of all the places for one to land

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Looks like I'm freediving. @%$#. 💦



Seriously, they need to increase swim speed or at least let us sprint upwards underwater. That supply drop was 16m under the surface. I had 2 seconds left when I got back up and that isn't even the deepest lake in Navezgane... 😠

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29 minutes ago, meganoth said:

You want to get rid of the homing icon on drops you can't reach? Should be possible if guns or rocket launcher work under water


Not the icons that pop up on the hud and compass, those disappear between play sessions (we generally mark drops on our maps and then get them later depending on where we are and what we're doing). The issue comes from having the smoke plume and flasher baiting us when we are in the area for drops that amount to suicide runs, admittedly when not perked into Iron Gut, for minimal return on the risk taken and time invested.


Being able to asses and then remove those that are not reasonably attainable would be a plus. Actually have our characters be able to swim would be another plus. Iirc actual swimming is on the "If time permits." side burner, but it's a bit disconcerting being stuck with pre 1.13 Minecraft style aquatic movement so I hope they are able to get to adding it.

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I'm not aware that swimming has a problem. You point slighty up, you swim, you point down you dive. For the number of times I need it I don't think I would need an auto-pilot or some other comfort function.


I don't play minecraft, so do not know what that brought to the table though.



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5 hours ago, PeNa1979 said:

you can throw in TNT....

I had another drop in a lake, different game save, after the one I took the screen shot of. A couple of shots from any ranged weapon will work (I used a crossbow with stone bolts). Water doesn't block shots currently.

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On 10/14/2020 at 5:10 PM, hiemfire said:

Are we able to blow up supply drops?

If you can use your own brain, you can do this to get an Airdrop from very deep water :


A - if you have high level, or somebody can borrow you gyrocopter, you can just dive in with that quickly !

B - you can actually dig under water and go out just near drop...

C - did you know that you can craft in this game ? :) so craft Wood Frames...and then you can do two things actually :

c1 - you can just dive into water, take the drop, then if you have about 50% air, you can quick built small (2x2) cabin with wood structures (hold R on wood frames and choose one...) and then hide in and breath in...or

c2 - you can built something like half-tunnel thru that you can go to drop :)

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