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  1. A "Few" ideas. Comes up with a complete list. lol - Create friendship level with seller, like stade 1 they give u better mission, last stade, they accept u in the night in the base (but dont sell stuff) - Create a new attribute (charisma), and put this "friend ship level" and put all influence adventage inside. add in the Charisma attribute, more perk for multiplayer (ffa) or stuff like this)* We basically have a similar system already implemented. When you do enough tier I quests the trader will be happy and give you a special mission, allowing you to do Tier II quests...and so on. Also, we got a perk called "The Daring adventurer" Which will give you better rewards. As to vehicle speed there are several modlets out there, I created one myself which i uploaded in this post attachment. How to use this? Make sure you got a folder in side the 7d2d folder. If you don't, create one. Then make sure the Vehicle Improvements Folder is inside the mods folder. Should eventually look similar to this. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Notti's Vehicle Improvements THis should do for now, they will add those mods you mentioned for the vehicle in the future, the mod slots are already there, now just have to wait for the mods. EDIT: Use this modlet on your own risk. It might have performance impact depending on what kind of machine your playing on. Couldnt be arsed to read the rest of your ideas, sorry. You really should start reading some posts here and there so you know what is going on and don't waste other peoples time reading stuff that is basically already implemented or is already planned to be implemented. Notti's Vehicle Improvements.rar
  2. Yea those gaps can be quite annoying and are quite stupid to be honest. You can build all the stuff you want with all these different kinds of blocks but you can't fill that gap properly. I sometimes use plates to cover those gaps, which also don't really look nice but at least its better than the gap, specially when you want to drive your truck into your garage.
  3. Yea the idea is just that you can extra tank so you can have that generator running for longer. Maybe no fuel effeciency then, just the extra capacity.
  4. At least you got friends. Im half dead, i dont have friends. but hey, One drives , the other navigates the map and tells you where to go? We do need an auto run function though. A "Toggle to run" like the "Toggle to crouch" function. I think pool tables won't be there for a while since A19 just came out, but it might be added as a recipe/modlet. I am a noob modder, maybe i can make a modlet with this option to create a pool table. Decorative items should be widely available either through trader or building items. I see blocks in the "wild/pois" and think, ahh a shame i cant craft such things.
  5. I miss the days where you had a Hoe in 7 days to die.
  6. This would require a modification of the game. It could mean either true modders can make this happen OR, the developers spend some time in it when the main game is finished. Which mean the fun pimps would bring out a "medieval" version DLC. Which i would say "take my money!" However I think TFP prioirties lies on finishing the PC version first and then focus on the console version. And then maybe a "Medieval DLC" would be cool.
  7. Its not about making stuff easier, its about being able to have steel bars. Besides, that reference to the walking dead is invalid. There aren't zombies in the Walking Dead, that can eat through reinforced concrete either. But in 7d2d they can.
  8. This, I spend points in other skills first, dont spend any point in any weapon skill actually. unless i really need a certain weapon to do more damage. but if you play it right you get guns on the first few days so that will save spending some points on certain weapon skills. Quests. Do the quests. The rewards are pretty rewarding in the beginning, you get bullets etc etc. also spending some points in the bartering and the daring adventurer might not be too bad.
  9. Just do quests. Earn a some coin, sell the stuff you find what u dont need, buy an AK47. I mean, at day 2 i bought an AK47 with Q3. Before buying it i even got 7.62mm as rewards. Quests beats anything in the beginning of the game. It is really rewarding if you do it right.
  10. I'm not an expert modder but I just thought to share something to what I can do. The spawning.xml I made was when I already had loads of weapons and stuff. ow with a new fresh map it was quite hard to do anything with all those zombies. I tuned them down a bit but there is a bit more finetuning to be done. In that spawning.xml there are groups of zombies that spawn at daytime and nighttime. ow i just am trying to find the perfect balance. There will alwas be more zombies during the nighttime than during the daytime in any biome. decreased the spawning in the green zone. However, certain zones are more dangerous and dangerous, like snow and wasteland are one the more dangerous ones. I was also thinking to have the desert actually be a bit less populated with zombies compared to the other biomes and try to make people spawn there for the first time insteawd of the green forest biome. After all, there is this Duke that leaves you naked somewhere to teach you some kind of lesson, so why not in the desert? My idea is to have the player spawn not too far from green biome, These are some of my ideas and things but you know, thats so great about this game, im not expert modder and i managed to make this game more interesting for me and a few friends changing some settings in the XML files.
  11. Bears definitely need some more work. I got the problems with the clipping through walls and stuff too. Also, when chopping them up for flesh & bones they sometimes fly around like a bouncing ball.
  12. What I find a bit funny is lockpicking some of the traders their gun safes and then sell the loot back to them. Anyway, if TFP find out there is too much of something they will probably tone it down / finetune it.
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