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  1. You could still have caves but not generated like in the old days. I know it is not the same but you could create a cave Prefab or multiple prefabs and have them spawn in the wilderness.
  2. Nice mod. I did however change the WagonWheel 20% barter bonus down to 10%. Having it on 20% is bad. Why? If you have 5/5 barter, use all available buffs( cheesecake, sugar butt, the awesome sauce, magnum.) players can get Ammo for free at the trader.
  3. Server news: New map has been started on 11th of may 2021. This one is 16k. Some mods are removed to make it more server sided. Can play without having to download or install anything but it is still highly recommended to download and install the prefab pack!
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone know if it is possible to somehow get that "Paint all sides" option for the paintbrush, available for all players? Right now you only get the option if you got access to CM. but want all regulars to be able to do this. greetings.
  5. Is there any way to change code, that when you are flying and accidentally press the famous E button, that you can deploy parachute(without needing a surface)?
  6. Thanks for the kind words all. News: The server has been upgraded to premium for the highest quality available!
  7. Hi there! The Nibblers server is back and more bad ass than before! Are you bored with Vanilla and looking for a nicely modded(not too drastically/heavily) server? Then join us! The Nibblers is a server setup to evolve around the community! In the end of the day it is the community that makes a server a good server! The Nibblers Server Info. Name: The Nibblers -Pve- 13/4/21 Location: London, UK (Premium high quality server rented at serverblend Rent your own server here. ) Slots: 16 (Will upgrade slots when needed.) Map size: 16k Difficulty: Nomad/Normal XP multiplier: 200% (until A20 hits) Total Daytime: 90 minutes. Nighttime: from 22:00 until 4:00 Bloodmoon: Every 7th day. Loot: 125% and re spawns every 7th day. (Might change if needed) Party Range: 500 meters. Land claim count: 4 Land Claim Size: 51 Land claim deadzone: 30 Land claim expiry time: 30 real life days. Land claim decay mode: Full protection until expired. Server webmap: Server IP + Port: Mods.(Server sided only) -Custom vehicles. (including a parachute and jetpack!) -Several custom zombies and animals picked from Snuffkins Custom Zombie pack. -Pushable shopping carts and tilt truck. -Custom weapons, custom mods for weapons and custom mods for vehicles.(Fuel saver, Speed boost, Light boost) -Extra mod slots for items. Q1 item will have 1 slot. Q3 will have 3. Q6 will have 6 slots. Etc. -Increased stacknumbers and extra crafting slot. -Lootable wine barrels(You can actually find wine in them.) -Sous chef of the apocalypse( lots of new food recipes.) -Lootable ice and broken vending machines. -Advanced spotlight and drawbridge rotations. -Beefed up battery / generator / solar banks. -More working lights, working wood stove,working jaildoors, loads of other recipes for (decorative) blocks, variant helpers. -Plants have a very small chance to drop a seed. -Traders open at 4:05 ! Custom Prefabs picked from CP 47 (+ Prefabs made by Pellegraapus, Jane The Rat and Notti) Although it is not required, It is highly recommended to download the customized prefab pack! (Otherwise you won't see prefabs until you get real close) Download the pack HERE Installation instructions: -Backup your prefabs folder. -Extract the contents into your Prefabs folder. When it asks to overwrite click YES. For more installation instructions or help please join our discord. This sums up most of the modifications on the server! A few mods are created by Notti,but most of them are downloaded, edited and weaved together to create a cool and unique experience. Some modifications might be changed if needed. Here is information about the server rules! This is a PvE server so act accordingly! These rules are setup so that everyone can have a great experience and might be changed if needed! General Rules: -Do not rob other players. -Do not kill other players. -Respect other peoples homes. Don't start smashing peoples stuff or try to enter chests without the owners permission, etc, use common sense. -No cheating or hacking. -Do not use bugs and/or glitches. -No trolling/abusive language/spamming/harassing/toxic behavior. -Do not advertise for other servers. If you feel like you want to move another server with a friend, share the info privately. Do not PM people you don't know. (No spam!) Claim rules/information: - No POI claiming. Build your own base and remember to claim it! - You can have 4 claim blocks active at a time, Land claim size is 51 x 51. - Your claim block will be removed when you haven't logged in for 30 real life days. (contact the staff if you are planning to go on a long holiday or something.) - Do not place a claim near a trader, this may cause issues. - Do not place a claim block on or near a spawn point! - Do not claim any land that you do not intend to build on. -Breaking any of these rules might result in removal of your claimblock. If you are not sure you can build at a certain place, ask one of the staff members. Join our discord for more information! https://discord.gg/F5rmJGbf89 Hope to see you soon!
  8. I just came across this cool little modlet. Haven't tested it yet but when I look into the .xml to what the items need i found this. <property name="RepairTools" value="resourceRepairKit"/> <property name="RepairTools" value="resourceLeather"/> So some items use leather and others use repair kits. If it still don't work with the leather then something must be broken.
  9. Right, Sorry about that, must have been expired or something. Uploaded it to google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F5kseWH25KOuGRSRE1SSsP30YrtoXkjM/view?usp=sharing
  10. How did i change the filename? Like an idiot, thats how. The mistake I made is renaming all the files at once and thinking the file type still would be alright. I just renamed them properly and it worked like a charm! Thank you a lot! Here is the result. Meet: Painokio Park! A small/medium city park for friends and family to relax in. You can even let your dogs out in a designated area! Oh, and Painokio does love his trippy mushrooms! Even though he denies about it! I managed to rename the file to look like all the other xcostum_ files. Thanks a lot! So where do i best upload the zipfiles the prefab files for those willing to check it out or have it spawn on their map? Checked it both in vanilla RWG and Nitrogen RWG, they seem to spawn in quite nicely so far. in nitrogen i set it to downtown and citycenter though, might want to change that. Edit: Changed it to downtown only now.
  11. Hi, I created a nice prefab to work with the Nitrogen world generator. There were a few problems but I managed to solve them and the prefab spawns in perfectly. However, I wanted to change the name of the prefab to add my friends name to give her some credit as well. This corrupted the prefab. Is there any way to change the name without killing my prefab?
  12. Made a few edits so it works with A19.4 Works just fine in singleplayer, not tested for dedicated! (but should work there as well) Haven't got permission for this but haven't seen a post from OP here for a long while either. Hope OP is fine with this! Click the link below for updated version. https://www.transfernow.net/dl/20210317JUh0Dzkt You also might want to check out H7SB's mods. https://7daystodiemods.com/h7sb-sleeping/ https://7daystodiemods.com/h7sb-seats/
  13. You can also check the spawning.xml and mess around with the "spawnmaxcount" numbers. This way you can adjust the settings as you please..increase the numbers until your machine starts having trouble. You can also change the delay between zombies respawning in an area. Click Here for an example.
  14. After searching the forums, google, etc I hit a dead end. I am looking for a mod that allows me to change the color of the nicknames of me and my friend. (In local host, not a dedi server) Tried Allocs fixes and CPM but that doesn't work on local host, only on dedicated servers. Any suggestions or help would be nice!
  15. Who's pinky finger do we have to cut off to make a point that we need the option "Toggle to run" ?
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