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  1. You can also check the spawning.xml and mess around with the "spawnmaxcount" numbers. This way you can adjust the settings as you please..increase the numbers until your machine starts having trouble. You can also change the delay between zombies respawning in an area. Click Here for an example.
  2. After searching the forums, google, etc I hit a dead end. I am looking for a mod that allows me to change the color of the nicknames of me and my friend. (In local host, not a dedi server) Tried Allocs fixes and CPM but that doesn't work on local host, only on dedicated servers. Any suggestions or help would be nice!
  3. Who's pinky finger do we have to cut off to make a point that we need the option "Toggle to run" ?
  4. If I remember that streaming video from TFP correctly, I think they are planning to keep it a bit like the current way. Where The wastelend will be the "end game biome" with lots of nasty zombies.
  5. I agree with the difficulty, I hate it when you hit them 20 times in the head and they still don't drop, but I guess that could be resolved by using one of those headshot modlets. Looks like a nice seed. Good luck and have fun!
  6. Looks like fun! I think the college vest might help you run a bit faster as well btw. Also, a little tip. The trader Bob you visited in the 2nd video. Around 7:56 there is a gun safe. Try lockpicking it next time you visit him.
  7. If you are really really lazy, just press F1, write CM, press U and then search for Water. There is a stack of 500 waterblocks, take it out and place it whereever you want.
  8. Usually I play 60 minutes but lately I play on 120 minutes. With 120 minutes there is less rush with things,can get more things done during the daylight, makes the gameplay a bit more relaxing.
  9. I must say I have a pretty decent PC, more than enough to run 7d2d. I had problems in the beginning but turning off Vsync did the trick for me. Can play on 60fps now.
  10. I don't know about any mods that add randomized spawning back in. You can add them in manually though, but I guess it won't be that random as you would pick the coordinates. Anyway, if your interested in changing or adding spawnpoints you have to go to where your world save folder is. Usually something like this C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\Roboe County In that folder there is a file named spawnpoints.xml Over there you can add spawnpoints. To get a "new" spawnpoint/coordinate its probably best to be ingame, use DM in console and teleport(hold ct
  11. I guess you could say the wasteland is the "boss biome". Not exactly the way as you have in mind but it is the endgame biome you go to. Go there at night, zombies keep coming at you.
  12. Will there be a "Toggle to run" option added, like Toggle to crouch? It helps save the pinky finger!
  13. Cool, glad it helped! I'm not that much of an expert and I am still learning a lot myself. Have fun with your mod!
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