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  1. My push back on this would be based on the scarcity of food early in the game. Not being able to track makes it very difficult to survive off hunting. Perhaps keep the larger animals at 3 and 5 but make the smallest game tracking available from level 1. If you can't track any animals before Rank 3, I doubt anyone would even bother with it IMHO.
  2. Hi Kevin, could you expand a little regarding your choice? As a long term player of 7DtD (Alpha 8, I think), I'm genuinely interested in what you think 16 has which makes it better than 19. I'm asking from the point of view of not remembering myself! Was that the version which had gun parts of different quality and skill advancement from performing tasks? I see a lot of threads talking about 16 vs 19 but I don't know what the fundamental differences are. Cheers.
  3. OK, so I'm level 21, on Day 42 and have 3 deaths. This works out to game stage 36 (42-6)?
  4. Thanks for the feedback, it's totally different to my guess lol. I like the fact that it's tied to the number of days since last death. Anything that helps illustrate the value of a life is a good thing IMHO
  5. Forgive my ignorance and perhaps a poor effort at searching previous posts but what does the new game-stage actually mean? Do they translate to actual days in game or something else? Does game-stage 51 equate to day 51? After reading the forum here for a few days I've realised that I've potentially wasted a lot of secure chests and crates by opening them in the early game-stages. I know "waste" is a relative term but this new loot progression is very different from anything I've seen before
  6. Thanks. When you say "delete your old worlds", do you mean the save games or something else?
  7. Thanks guys. I do this too, pots and wrenches are highest priority for me in the early part of the game. I've been pulling apart sinks, cracking every crate I could find I've got nada. I've been playing this game since Alpha 8 or 9 and I've never had this much trouble. I play at 75% loot but that's never been an issue previously. I'm wondering if my game is borked seeing as there's no Trader on my map either
  8. Thanks Boidster. With no Trader in my world , I'm totally reliant on searching for items. I was unaware of the new loot progression but it's beginning to explain why I'm getting the same low-level stuff over and over again. 35 days - no wrenches, 2 blunderbusses, one pistol on day 30, very first Bow part today. The struggle is real.
  9. Wait, wrenches are steel, aren't they? Is this why, at Day 35, I have yet to find a single wrench?
  10. I'm having the same problem with the initial quest but it displays slightly differently - it just says "Locate Trader NO TRADER". I started a Zuhehi territory map - is that an issue? Also, it's Day 34, I'm lvl 17 and I have to come across a single Wrench. Not one.
  11. Stingerwolf

    True Survival

    Of course! That was obvious. ...but for that I need 40 nuts and bolts and so back to my original problem. It seems I am doomed without calipers
  12. Stingerwolf

    True Survival

    Hey Spider, for some reason, even though I've taken scrap iron building as a skill, I cannot seem to find a crafting recipe for scrap frames in my or the forge's menu. I can only make scrap grates. Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious?
  13. Stingerwolf

    True Survival

    Hey, thanks for the reply Spider, much appreciated. I'll look around for some frames, thanks for the pointer. Haven't seen a snow biome in my game yet but I might go lumberjack hunting if I find one. Cheers!
  14. Stingerwolf

    True Survival

    Nuts & bolts Hi, First up, very much liking this mod so thanks for putting it together. It's very challenging and I'm really enjoying the detail, it's far more immersive than the vanilla version is in its current state. Perhaps it's been posted before but is it possible to find nuts and bolts by scavenging? I know I can make it in a forge but I haven't been able to source any calipers yet either so here I am, 54 levels and 63 days in and the only thing holding me back from building my minibike are 4 measly nuts and bolts! It's a bit maddening and I'd appreciate any help folks
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