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Game-stages - what are they?


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Forgive my ignorance and perhaps a poor effort at searching previous posts but what does the new game-stage actually mean?  Do they translate to actual days in game or something else?  Does game-stage 51 equate to day 51?


After reading the forum here for a few days I've realised that I've potentially wasted a lot of secure chests and crates by opening them in the early game-stages.  I know "waste" is a relative term but this new loot progression is very different from anything I've seen before

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GS is a number that is mainly determined by your level and to a lesser extent by deaths.

Gamestage = ( level + days alive) * difficulty multiplier


E.g. If you are level 10, your gamestage is at a minimum 10 + the number of days you are alive without deaths, capped at the number of your level (it can only be max 10 in this instance). So your final GS can be anywhere between 10-20 depending on your deaths (20 if you have never died with a penalty of -2 (if I am not mistaken) for every death). 


That number determines loot tables and enemy spawns. So yes you can exploit that fact and not open rare containers until your chances for higher tiered loot are better. It's something that, eventually, becomes apparent in-game.


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2 minutes ago, Sakurambo said:

the difficulty you choose isn't relevant anymore to calculate the GS according to the release note for A19

Nice, there is no reason for difficulty to affect the pacing.


To add to my previous post, from the patch notes:



Tech 0 (GS 1-11) – Primitive tools, weapons and armor including a bow and the blunderbuss.

Tech 1 (GS 12) – Iron or similar melee items and armor and and the first proper firearms like a pistol or double barrel shotgun.

Tech 2 (GS 50) – The best melee items, bows and armor and mid range firearms like a pump-action shotgun.

Tech 3 (GS 91) – The most advanced firearms like an M60 or the Sniper Rifle.


Also some info from @Boidster's post: 


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49 minutes ago, Sakurambo said:

it's not tied to the number of days since last death

every death subtract 2 from the number of days, so if you are on day 10 and you have died twice the total number of days is 6, no matter when the deaths are occurred

OK, so I'm level 21, on Day 42 and have 3 deaths.  This works out to game stage 36 (42-6)?

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3 hours ago, Stingerwolf said:

OK, so I'm level 21, on Day 42 and have 3 deaths.  This works out to game stage 36 (42-6)?

Yes, if those deaths are recent. Because if you haven't died since day 21, each 24h would add to your GS until it reaches the cap which is your level. 

2 hours ago, Sakurambo said:

i just check the xmls

gameStage = ( playerLevel + daysSurvived ) * difficultyBonus



that should be your GS

i just had a glance to them so i can have read wrong, but the difficulty bonus should be fixed at 1.2 

"Days alive" are capped to the number of your level so they can't be more than 21 in this case.

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