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  1. For me personally I count cheese bases as "any base design that exploits holes or oddities in zombie AI to render them mostly or totally ineffective, in ways that were clearly not intended". Funnel bases, drop bases, and pusher skywalks aren't really "exploits" so much as they are clever usage of zombie AI and them always taking the shortest path. I could see a player easily figuring out those designs work even with no outside help, and they don't really feel unnatural. I'm more talking things that completely break zombie AI like ladder abuse (which is apparently being fixed in 19.1).
  2. I feel like a lot of these players would benefit from turning bloodmoons off entirely, because if you pay attention a ton of them constantly complain about the new zombie AI rendering their cheese bases nonfunctional and about how bloodmoons "are impossible to do legitimately" and stuff like that.
  3. The majority of people prefer the new alphas. Sales exploded with A17 and have only skyrocketed since. It is an extremely vocal minority who want to go back to the A16 days, and I have a feeling once the modding tools are more developed (if that happens) people will make mods to bring the game back to those days.
  4. I forgot that was even a thing tbh, given that cigars aren't super rare.
  5. My bad, I thought it increased all stamina usage, not just movement. Will edit that out.
  6. Having a 120 or 144 Hz monitor is like stepping into another world, but I don't think they're at all important for slower games like this. Are they nice? absolutely. Should you focus on them? absolutely not.
  7. The machete is weird, it's totally different in function from the lower tiers. The lower tiers are fast, low-stamina spam weapons. The machete is more or less a normal weapon that also causes bleeding. I almost wish there was a T3 knife-style weapon alongside the machete, maybe a military combat knife?
  8. Hammers basically don't benefit from levels unless you're using them to break blocks (which isn't a bad idea actually, they get full harvest and they break metal and stone only a bit slower than an iron pickaxe. Can save an inventory slot if you're not finding good pickaxes yet), since mods don't boost repairing at all and they're terrible weapons compared to literally any iron-tier weapon. Knives absolutely benefit though, they don't usually deal much more damage (2-5 points of difference between levels 1 and 6 from my experience, though randomized weapon stats are a thing), but the increased block damage significantly speeds up harvesting and the extra mod slots are huge, since each mod further increases both damages even if it's not a super useful mod by itself.
  9. Yeah A19 notably improved my performance, which I really was not expecting given the graphical upgrades. Can only hope A20 continues this trend, the game might finally have acceptable performance on mid-tier rigs.
  10. Yeah you have to put lips (made out of bars, typically) on any flat walls you have in a horde base or zombies will climb over them. It's a nice touch. Also yeah, having yourself in a place with zero access aside from jumping at least 2-3 blocks confuses the @%$# out of the Zs, I imagine that'll be next priority for "AI Improvements"
  11. Heavy armor is weird because it kind of scales based on your game settings. The extra armor it gives you compared to light armor is mostly irrelevant because the increased speed from light armor is vastly better (you take 0% damage from hits you don't take in the first place and all that), but if you have zombies on Nightmare speed where it's impossible to outrun them without buffs, it flips around to Light Armor being almost completely useless outside of stealth (and for that you just keep a set of level 6 padded armor around, I do that even when I do run Light Armor because it's useful for POI raiding, I keep it in my motorcycle). Heavy Armor is also better for Horde Nights (since you don't move around much) and if you're not bothering with stealth at all is marginally better for POIs but I typically prefer the movespeed. Personal preference there. EDIT: Also, as mentioned, the stamina consumption of heavy armor is huge. It only applies to movement stamina drain AFAIK, but that's still pretty big if you're running around a lot. Would recommend keeping a set of padded armor for times when you're running around anyway.
  12. Yeah, the death thing is mostly to punish people for dying over and over (or, alternatively, to make the game ease up on people who are struggling a lot, since it can lead to substantially easier horde nights)
  13. Not sure if anyone here mentioned it, but you should wait for AMD to full-reveal their new cards. Chances are the 3000 series will be your best bet if you can afford it (the 3070 is astonishing for the price), but I'm curious what AMD's lineup will be.
  14. Yeah bears in this game are the most difficult non-horde enemies, even regular ones are terrifying. I wish Testosterone wasn't so useless so there was a bit more reason to actually hunt them. (Steroid crafting is only available via the perk and you find a ton anyway, and it sells for nothing and crafts into nothing else)
  15. Isn't the vulture just a direct upgrade to the normal .44? I used "magnum" to refer to general .44 magnum guns.
  16. the SMG and magnum aren't really "one is better than the other" for me, the SMG continues being useful for the entire game as a bullet hose (and is more useful for doing stuff out outside of blood moons) while the magnums are substantially better for taking out tougher zombies and for quickly dropping small groups.
  17. It works with treasure maps as well but their radius is MUCH larger so it can be really hard to find the anchor point, especially if it's near the center.
  18. Those are also affected by Mother Lode strangely. Same with the small piles of grey bricks, those give 50 stone each, increasing with each level of Mother Lode.
  19. To use a similar game that went the other angle on this, Rimworld is a sandbox game with very explicit goals that end a playthrough and the game uh, very heavily pushes you towards them. You're more or less on a timer because eventually the game will just scale to the point it's physically impossible to keep playing, so the goals exist to cut the game off before it gets to that point. You aren't forced to go for the goals, but if you don't then the game will just delete you eventually. The community has really mixed opinions on this design philosophy, some people praise it because it stops burnout, encourages you to do different things on different playthroughs, stops you from seeing the game fall apart, and stops content exhaustion. Other people despise it because they want to build their infinite survival colonies and they don't want to rush to build a ship and flee the planet, and they feel like the game pushes them into it too hard and they're too restricted. The response to this schism has been an absolutely massive and incredible modding community, with people on both sides of the design (and many who don't care and just make cool mods) making mods that work for whatever you want out of the game. You can mod the game to be an infinite base builder with impossible-to-get-all-in-one-run amounts of content, or you can turn it it into a condensed and focused game where your goal is to survive a harsh and unforgiving planet and GTFO. 7DTD theoretically has this same issue, but it takes 60+ hours on one save to get there and thanks to how cheesable and exploitable zombie AI is you can make base designs that work literally infinitely. Game also runs out of any ability to scale eventually, because it can't make the zombies any stronger and if it spawns any more the game will break. However, I don't think adding Rimworld-style end goals would be healthy for the game at this stage. This game does not have enough unique content to survive with goals like that. Even once the loot system is fully fleshed out per Roland's big post, it won't have enough unique content or replayabilty. Rimworld has effectively endless replayabilty and so much content and so many unique situations and scenarios that I can't even imagine running out of things to do. The goals exist to stop you from just becoming god and exhausting everything. This game has a very limited set of items and locations, a mostly limited set of builds and strategies (including many "best in all cases" ones, and nowhere near enough replayabilty for finite goals.
  20. #1 is definitely intended, I feel like the game even tells you about it somewhere? The fact you can only hold up to 20 extra before you start getting diminishing returns is a bit unintuitive though. #2 and definitely the whole "quests resetting POIs, so loot them first then loot them again for free" are definitely iffy. #2 is straight up an exploit and I imagine it'll get fixed eventually (absurdly low priority obviously) but #4 is likely either not fixable or a major undertaking to fix. Oh BTW, storing extra food does have a purpose. If you have the "increased max stamina" buff better foods give, that will not count down while you have bonus food.
  21. I've personally had a ton of issues out of Nitrogen in a19, tons of areas that just, don't generate. Just massive flat dirt plains with nothing on them, that show up really buggy on the map. Most of the map generates fine, but maybe ~25% of it is totally busted and some other aspects of it generate really oddly. Nitrogen is pretty obviously outdated as hell and I imagine it's going to continually get worse if the guy ends up not coming back. Can only hope RWG becomes less terrible before then.
  22. This does also work but uses so much steel that from my experience, by the time you can make this kind of structure semi-reliably you're probably just about out of things to do in the game.
  23. Food in this game is weird because it doesn't follow any sort of logic, it's purely Gameplay-based. It's all very strictly tiered and leveled to where early foods are intentionally awful (even if they're things people eat very frequently and are even decently nutritious and filling), leading to stuff like having to eat 8 steaks to get full or 20 pieces of cornbread. I don't like it but I'm not really sure how to improve it unless a more complex nutrition system is added or buffs get added to some of these niche food items. They did a good job by making Super Corn not the be-all-end-all food and the higher tier foods are nice, but the current system is too bare-boned to support much. Once you get to the mid-tier foods the only incentive to go farther is Sham Chowder more or less.
  24. Yeah IMO base design kind of falls apart at super high stages in this game. A huge chunk of it is the fact demolishers can delete half your base instantly, but even without them zombies do so much block damage and there's so many of them that it's pretty much impossible to design "traditional" bases that won't get obliterated. Turning to cheese bases, meat grinders, and kill corridors are basically your only option outside of just reinforcing throwaway POIs and waiting the night out.
  25. I used to run 90 minute days on Warrior but the new looting system totally killed that for me. You sit there looting nothing but primitive stuff for so long (because your EXP massively outpaces your day count) that you start having a lot of incentives to metagame (not opening main loots, nerdpoling and then just leaving the main loot, intentionally only looting tiny POIs, etc.) and you spend a lot of time not really doing anything because you're literally just waiting for time to pass. I'm not surprised a lot of people want a Sleeping setup to skip nights these days, especially if they use longer days. I personally use 60 minute days on Warrior with varying night lengths. If I build agility I start off with 16 and then move all the way down to 12 after the second BM. Otherwise I stick with 18 because non-agility builds can't really do anything at night unless you're fine with wasting a lot of ammo.
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